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Government comes up with fivefold pillars to reform education system


Energy Minister David Mabumba with ZESCO Managing Director Victor Mundende during ZESCO "New Strategic Road Map" launch at Lusaka Radisson Blu Hotel on Thursday, 11th May 2017.
Minister of General Education David Mabumba

Government says it will soon reform the education system in order to make teaching and learning more responsive to overlapping demands.

Minister of General Education David Mabumba says government has embarked on five pillars of reforms in a bid to transform and reposition key components of Zambia’s education system.

Mr. Mabumba said the reforms focus on teacher recruitment and career progression, school furniture, text book development, school infrastructure as well as examinations.

Speaking in Kalabo Secondary School hall when he addressed teachers from across Kalabo district, today, Mr. Mabumba said government was upgrading 115 primary schools countrywide into secondary schools as part of the reforms.

Mr. Mabumba said there was need to decentralize teacher recruitment saying local teachers would be willing to stay in their respective schools where they have been deployed.

He said the Minister of General Education would also introduce levels among the teaching fraternity in order to motivate teachers by promoting them.

Speaking earlier, Kalabo District Commissioner Fridah Luhila said lack of teaching materials and inadequate funding were compromising the quality of education standards.

And delivering a vote of thanks, Kalabo Secondary School teacher Masheke Sikota pledged teachers’ loyalty to implementing the five pillars as shall be reformed.

Mr. Sikota further urged teachers to exercise accountability in their discharge of public funds.


    • …. and who has been consulted?

      This to me seems like someone wrote the entire plan whilst bored on the back of an envelop. Is it that simple?

  1. The five pillars above will only make the education system efficient not reform it as the content remains the same colonial system we inherited. Reforming the education system means making Zambian kids able to use and work resources available in the country. eg the hardwood available, the metals, the gemstones, the water resources, etc

  2. #@Zambian Citizen raises critical points that should be shrouded in the pillars of reform.
    I concur with improved teaching of how to work the wood (Mukula trees) etc. The country produces metals and minerals, therefore it only makes sense to teach our people how to process and improve finished products of such metals and minerals.
    we have abundant arable land that can spur agriculture.. Please Honourable minister, consult extensively as opposed to issiung lacklustre statements..

  3. Comment: motivate teachers by building housing units as one of the pillars ,the way you ‘ve done in defence and police service.

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