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Pan-Africanist Professor PLO Lumumba has been denied entry into Zambia


Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba
Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba

Zambia has denied entry and deported Kenyan lawyer and renowned pan-Africanist Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba.

Prof. Lumumba was sent back by Immigration officials shortly after he landed at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka today.

He was due to deliver a public lecturer on China-Africa relations on Saturday night at Eden University.

The topic for his public lecture was “Africa in the age of China influence and global geo-dynamics.”

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya confirmed that Prof. Lumumba was deported because he posed a security threat.

“Govt thru immigration dept has denied entry into Zambia of Prof. Patrick Lumumba, a Kenyan national due to security considerations. Immigration is a security wing working with agencies within and beyond Zambia,” Ms Siliya said.

Zambia has in the recent last deported leading figures such as of SA’s leading opposition leader Mmusi Maimane, dancer Zodwa Wabantu and Zimbabwe’s Tendai Biti.


  1. Shame in Edgar and his Cabinet, they are cowards, scared of their own shadows. This will be on BBC and Lungu will be saying people are tarnishing the image of the country abroad. How did this clueless lot win elections?

    • Chinese are shooting our pipo on a daily basis but they are not considered a security threat. A Chinese has just been arrested in L/Stone for training commandos for 9 months.


      Lungu & his PF00Ls won’t know what will hit them. Their ending will be brutal & will send a message to future presidents.

    • There was no need for the professor to come to Zambia. He can write articles or post on social media.

      His intentions are ill calculated.

      This is no diplomatic incident.

      But yes, the relationship between China and Zambia is a dirty one.

      And yes Lungu is to blame for his greed and corruption. Abuse of power too.

    • I don’t blame ECL but ourselves. We are stupid for keeping this guy as our leader. We need to get rid of him now. Hes up to no good. We all know it

    • Where are the champions of democracy you praise when Lumumba and Moise are denied entry into their own country to participate in the democracy they promote everywhere? I thought UPND must be vocal over such issues! Only when the nest harm gives papers to CHILDISH that is when you begin to wag your tails! “DEMOCRATIC” Republic of Congo just like UPND are a sham!

    • I blame UPND for keeping a privatization thief as their leader. THe tribal H-organisation say “We Ha-stoolpid for choosing a dung brain to be our leader! It is unelectable!” You Ha right boy!

    • All of you doubting the influence of China over Zambia, here is your proof. How can you deny it that Zambia is now a province of China? Anyone who wants to say anything not approved by Zambia’s new colonizer will not be allowed entry into Zambia. This is a shame. Corrupt Lungu and his minions have sold this country to the Chinese. Just because you don’t agree with what professor Lumumba says about Africa-China relationship doesn’t mean that he’s a security threat. If anything, you’re the security threat to Zambia as you’re openly siding with China over a fellow African. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You all need to be voted out in 2021, so a sane patriotic administration can come into office. Shame on you! You traitors.

    • Obatala..they didn’t win it. They stole it. Them thieves. And you have to watch them in 2021 as they’ll steal it again if we don’t stay awake.

    • This really backward thinking. Shame that we are afraid to hear different ideas. Shame that you would brand an intellectual a security threat

    • So what’s the reason of Not allowing him? Lungu should get serious. we can not have such leadership. The man is not a politician. This is a lecture?? it shows dullness of `lungu and his ministers. Kenyan Government should question Zambian leadership as we have bilateral relations.

      Don’t be naive. While you blow your ignorance on this podium, be reminded that Govt always has its ears on the ground. Governments talk to each other and if the Kenyan Government tipped their Zambian counterparts about the subject, just who the hell are you mumbling and lamenting like a demon inside a weak believer here with no clue. These alarmists, tefintu. Let him do a kavideo and post it on YouTube as usual or ka Webinar. Then you chaps can watch and listen to his nonsense.

    • Dora,
      What you have done is a great disgrace and the fact that you are shamelessly trying to justify this disgrace just shows how low life you have become. This is a free country, and your attempts to turn it into a prison will fail. You are on the wrong side of history my dear. When your tour is done you will find little in your service to be proud of. You will always remember this episode with pain and will spend your entire life denying responsibility for deporting Lumumba and for the despicable shame your government has become. What harm can Lumumba do. Is this how crazy you all have become??

    • The PF lot and Lung Wu are very scare of straight talking Africans who uncover and tell you the rot that is African “leaders”. When Zambians remove Lung Wu from poor, I implore patriotic Zambians to invite this great Academic. He is a great pan-Africanist. With pin-heads like Lung Wu, what do you expect?

    • Despotic governance:
      – Your presidents face is staring back at you all the time on a banner or framed pictures in all your operational areas
      – The president sports interesting trade mark i.e. hats/caps (gangster style!)
      – Your national artists, journalists and, activists are harassed or imprisoned at the behest of the ruling party leadership
      – The nations’ leader getting progressively stranger in actions and utterances and those he surrounds himself with i.e. choice of friends and eccentricities!
      – A president who assumes or commands more power than the army and other uniformed officers!
      – The ruling party wins ‘re-election’ by enormous margins and by their very nature election results are hotly contested
      – Your government dependent on ruling party cadres to help police the…

    • contd….. state and those who turn in their compatriots for uttering disparaging words about government are hailed as patriots
      – Your government keeps talking endlessly about “plans” (usually of the 5 years variety as a hallmark) to develop the country and trumpets its successes of plans almost always fabricated through government media outlets
      – The president becomes the richest man in the country using the nations coffers to amass wealth
      – The president as national leader practices nepotism over positions in power structures at the expense of professionals

      Here at the expense of academic discourse Professor PLO Lumumba has been barred entry into Zambia! I wonder if the same would apply to one who referred to “sh@&$^%e” countries!

    • So sad back into slavery the master is Chinese not white. I trust the white more than the Chinese who is also trying to be the white. So sad that we not allowed to think and if you do then you security threat so proud of the doctor for telling truth and speaking up about truth. God bless him and all Ameen


    • With their own hands they tear their future.Why Lungu listen to us the citizens you are asking to pay more taxes baba.We have told you your advisers will bring you down,i dont think you were even informed of this move.This further takes away the little credbilty left in you, LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE DONT MAKE SIMPLE LEADERSHIP ISSUES LOOK LIKE PYTHOGARAS THEOREM,we have told you sir change your advisers or if you cant bring in people with something between the ears and patriotism at heart.Not all is lost Baba,but you are slowly losing it….CHANGE THERE IS TIME FOR CHANGE

    • Sharon, wait mate, we shall give you to bakaponya for Christmas. We will be laughing at you that ewa chinyo nga chibwabwa.

    • This is deceitfulness at it best, hardly a week has passed Lungu was
      calling on world leaders to uphold and honour the legacy of Nelson Mandela. Which was anchored on his principles and values of peace, reconciliation, tolerance and respect of human rights.
      Lungu told other world leaders that the legacy of Nelson Mandela of peace deserves the commendation of the entire global community.
      Who will ever believe in what comes out his mouth, here is another great son of the continent being humiliated by his brothers and sisters for his upfront Pan-Africanist values.
      Background; Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba (born 17 July 1962) is a Kenyan who served as the Director of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission from September 2010 to August 2011[2] and is currently the Director of The Kenya School of…

    • Prof Lumumba was going to remind them what Sata said 10 years ago.
      Watch “What president Michael Chilufya Sata said about the Chinese nationals” on YouTube

    • Yes they do deny freedom of speech or assembly. Even to its own citizens.

      I wonder why this professor thought he would be exempted. Maybe not very clever of him.

  2. What a shame. How is the professor deemed a security risk to the nation when Chinese nationals are threatening and to some extent shooting our citizens? Lord help us.

    • Dora can use whatever jargon to justify denying Prof PLO Lumumba entry into Zambia but truth of the matter is that the Zambian leadership is being vengeful for remarks the professor made about “need for hygiene in Zambia” following the treason charge slapped on HH after the Mongu road debacle!

  3. To be honest, it is true we have big problems with corruption and theft in this country.

    Our relationship with the Chinese is dirty. Our government has chosen to do deals in the dark with the Chinese.

    Having said all that, there was zero need for this professor to travel all the way to Zambia to come highlight the fact. Let him fight corruption in his own country. Next, we will start having Islamists to come preach Jihad in our country.

    • I have a big problem with HH taking Zambian money to Panama. When he dies the money shall die as well. He is enriching another country at the expense of Zambia! Why didn’t he put it in ZANACO? It confirms that he stole the money from Zambia! He is very fortunate but one day, days will not be the same. CHILDISH.

  4. This is ridiculous. I have listened to the man’s lectures and there is nothing he says that is a threat to national security but rather to the enemies of Africa’s development. They might stop him from entering the country but they can’t stop people from finding out the truth for themselves through his lectures on the net.

    • Nine Chale
      This is probably the biggest scandal these f00ls have made.So which donor will they talk to now?Lwabo twalimyeba……

    • Strange words from Nine Chale.
      Many bloggers have commented on the dictatorial tendencies of the PF government but you don’t seem to listen.

    • Ooh Please! He is an educated extremist. Last time I checked Kenya the country he hails from is still struggling like us.
      Who are you fooling?

    • Iwe Negro, what sense are you taking about? Just continue streaming his vids on YouTube. Talking is not working. Last time the same Govt protected you from seeing Zondwa’s panties, you still complained. Govt has your asz covered even on this one. Trust me. Sorry we have nothing to lose.

    • Here is where he makes a little bit of some sense, though.

      ‘You know one of the things that I find painful is for anybody to tell me to vote an individual because he is from my ethnic group. It is the greatest insult, why did I go to school?’

      This got the crowd cheering after he said it.

    • Thorn in the Flesh

      “Last time the same Govt protected you from seeing Zondwa’s panties, ..”

      Who told you she wears panties ? Look at these PF , even confusing nikers with bare back …..

  5. Shame, once an eagle always an eagle, your fellow African.
    Watch “Prof. PLO Lumumba speaks during Africa Religious Liberty Congress in Rwanda” on YouTube
    Watch “Prof P.L.O Lumumba: “Africa is on dinner table Eaten by Superpowers”” on YouTube

    • Break News
      For PF that is like asking your 5 year old to watch BBC and come report to you,teti fibombe…..Meanwhile remember always these are the people Sata gifted us with…someone write a book on Sata and his PF before i do..

    • @Ububomba Mwibala, the title should be The Dawn of the Unpatriotic Front, with chapters such as;
      – China’s first colony
      – The deceased votes that lie in Kalulushi cemetery


  7. LUNGU-MUST-GO. he has set $2.5m in his buqdet for such heinous activities under POA.

    Lungu is disgrace to Africa

    And Dollar siliya has forgot en what happened to her after mmd lost.

    She couldn’t pay a maid and she was even taken to court. She could settle bills at hous on independence avenue near pnp.

    Dollar was in hot soup. Today is back . Ok

    And Chanda boys will dance one day

    • They are the ones misleading cakolwa.There days are numbered.The talks highly about corruption and PF are not comfortable with him.
      European countries have given this man so much respect but here in Africa is being mistreated particulary in Zambia.What a shame”.
      There is no freedom of speech here in Zambia and i can assure you my fellow Zambians tomorrow PRO Patrick Lumumba will in another African country to present the same lecture about Chinese govt and will not bw deported like what has happened in Zambia and now people will ask why.
      PF FOOLS.

  8. “PLO LUmumba was a security threat ” oh please Dorah just say you’re doing poorly and you’re afraid of sharp criticism by a famed figure.Security threat is just your catch-all undercover excuse like “risk of terrorism”

  9. This is an act of cowardice and pessimism. Africans leaders today do not want those who will address their unholy matrimony with the Chinese. The Chinese enterprise is gaining momentum and African countries are busy defending a no raw deal with China. Chinese will continue their influence in Africa as long as we continue electing unqualified people into leadership.

  10. Lumumba is a great guy worth listening to , however the timing is not conducive for his speeches since there is somuch talk and un fruitful talks engulfing the Zambian .
    I would like him visit Zambia a few years from now may be even a year from today . I dont see any thing strange to see the chinese investing in Zambian economy in fact the chinese are every where in this world and they do anything anywhere they go .
    The one thing I like about these people is they don not interfere in internal politics , and the other is they are opening up the african leaders to have confidence that they can industrialise their continent , the news the west wouldnt want to hear , the west wants just to keep africa perpetual beggars , and remain underdeveloped. Something they like to hear.

    • nshilimubemba…you must be a Chinese agent or you’re just too ignorant to know what’s coming with this Chinese—Zambia relationship. Go and study Jamaica and the Chinese problem in their country, and also Djibouti, and Sri Lanka. Keep spouting nonsense like that and you’ll see what’s coming. Soon you’ll have Chinese boots kicking your behind to keep you in line. Just wait.

    • Foolish thinking Ndanje Khakis or what ever you are called.We want a leader who will put a stop to aid Kagame the dictator of Rwanda is doing just that,go to hell with your backwardness this is 2018 need i remind you?…foolish boy

  11. On behalf of my once upon a time democratic country i say ” Sorry Prof” However, try to send your presentation on any of our reputable social media platform, it will be highly appreciated and i will judge for myself.

  12. Sometimes backwardness and slavery bondage befall those who accept it with all pleasure. They sent him back because they were scared of the speech of enlightenments that may come out of his mouth but all these the same , the truth rejected today will someday turn to comeuppance and might be too late to correct.

  13. How I wish Africa could produce scientists and inventors rather than orators. Oratory won’t improve our lot. The China we despise so much emphasized on technology instead of this nonsense of being a good speaker. FTJ was one such.

    • Africa needs both. Orators are needed to broaden the scope of the narrow-minded and revoutionise/uplift the masses. Even China had philosophers like the great Confucius and master Sun Tzu. Greece had many, like Platon and Aristoteles while Germany had Goethe, Kant, Marx and Engels.

    • Iran and North Korea are respected by the USA because they can easily drop a nitrogen bomb on America. Your FTJ look alike professor whose mouth looks like an anus just makes America happy as he destroys Africa. Don’t forget Libya. Gaddafi was killed but where is Libya today? USA used locals to remove him and unfortunately they’re doing it here.

    • Great point Ndanje.
      Some Zambians are funny, they prefer going to TBJ for oil and water that is said to be holy and neglect the divine gift/s of their own prophets.
      Gifted hands
      It never dawn to some folks around here.

  14. It’s a pity that we keep on repeating the same mistakes. What security threat can Proff pose to this great national?.
    What goes around usually come around and that is a fact.
    What has happened is a sign enough that China has gained legitimacy in our republic.

  15. Yeah the two above comments are real sober. Prof mistimed. The issue of Chinese is a thorn staff in samba of late and coming to talk about it with the intention to open the wound wider is purely inciting in its own right and it is equivalent to security threats. Remember an educated community is more dangerous than other in political science. So yes your prof is known world wide but he needed to analyse the environment first. Remember politics is beyond normal. What u call normal in politics it’s not. Even your famous HH the moment he shall enteremain state house that is if the worst comeso to the worst, the guy will be humbled and all of you are going fold your tails between two legs.think hard, look at the bigger picture and don’t use your emotions. U see that is why young people…

  16. Lumumba professor of what? The guy seems to be either very dull, I v always wondered his reasoning, it doesn’t befit a learned man

  17. It seems this government will do anything to prevent dissenting views on China.

    I know this guy was going to bring out the evils of this dirty relationship between PF and China hence the action.

    PF is not a Democratic party and they are scared of anything including their own shadows.

    • I believe there would be nothing new. This talker has a big repository of YouTube vids. If you’re thirsty for his voice kindly burry your head in his video library on Google’s video platform.

  18. The most common indicator for an African regime on its way out is its growing intolerance. While Davies Mwila has been all over the country unfettered others have to deal with the notorious Public Order Act. The increased allocation to public order and security doesn’t mean good allowances for those in uniforms, it means more resources to be spent on monitoring activities of citizens. Let’s wait and see

  19. Shameful, shameful indeed. What have we become as a nation? This professor is loved all over. You may not agree with what he says but he ignites serious high level debate. It is becoming stressful to be Zambian.

  20. Security considerations?? Over a lecturer’s arrival in the Country?? Lumumba speaks a measure of wisdom required to help most African states but the problem is we no longer have leadership worth its salt. And Zambia is worse off. However, we pray that God grants, not only Zambia, but all or majority of African counties good, sensible, caring leaders. Leadership is service to country and citizens not focussing on personal prosperity at the expense of entire nations. God will punish all thieving leaders and everyone else who acts devilishly. God is watching.

    • Thats a lie.
      Lumumba is making a living out’a yapping. How many lectures have you attended and still come out blank. Talk alone cannot do.
      Let Lumumba aspire for office in his own land so could have an opportunity to learn if he can turn around the fortunes of that country. I bet you on your own life, that he would be on his heels to the same China you are insulting and demonising now. You have greater lessons from China, the country that has walked the talk, than a guy who just talks and has not taken any physical civil duty in his land. I would rather listen to Dangote that Lumumba, if you care enough to understand my point.

  21. Iwe chi Sharon , do you have any bone to chew with hh, we are talking about Lumumba here being deported and you open your stinking ass talking about hh not winning any election, were do the 2 coincide,

    • Take a hard look at your life and count your blessings.

      “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”


  22. Presumably, your guess is as good as mine!
    Our African predatory leaders who are about to mortgage our beloved continent to investors in huge unaccountable debts are scared of such an eloquent eye opening professor who is likely to unearth these profound misdeeds.
    Shame of modern times!

  23. “When I look at Africa many questions come to mind, many times I have asked myself what would happen if Dr Kwame Nkrumah and Patrice Lumumba were to rise up and see what is happening, many times I have asked myself what would happen if Nelson Madiba Mandela were to rise up and see what is happening, because what they will be confronted with is an Africa where the Democratic Republic of Congo is unsettled, there is a war going on there, but it’s not on the front pages of our newspapers because we don’t even control our newspapers and the media.”
    PLO Lumumba. So I ask myself. Is this guy in a complaining gear?

  24. Let him fu!k off! He’s a failed politician in his own country! And he want s to come along with his political jargony as a fu!ken messiah- jerk off Lumumba!

  25. Fertlie grounds for political and economic bankrupsy .When shall we learn to be open and crtical to constructive criticism?Use the negatives as stepping stones to gain heights.

  26. That tells you how bad these guys are, myopic thinking. They love entertaining useless frauds like ‘Prophet’ Issac Amata who prophesizes that God told him Lungu will keep winning elections!

  27. I betcha any foreigner who lands in Zambia to preach pro Lungu poverty ,pro Lungu social decay and pro Lungu economic stagnation ISN’T A SECURITY RISK.

  28. In the 21st century! This is very unfortunate. One would imagine that by now, after about 50 years of independence, the general trend in Africa would be to be proactive towards anything that has to do with a United States of Africa. If we cannot even stand people talking about it, how can we ever contribute to it’s realization? It’s a pity!

  29. China influence in Africa is beyond point of no return. Labor force, their fake products and more so they are behaving like they own us, because of our shortfalls of begging them grants and donations, My Fellow Kenyan Prof PLO Lumumba. Don’t worry this is proverbial pig eating it’s puppies during birth. Somebody tell President Lungu that Power belongs to people. In 21st Century Dictatorial tendencies won’t be tolerated in this continent.

  30. SAY’S A GOVERNMENT THAT ALLOWED, NARCOTIC (PSEUDOEPHEDRINE) DEALING THIN NECKED FAKE NIGERIAN PASTOR -Isaac Julius Amata TO ENTER ZAMBIA, all because the thin necked religious fraud screams from the rooftops that “Edgar Chakolwa Pombe Lungu is the best thing since sliced bread”

  31. To be frank Lumumba is innocent, I love the him because he speaks the truth, what has happened to him, is retrogressive to democracy in Zambia. Look at South Africa, they invited him recently. Whether you like it not we love Professor Lumumba and soon or later we shall hear him speaking the truth about Chinese investment somewhere here in Africa

  32. Only insecure & rogue regimes like Lungu’s Zambia ,North Korea ,Sudan ,China are scared of such free speech.Prof Lumumba has given speeches in many Africa countries before .

  33. President Lungu, wake up, Zambia is not only for you but an African Treasurer and a model of greatness. The Zambia of Kauda, the Zambia that became the second home to Mandela, O.R and the ANC at large is not the Zambia we see today. Our academics can never be a security threat unless there is something we are hiding. Where i reside in SA we are inspired by African Academics and it is for that reason that in June we invited Prof Loch Lumumba, and he came and told our politicians that they must decide weather they want to be leaders, that must fight so hard to preserve the treasurers of Africa or to be dealers who want to put thier countries for sale in the market to be taken by China and others. He asked our Leaders to evaluate the relation of China with us. Last year we invited your…

  34. This is a gigantic mis judgement, and king-size oversight on our figurehead. Im disappointed big time.
    PLO is a seasoned man of letters,and he speaks a language of of balanced truth and practical wisdom. How would he be identified with security threats?… Revisit and review this settlement ! Something SURELY has spinned out of grip .

  35. Was Lumumba really a security threat?, to what extent really? Besides was he invited for the event or he came on his own? This is not good Zambians come on!

  36. Very undemocratic and unfriendly move do we have something to hide concerning the deals with our Chinese brothers and sisters????? If so then why?

  37. Its great to see my fellow Afrikans are so woke & thst the current regime WILL be replaced ASAP.

    We in the Diaspora stolen out of Afrika are desperate to return and look upon such happenings with a trepidation of heart. Living in the belly of the beast we can tell u that the west is anathema to Afrika as black is to white. Afrikans have no allies amongst the nations. Luckily it appears Afrika is the original Garden of Eden and thus we are blessed with a power the other nations are aware of but most dont believe it or are not too bothered cus they have convinced themselves in the lie that Afrikans are of a lower species

    Now Afrikans have smoked thst lie out of their conciousness the truth replaces the space…very powerful indeed.

  38. This means we – most African states – are on a slippery slope, discouraging independent thought is the highest level of of political demagoguery and mental bankruptcy. It is true China/Africa relationship is one sided and no one should be discouraged to point this out. Whoever thinks that China is on a father Christmas business should wake up and see the security threat we are placing ourselves. Their companies Hua wei and ZTE are all over and should I point out that we are left exposed in their superior espionage capabilities. It is high time we look for ways to monitor every project Chinese undertake, I won’t be surprised to hear they set their surveillance devices on every project they undertake.

  39. Our leaders are reversing the anti colonialism movement. This is just the beginning. Freedom of expression is taken away. What next with Chinese building an army within Zambia to harass us.
    PF is getting ready for 2021. Who else to turn but the Chinese army incase they lose.

  40. The Africans are the same ones destroying their own country and stealing out the money out of Africa to other countries to help enriched other countries and leave Africa in poverty and undeveloped.

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