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Felix Mutati launches MMD Card renewal in Eastern Province


Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Felix Mutati
Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Felix Mutati
Movement for Multiparty Democracy MMD president Felix Mutati on Saturday launched the party’s national card renewal exercise with a call to members not expect him to engage in politics of character assassination.

And Mutati says his party will always put the people of Zambia first as it was formed to work for them.

Speaking at Mpezeni Park in Chipata where the exercise was launched, The MMD leader said Zambians were not interested in knowing who had the loudest voice as that would not resolve their economic challenges.

He said being in opposition did not mean that you become enemies with those in power and that his contribution to the well being of the people was in cabinet not in the media.

And Mutati says the social media bazz that characterised the aftermath of the news that the party was launching its national card renewal exercise was a sign that the MMD was a big factor in the country’s political life.

He said the same people who are quick to write off the former ruling party were the same people who are quick to create propaganda on the perceived weakness of the party whenever they see it reorganizing itself.

“…if God has not ordained you, it doesn’t matter how you can fight and shout but if God has not appointed you, you will never rule.

“The MMD is a party of values. By working in an alliance with the PF is not a sign of weakness because we have sacrificed the party for the interest of the people of Zambia and let me say it very openly to you that I am grateful to President Lungu for the honour and privilege that was bestowed upon me to serve in his government,” Mutati said.

He added “MMD is independent and we have our own structures and the truth about MMD is that we will not to weaken and dismantle ourselves and make this alliance irrelevant. We will only be of value if we bring to the alliance, a formidable MMD because a weak MMD is dangerous to the alliance,” he said.

And party national secretary Raphael Nakacinda said the card renewal exercise made the party know its membership so that it could instill discipline if and when need arose.

Nakacinda said he wanted to work with the optimism with which Vernon Mwaanga executed his duties in which he would declare an election already won even before the first vote was cast, going by the party records of voters, a feat he said made him to be accused of rigging elections.

Former party leaders who attended the launch included former National Chairperson Mike Mabenga and the former Chairperson in charge of local government Rose Zimba.


  1. Something is not adding up here! You are a minister in the ruling party yet you are a President of a political party which is in opposition. When and where do you find time to start the card renewal and who is paying for it? Do the honorable and right thing!

  2. Are you with us or you here to cause confusion. Let’s not be cheated that he is doing any good to our party,PF. He will kill us and run away when time favours him. Mark my word. It’s either we swallow MMD or they will swallow us,look at the numbers of MMD in our cabinet. Open your eyes.

    • MMD is a more credible party than PF. If we play our cards well, before they know it, PF will be the one joining us to form the next government.

  3. MMD is gone! Period. I gather that UNIP is even better coz they have some assets dotted here and there around Lusaka CBD.

  4. Felix and Nevers why don’t you two come together shake hands and move on you cannot have a creature with two heads one in uPnD and another in PF

  5. Njala party….. Imagine a Labour Party holding a cabinet post in Theresa May Government….It is politcs of poverty and belly…..
    further imagine you standing as President in 2021 yet holding a cabinet post and PF fielding its Party President. Whom will the citizen choose?
    it is either PF has no calibre leaders or MMD is full of hungry people

  6. Now this is total confusion and I blame Lungu on this one, why have a minister in your cabinet that is campaigning for another party.

  7. Now since the matter of MMD leadership is still in court, what happens if Nevers Mumba wins the court case? Do we have another party renewal exercise?

  8. Look at the bigger PF plan! They are aware of the possibility of losing the next election! Their strategy is prop up the useful Mutati MMD faction as plan B to their survival plan. Should PF lose, MMD PF will simply shift camp to MMD should it bounce back. This is the RB-backed plan. That is why it is starting from EP!

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