Health workers threaten to leave rural health Centre because of witchcraft

Mwinilunga District Hospital Nurses
Mwinilunga District Hospital Nurses

Some female health workers at Bushinga Rural Health Centre in Chief Kaingu’s chiefdom in Itezhi Tezhi district have threatened to flee the institution because of alleged witchcraft practices in the Chiefdom.

The health workers complained that they are subjected to having sex with suspected wizards at night.

Itumbi Ward Councilor Boyd Musangu confirmed the incidence to ZANIS, saying that he has since called for an emergence meeting to sensitize people in the area.

He said that he has received numerous reports involving wizards having sex with health workers at night and the office of the District Commissioner has also been informed.

The civic leader said the victims are made to fall in a deep sleep using witchcraft and later the witches sleep with them.

“They complain that at night witches sleep with them and then mark them with tattoos on their private parts,” Mr. Musangu said.

The civic leader stated that this practice was against Christian values and a sin against the victims.

“I’ m worried that if such practices continued, government workers will leave the institution and the majority of people will not have the much needed health services which have been brought at their door steps,” Mr. Musangu said.

He pointed out that according to Zambian laws practicing witchcraft was illegal and punishable.

Mr Musangu further said that the practice is also against human rights to which Zambia is signatory.

In 2014, School girls at newly built Kabanga School in Chief Chilyabufu’s chiefdom in Itezhi Tezhi were reportedly witnessing short weird men who caused them to collapse.

The situation caused tensions between the teachers and communities and teachers threatened to leave the place and the incidence caused absenteeism among pupils.

In the same year there were also reports from Kachinka Primary School in Chief Musungwa’s chiefdom where pupils and a Teacher who died a long time ago were reportedly re-appearing every year during examinations.

The ‘ghost’ of the deceased teacher was reportedly seen invigilating examination classes, a development that worried teachers and some parents who did not believe in such things.

Other reports were from Shambala Basic School in Chief Shezongo’s chiefdom and Babizhi Rural Health Centre were some teachers and health workers left the institution due to reportedly rampant witchcraft.


  1. Short weird men:- Utuyobela or ba kaluwe.

    The Lenje would say, “Na batana kufwa bakabona kayobela kunembo (Just before he died he saw a weird short man in front of him). ”

    That’s rural Zambia for you.

  2. Not long ago a similar report emerged at Musokwe Rural Health Center in Chief Sikoongo’s area of Siavonga. What’s wrong with Tongas over manjimela? The problem is like roots, both men and women. It’s time Govt amended the Witchcraft Act, it’s difficult to fight the vice in its current form.

    • Witchcraft is not just in Tonga land, it is found in every part of Zambia and the world over. Sin has covered the whole world and this has given the devil and his demons an open door to abuse people 24/7 every week. To a true christian, wizards are victims of Satan while those abused nurses are victims of both Satan and wizards. Therefore both wizards and abused nurses must be delivered by Jesus Christ but the devil and his demons must be conquered. Enough is enough!!Soldiers of the Cross arise and overcome Satan and his demons in this part of Zambia in Jesus`s Name.

  3. That’s realities in rural parts of the country, therefore, government should double the rural hardship allowances for people operating in remote areas, balacula sana mu fintu ifingi

    • It’s just an escape route from rural Zambia. Kalumbila is in a rural setting but miners there don’t talk of witchcraft. Reason? Miners can’t get transferred, 2 They applied for those jobs not posted like those nurses. By the way these nurses take oath to work anywhere the job may take them.

  4. This just an excuse to go back to town. You complain when jobs are given to foreigners who are willing to work even the remotest parts of the country. Ka mulamu Kandi who was posted at Chembe clinic had the same excuse. If villagers can have witchcraft, then even town folks can also have it. We all have villages of origin.

    • Soon we will be told the cash embezzled from Zampost, is not missing, some mfiti just cast a vodooo spell, & the cash miraculously vanished.

  5. I like! How can I get hold of that progressive wizardly?!! Loads of pretty girls here in the UK can’t even give me a second look. If I had that charm, I would just be saying, “tizaonana ku bedi mumazulo”.

    • Yes that’s fantastic except it’s just an illusion. In fact in villages they use poison like a crocodile’s gall bladder to kill their opponents especially during beer drinking. If it were possible to fly at night and do all those things we accuse people of , how come these people are paupers.

  6. he Katete Magistrate Court has fined a man of Luangwa Section of Chieftainess Kawaza ’ s Chiefdom of Katete District K500 for unlawful possession of hyena body parts which included a reproductive organ.

    Kelvin Zulu aged 23 years old was fined for unlawful possession of government trophy contrary to section 97 Subsection 1 and 136 of the Wild Life Act No. 14 of 2015 of the laws of Zambia.

    Particulars of the offence are that on December 12 2017, Mr Zulu had in his possession one Hyena ear and its reproductive organ (penis) without a certificate of ownership issued by the director of National Wild Life as required by law.

    The said Hyena was found dead of which Mr Zulu cut the male reproductive organ and ear from it which he uses to have sex with women at night in their dreams.


  7. How come Africans have these supernatural powers yet Africans have passed through the worst times no other race has endured? We are the race that was taken into slavery and underwent unspeakable and inhuman treatment. The slaves, according to records, practised witchcraft but only among themselves. If witchcraft has inherent power, why did it take demonstrations and all the other non-witchcraft activities to gain freedom? We underwent brutal colonialism and no African country ever used witcraft to defeat the Imperialists. After we were already depended, that is when Adamson Mshala tormented Kaunda, with witcraft, wonder why he could not do so to the white invaders? In Congo DRC, Then Zaire, King Leopold ii butchered over 10 million African and amputated millions, like cutting fingers,…

  8. … arms and limbs. All the while locals were practising witcraft. Why didn’t they kill him using witchcraft? So it only works on blacks? If they could not kill him, they could at least slept with his wife, like these villagers are doing with the nurses.

    Witchcraft is just a silly superstition, no actual power.

  9. Since only ladies fall victims in this area, I have a quick suggestion to make… It ll be better to send male nurses for the sake of innocent people who fall sick but not involved in witchcraft practices.. I rest my case

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