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It’s embarrassing to see how some Zambians have resorted to denting their own country’s image-Chileshe


Alliance for Good Governance, a Non-Governmental Organization(NGO) President Joseph Chileshe has appealed to all Zambians to avoid issuing statements to the outside world that may threaten the country’s much needed investment.

Mr. Chileshe said it is embarrassing to see how some Zambians have resorted to denting their own country’s image by issuing reckless statements which he said if not curtailed will adversely impact on the economy.

He stated that Zambians should be patriotic with their own country and learn to air their issues within the country unlike the current situation where some sections of society have a tendency of washing dirty linen in the public.

Mr. Chileshe further said Zambians should always strive to protect the integrity of the country by ensuring that certain pressing issues are tabled within.

He noted that Zambia is among the countries in the region that have offered a stable and conducive business environment which should be shielded at all cost.

Mr. Chileshe added that Zambians should put their country first by not issuing speculative statements.

“We need also to avoid discussing certain things that may injure the economy but ensure that some of the issues are tabled within the country.”


    • It’s embarrassing to have such kind of PF, thugs took over from patroits. Zambian being run by group of shailocks. Embarrassing.

    • Just stop thieving and do the right thing. Was it not the British High Comm would announced withdrawal of AID to Zambia? Has not Edgar admitted and fired Minister Kabanshi for stealing? So all this info should be hidden?

    • No one hates Zambia, but people hate some of the things happening in Zambia. And that is a big difference.
      So do not manipulate other peoples criticisms to imply hate for the country Zambia, that is wrong !!
      People criticize because they want a better Zambia. Focus on fixing the problems and things will be good.

    • I hope you are telling and condemning those who stole money for the blind and widows, and also those who issued embarrassing statements of uwu lya mwibala alya mwibala to encourage government officers to steal donor funds, and also those with impunity and without shame, corruptly procured firetrucks, which caused great embarrassment locally, regionally and globally.

    • Does this man know that there’s nothing like “within the country” discussions anymore? The world is shrinking fast and is increasingly becoming a global village—because of the internet. Do or say anything fooolish anywhere today, the chances are, you’ll find yourself online, and the whole world will know about you. Just do the right thing if you want Zambians to say nice things about Zambia. What do you expect Zambians to do…. Lie that there’s no corruption in Zambia, so we can please corrupt Lungu and his buddies? No sir. Do the right thing, and you’ll have nothing to fear. Thieves should be called out in public, shamed in public and not in private.

  1. It is the election violence , opposition suppression and thuggery by lungu and PF that has divided the country….if lungu and pf won the general elections fair and square , the whole country would be behind him…..but on top of all the thuggery he goes and stop the opposition from having their chance to cry in court…

    Lungu is to blame….sorry.

    • They are demons. A person who wants to be a president telling a foreign country to topple the government of a country he wants to be president which was democratically elected! It is a shame! No wonder he is CHILDISH! This xenophobic, despicable, and tribalistic man deserves to live in a cave and not in State House. His supporters are no better than the murderers in tribal South Africa who kill Africans from other countries. It is the spirit of Namwala – a demonic spirit at work.

  2. When your own government fails to listen to you then what choice do you have than to appeal to the outside world to make them listen. Look at the social transfer saga as a perfect example.

  3. I do agree with this man , what Zambians must know is that this country Is theirs either in opposition or in the gov’t and all problems Zambia face affects every one in Zambia.
    Zambia has lost a lot through un wise speeches this nation has become a laughing stork and indeed every Zambian is considered as such , no one escapes being Zambian if you are .
    Political parties change all the time people can hire one party rule them , and fire one if she doesn’t do what they want ; that is what we have seen in the past.
    Wisdom must prevail with our politicians who are bankrupt in their small minds.
    I may not be a politician but I am a Zambian I wouldn’t want my people to suffer but prosper in all ways.

  4. So we should turn a blind eye to all the corruption going on? people are crying out to the outside world because the ruling government is deaf and blind to the plight of us Zambians. It would not hurt the president to listen to his people and take concrete action against the corruption and let the law take it s cause. When a child turns to a neighbour or outside person it means the parents are not heeding the cries of that child.

  5. It is only in Zambia where people think their problems can be solved by people from foreign countries .
    You have your vote if you want to change a gov’t , you cannot go back to the Cha cha cha days .

  6. In the generation of confluence of big data, artificial intelligence and environmental DNA.

    Young minds are itching for innovation.

    Who is on their way?

  7. Those that are unahappy with Zambia always have an option to nip upwards to Tunisia and catch a Boat Ride to a refugee centre where they REALLY WILL BE UNHAPPY.

    We only have this one country in which we were born and no matter how hard things go, we are in it together even if you decide to besmirch the good name and reputation of Mother Zambia.
    We have the power to unite and to keep peace in the country. The Ballot Box is the answer to disgruntled Zambians. A lot of the loud mouths are in the payment of various Enemies of Zambia.

  8. Mr. Joseph Chileshe continue getting embarrassed because we are not going to stop ???? blowing the whistle. In fact you need to be embarrassed for writing this nonsense because you sound to be hiding corruption. Nindalama za nyoko? Yakunyokola njala?

  9. Aba Bemba amano nayamba ukushorter. Someone needs to redeem Bembas. We need to find a leader who can help us start thinking again. Umungulu.

  10. Stating the truth is patriotism.
    -Clamping down of private media
    -Perpetual lies by state owned media
    -Untold corruption
    -A president being too important and
    arrogant for the people that elected him
    that is if he won the election
    -The ruling party encouraging
    -The president threatening judges and
    the church.
    -The ruling party using social cash
    transfer funds ment for the old and the.
    disabled to buy counselors and MP,s.
    and inducing by-elections also using the
    same funds to dish out cash ,live
    chickens and meali meal at campaign.
    -embarking on infrastructural projects
    that are 3 times the actual cost that are
    to be paid by whoever will come after.
    Those are crimes against humanity

    • You forgot genocide in namwala. You cant wear a pf tshirt in batoka you will be skined alive. Even just speaking bemba is a crime

      These are issues that disadvantage you. People would rather live with a corrupt president

    • Genocide reported by deadnbc news.
      Even the city market arson suspects were guys picked up from mulobezi and never been to lusaka, paraded on deadnbc boza yeka yeka.

  11. Comment:sorry ba Chileshe people
    will not stop talking bukabwalala bwa paka , let the president retract ubomba mwibala.of his, because Kabashi has no case at all she just acted like those minister who continued getting paid during the time parliament was dissolved, Zambia wakeup, this is not playing matter.all.

  12. Mr. Chileshe, to sum-up your rant, you are advocating that to be “patriotic” (LoL) Zambians should actively ignore institutionalized corruption, thuggery, unabated theft from the Treasury and biased and inefficient Judiciary in order to deceive investors!!!

    Please, check Penal Code Act (Cap. 87) s. 308 which even person with limited intellect should not fail to understand.

    What are you, “patriot” (LoL) or shameless criminal?

  13. It is an issue of authentic leadership and authentic followers. Their is nothing to hide in this world today. Information can be obtained in may ways about any country and genuine authentic investors will come in. Icifu ca ngulube cilya uucitemenwe nakabili icibolya cabutupe caba cimo. No need to worry. If we are doing right no lies will undo our good works.

  14. If you father abuses your mother or vice versa,the best is to tell the neighbor so that physical abuse is stopped.You need even to tell the employer that your father is very abusive.He needs to be called by the human resource personnel,so that his anger is managed.
    People are not supposed to pretend that things are okay when in actual sense things are bad.Taxes are all over the place.There is no breathing space for the citizens.We have a driver who is driving the nation in a potholes of poverty and hunger.He has been given the task of driving the vehicle in a proper way,but he is not caring in the way he is driving it.

  15. Eleven qualities you can learn from the HEN:::
    1.she first lays enough eggs before sitting on them*(good planning)
    2.when she starts sitting on her eggs,she minimizes movements*(discipline)
    3.she physically loses weight while sitting on her eggs due to decreased feeding*(sacrifice and self denial)
    4.she can sit on eggs for another hen*(indiscrimination and generosity)
    5.she sits on her eggs for twenty one (21) days, patiently waiting,even if they do not hatch she will lay eggs again*(faith, hope and not discouraged)
    6.she detects unfertilized eggs and rolls them out*(sensitive and discerning)
    7.she abandons the rotten eggs and starts caring for the hatched chicks even if it is only ONE*(wisdom, consciousness and realistic) ONE touches her chicks*(protective and love)

    • 9.she gathers all her chicks together*(unity of purpose)
      10.she can not abandon her chicks before they mature*(mentorship)
      11.she always be at the front of her chicks*(leadership)

  16. Embarrassing indeed. But we can avoid this undesirable situation by not making any Zambian or group of Zambians feel less Zambians

  17. Over 50 years post Independence, Zambia still has pit latrines in its central business district, people use sheki -sheki cartons to def@cat3 in, & throw the waste in drainage trenches, kids stilll learn under trees, while the Leader Mr Jona, & his goon cronies, charter a flight to the U.N “to talk” & shop @ the cost of U$D 4 Million, while continuing to embezzle cash meant to develop the nation like there’s no tomorrow.
    This [email protected] Joseph Chileshe, then says “donchi mention this to outsiders, coz it will tarnish Great humble leader Jona’s image”
    P.F Cadre for your information Jona’s image was soiled ages ago when he embezzled a Widows cash!
    Just enjoy eating your share of the missing Zampost loot, & if you are not in the inner circle, just go & ask Jona Chakolwa for a job…

    • cont:
      but be warned, competition for these bootlicking jobs is tight, as tins like child loving Tayali are also chasing the same few jobs, & he’s in front of you in the queue.

  18. Mr Chileshe,it is not denting the image of the nation.The way nation cake is being shared is not fair.Others are told to tighten their belts while others are loosening.What reason are you going to give for all those tourists who are at UN?The president imposed austerity measures which he himself has failed to adhere to.And you expect people to keep quiet.He is not living according to his words.

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