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President Lungu saddened by some Zambians’ negative portrayal of the country



President Edgar Lungu says it is sad that some Zambians in the diaspora are the first ones to portray a negative image of the country through unconfirmed reports on social media.

President Lungu says he is sad that some sections of Zambians living abroad lack patriotism and are only interested in attacking the country unnecessarily.

Speaking last night when he met Zambians based in the state of New York, President Lungu said those in the diaspora must give a good account of the nation and help to attract investment into the country.

He challenged Zambians in the diaspora to emulate their African nationals who give a good account of their countries and are investing in their home nations.

And spokesperson of Zambians living in the United States Webster Munyenyembe said most Zambians in the US want to invest in the country.

Mr. Munyenyembe said there is a recognition among Zambians in the US that the country has made tremendous economic progress, and some want to invest in various sectors.

President Lungu was accompanied to the meeting by Foreign affairs minister Joe Malanji, Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya, National Development Planning Minister Alexander Chiteme and Gender Minister Elizabeth Phiri.

President Lungu is later today expected to leave New York for Zambia after concluding his work at the UN General Assembly.



  1. You just want to demonise Zambians abroad. Here Lungu paints the picture that his badmouthing is only coming from Zambians abroad. If he wants to tackle this topic he should be more objective. Zambians in and out of Zambia indulge in this. Dont single out one group unless you are looking for scapegoats. Also tell your team at home to behave like ka Amos who insults people older than him. That way noone will badmouth your state house

    • Boss 42/42 is a negative portrayal don’t you think?

      We think you guys running the country are making up look like we are all clowns

    • We used to pack that ka Zambian mission under Ba Sata.
      But each one of the guys I contacted about time of the PF meeting, no one was interested.
      You know Ba Kapambwe the current Ambassador to UN, he was there under MMD too, he is back with as cold as if he just came out of a capsized PF boat. He used to be open and cool, but with all the PF stuff… I got no idea.
      I am trying to say:
      I DID’T attend that meeting. Be happy PF, I didn’t worst my time this year to go out at night to a meeting without alcohol.
      And that’s not at the mission, they were somewhere like a church. Good no musicians on this trip.

    • Edgar, how about you be brave enough and stop dodging BBC interview so you help clean our image abroad? Problem is you are not articulate, you always mumble and sound drunk and you have no facts. You are too shallow.

    • Useless article…
      I don’t know whether to blame the reporter for poor reporting or blame those who spoke.
      It’s not bring anything tangible. Ati…”… most Zambians in the US want to invest in the country.”, what is stopping you? Did they had to wait for ECL?
      I would have expected people like ka Sharon, to tell us they were present and met the President, but you see, IT (i don’t know whether its a she or a he, whatever) spends the whole day on LT. Are these the type of people who want to invest back in Zambia? Or just beneficiaries of the system.

    • Well, it’s not Zambians in diaspora who are committing all that reported corruption in Zambia. It’s not Zambians in diaspora who released the Auditor General’s report that shows immense corruption in Zambia. What about the 42/42, and the mukula trees scandal? How about Lungu’s cabinet minsters refusing to pay back the money they obtained illegally for staying in office after the dissolution of parliament? How about corrupt Lungu’s assets increasing from K3 million in 2015 to K23 million a year later, with no explanation as to how the increase came about? Most likely by now, he has more than K23 million if he was to be audited. If corrupt Lungu and his gang want Zambians to stop talking about corruption in the country, then they need to stop stealing and start doing the right…

    • (continued)… thing. It’s that simple. Look at African countries that have good leadership—such as Botswana. Most likely the leaders don’t experience the same backlash as the corrupt Zambian leaders. So do the right thing, and you’ll not have to worry about Zambians in diaspora calling you out on corruption. We’re not kids that we should be praising a corrupt government, so we can please corrupt Lungu and his gang. Our friends and families suffer in Zambia—because of your corruption. Do the right thing. You thieves.

    • Mr. President. Even by the empty audience you can tell that many Zambians are disappointed. The buggest disaster after Gabon to Zambia has been PF. This team/group has fallen into Chinese debt trap and sold the future of our generations. It will not be long before we become Chinese slaves even after 50 years of independence. Do the right things and good news will follow.

    • We paint a very bad picture of the leadership, never ever about our beautiful country.

      We are clever because we know you guys are seasonal, but Zambia shall remain!

    • Mr. President. Even by the empty audience you can tell that many Zambians are disappointed. The buggest disaster after Gabon to Zambia has been PF. This team/group has fallen into Chinese debt trap and sold the future of our generations. It will not be long before we become Chinese slaves even after 50 years of independence. Do the right things and good news will follow.

  2. Lungu must be the first to accept that the country he presides over moves from Christianity,hypocrisy and drunkenness.
    These three factors we have failed to understand as a nation.Denial is a syndrome that can be associated with zambians.

  3. This one has gone viral on social media …really laughable ….Lazy Lungu LAMENTABLY FAILED to answer a simple honest question of why he has never held a press conference since he got elected…the man went round circles before walking out. When are our leaders going to learn and humble themselves…kudos to the young man who asked him..the guy stood him ground and didn’t back down.

    • Lazybum little boy tribal hooligan bully son of a polygamous father who never taught him toilet etiquette pooping in public HAGAIN and needing a diaper HAGAIN. The tribal H-organisation will never be in STATE HOUSE – EVER!

    • Jay Jay we didn’t force Lungu to precide over cholera ,IMF warnings and aid cuts he has only himself to blame.Stop deflecting Lungu take responsibility for the negatives.

    • From the way he answered questions can tell the man has been doing too many PF rallies and less Press briefings. Its a shock to him to find someone challenging him as he thinks he is a king.

  4. Yah after watching the event on live facebook, i was equally disappointed by some Zambians living in New york. Their questions and comments were disgusting. And one guy said, most of them dont have papers to visit Zambia, they cant leave USA they are stuck living underground, so they dont know what is happening in Zambia.

  5. Because we have what to compare with, and you know it! I am sure you have seen how things function in the many countries you have visited. Why can’t you do the same for your beloved country instead of “now you see it, now you don’t” stories. Those are fairy tales for kids not grown ups. The good thing is that even Zambians at home have nothing good to write home about.

  6. It is not Zambians in the disapora who go to China and borrow recklessly using state assets.
    Literally he has sold everything and mortgaged the rest. So who is unpatriotic??
    Right now the country is hitting international headlines for all the wrong reasons.
    Lungu is outrightly a big liability the country should dispense with ASP.

  7. Bojack horsemen Lungu at it again.His initial thought was that by shutting down private media he would do as he wished ,without a light shining on his dark arts, to the contrary !social media is at its peak and he is quiking in his boots as information keeps sipping through with regularity.

  8. What a shame. They think the whites and other Africans admire them yet they laugh at their lack of patriotism. Diasporans will never develop Zambia, it’s the brilliant young minds in Zambia who will do that.

    • They are laughing at lungu more for 42/42….or $250 million digital migration where 14 state of the art studios promised but instead you get 5 caravans or broadcast trucks…

    • They are laughing at how Lungu is allowing the Chinese to move around freely with guns, and how they target practice on natives.

      They laugh at how Lungu has allowed so many foreigners to own large chunks of the country, which they then sell off to locals at extortionate prices.

      They laugh about Lungu suddenly becoming the richest man in the country, when, at the same time, the Euro bonds can not be fully accounted for.

      They laugh at how a former lab assistant can now own his own private jet.

      They can not stop laughing.

      If only it were funny.

  9. When a president is out of touch with reality on the ground its a political problem.
    He denies corruption.Deadnbc, the times of zambia ,daily mail and this other daily rug seldomly mention corruption,carder hacking ,state capture , and Chinese misdemeanors ,all they do is demonize civil rights activists,opposition members and people with divergent views.
    He has closed doors for the masses and windows are opening for their voices to be heard and he must not complain if the voices are screams with a negative tone.

  10. I truly think we as Zambians must defend our country outside and inside Zambia. Even when we genuinely debate over our country issues ,we must put politics aside and focus on the good of our country and its future. Look at it in this way,politicians do switch political parties but no one and no one ever switches Zambia to any other country. For this reason yes, let’s defend and protect our country because they will never be another Zambia for us Zambians. Proud to Zambian. God bless our country and protect it against the evil.

    • Yes we will always love our country, and defend its citizens. Always.

      Zambians are among the most welcoming and friendly people.

      But we will not defend rotten selfish thieving corrupt leadership. These people are the ones that do not love our country. They have stolen from the people, to such an extent that the IMF will not touch them. Foreign donors have stopped funding the country.

      The drunk president is a hypocrite.

      There is nothing worse.

    • The man knows that everyone knows he is a thief.

      And yet he does not care. He just keeps on stealing.

      It is business as usual by his Excellency.

  11. I was entit iced to come bcc home to Zambia from abroad nd invest my money in my home country. But no sooner had I arrived and started investing, than I was pillaged by lawyers and members of the judiciary, and harassed to manufactured unfair, extortionist , deceptive , manipulative, enslavement, predatory and abusive litigations on false pretexts by the said pillagers for over five years now. After pillaging me, they even attempted assasination on me and prevent me from any bussiness ventures and they are illegally sitting on my money. It’s a hail drain to get back home after spending fruitful happy years in the diaspora. President ECL must be open and personally take ful responsbility of the pillaging and abuse , and ensure that I am indemnified all losses, damages, ruins,…

    • We are tired of your innuendos ….if you want to speaking in riddles and tongues without any information can you channel your complaints elsewhere ….

  12. Ba President some of us in the diaspora support Zambia. But how can we invest in Zambia when u announced dual citizenship & then your government has sat on the process? We have lived out of zambia for decades & so we took up other citizenships like anyone will do. Now We are only allowed 90 days in Zambia, so if we have investments like a company how do we run it? We are even told to apply for a work permit instead, in our own country, how? Practice what you announce. Also dont blame zambians for bad mouthing you, you are the government. If there are wide spread allegations of looting in your government you should be seen to do something about it. Not zeee & zambians are supposed to say good things about you? What must they say?

  13. When you were brutallising the opposition during and after general elections, we told you that ,just win fair and square other wise you will divide the country….you made matters worse by not letting the UPND have their day to cry in court, you threw out their petition…

    Now you are seen as a corrupt theif ruling over a divided country…..good for you.

  14. Bwana Lungu did we in the diaspora force cholera ,the IMF warnings ,the foreign aid cuts,poverty and corruption on you ? Its your toxic leadership that brought all these negative portrayals.

    Call a spade a spade and don’t spare the rod thus spoil the child.

  15. They even killed my daughter just for envy and malice of my joining the UN and 10 years on, they are compounding the murder of my child. How do you expect me to mingle and dine with such people. They abused the court process and illegally obtained court orders from their relatives to bully me about the good life I spent abroad and intimidate me, and criminally trespass on my residence and were sending cadres and car robbers to criminally trespass at my residence, watching and besetting me, and stealing my outdoor furniture like imbeciles. ECL must reform the legal and justice mechanism and Do justice first and indemnify us for the ruin and inhuman and degrading acts inflicted on us, AU! EU and UN ought to come to my aid and ensure that they account appropriately. They used Police and…

  16. Your govt is corrupt to the core than any other govt we have ever had in the country and u want is to go out there and praise u and ur cronies, n!gga please use ur ka small brain, the side that is not damaged by all that bloody alcohol

    • You will find that the whole brain is damaged already.

      Jameson alcohol and tujili are not to play with.

      So the people’s cries fall on deaf ears.

      Dead brain.

  17. They stole all my vehicles and household goods in abuse of the court process on false pretext, without according me an opportunity to be heard and when I sued them, they illegally removed my suit from the cause list and want to get away with impunity. When I was in the diaspora I missed Nshima and longed to come back and invest in mother Zambia. But the pillaging has ruined all my projects and they look at me like rats and monkeys. Imagine all you work hard for only to come and have court clerk Marshals bullying, harassing gestures and stealing court documents and influencing judicial rulings so as to steal your belongings. It’s unfair. Such people don’t even know what it takes to travel, live and work abroad. Even shipping things back home for thieves is very painful. This is the…

  18. Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the republic of Chambia, Lung-wu has spoken.

    My father always told me…”never argue with a fool, as people will not notice the difference”.

    So please please, do not argue with Lungu.

  19. Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the republic of Chambia, Lung-wu has spoken.

    My father always told me…”never argue with a fo0l, as people will not notice the difference”.

    So please please, do not argue with Lungu.

  20. It is because the country is now partly run by Amos Chanda while you avoid to address issues head on .Let me give you an example . You are now saying £2.7 million is still in Zanaco Bank and you will return it to the British government . You sacked a minister and some few directors over the same which indicates that somehow the money had been siphoned and or stolen by someone . The other point is £2.8 is a lot of money and after two years it would attracted a lot of interest .Where has that gone or why has that not been accounted for ?

  21. If you look at the comments above, you will understand why Nigeria and West Africans generally do better than us. Well said, your Excellency.
    “…through unconfirmed reports on social media….Zambians living abroad lack patriotism and are only interested in attacking the country unnecessarily….challenged Zambians in the diaspora to emulate their African nationals who give a good account of their countries and are investing in their home nations…” BIG SHAME, INDEED.

    • There’s no honor in fuulisshh patriotism. No one ever fed their children with patriotism. It must start from those in office and they must buy fire trucks at the correct price. Stop borrowing and pocketing the borrowed money. That’s patriotism. Patriotism is speaking up when you see your country is being sold. Patriotism is letting people speak up when things go wrong.

    • It is love for their country that Americans are able to accommodate you comfortably. The fire truck issue is a dead issue as everyone, including hh, failed to show us how much they cost with the same specs. It was an open tender that ran for 2 years and all who were able, took part. The borrowed money has built hospitals, bridges, roads, schools etc-I really don’t see a problem with that as people here in Lusaka for example have Level 1 hospitals in their neighbourhoods rather than everyone crowding UTH. That’s why despite you diasporans thinking the country is on fire, people still vote for PF as witnessed in the recent by-elections. Your idea of patriotism is a sham and a joke!!

  22. Awe ababena chiwelewele. So, he wants people to be selling a lemon to investors. He lies and he wants every Zambian for his benefit to be lying. No sir. You are a disaster and you have made Zambia a disaster. It is totally absurd that you even had to say that. You must be ashamed of yourself and those that support your failed government. One thing you need to do, STEP DOWN. YOU MISERABLE FAILURE!

    • You, sir, are misinformed and brainwashed. You have believed all the rubbish the opposition has farted in your head. You are a waste of time and space and a disgrace to the country.

  23. This makosha called Sharon should be arrested for insulting HH every time for no reason what kind of a woman is she i suspect it’s not a woman but a man hiding behind that name.
    If the Zambian authorities are to be respected by the people they should investigate and arrest these kind of people like sharon.

  24. Criticism of the sitting President should no be equated with portraying a negative image of the country, no. We are portraying a negative image of an individual person Edgar Lungu and his friends in power. To accuse critics of being unpatriotic implies you are trying to hide something and deflect attention, it is a classic reaction of dictators to accuse others of being unpatriotic

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