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Home Affairs Minister justifies decision to deny Pan-Africanist Professor PLO Lumumba entry into Zambia


Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo
Zambia is a sovereign state with laid down guidelines and procedures that should be followed when admitting visitors in the country, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has said.

The Minister was commenting on government’s decision to stop Kenyan Professor Patrick Lumumba from entering Zambia on Saturday.

He said Zambia, like any other country, does not have absolute freedom in terms of admitting people who intend to visit as there are rules and regulations to be considered, further stating that Zambia reserves the right not to explain why someone is denied entry into the country.

‘’Just a few weeks ago, Laura Miti, a Zambian activist was denied entry into South Africa, Do we surely have to ask the SA government why they denied her entry? No! The country reserves the right to either state or not state reasons for deportation,” the Minister said.

‘’We do not micro manage anything, but govern by following laid procedures. And so, when such a decision was made, it was NOT the Minister’s decision per say, but governments decision reflecting the correct interpretation of rules and regulations from concerned stakeholders.”

Mr. Kampyongo said the Immigration Act 18 of 2010 clearly stipulates the rules and procedures that should be followed by people who intend to come to Zambia.

The Minister was speaking in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia before transiting to Geneva to attend an annual Executive Committee meeting of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees-UNHCR- in Geneva.

Meanwhile, All People’s Congress (APC) party president Nason Msoni has condemned in the strongest terms the denying of entry into Zambia of Kenyan academician Patrice Otiene Loch Lumumba.

Mr. Msoni said that he found it unfortunate that the Zambian government seems to have sustained the culture of deporting and denying entry of fellow Africans into the Country.

He is of the view that what government has done to deny Professor Lumumba entry into Zambia is an indication of how elevated political intolerance in the Country has become.

Mr. Msoni has charged that the self inflicted problems the PF government is in cannot however be addressed through the harassment of innocent fellow Africans coming to visit Zambia.

He says professor Lumumba in particular has nothing to do with the contraction of Chinese loans and the mortgaging of state assets for him to be denied entry into the Country by the Zambian government.

Mr. Msoni says that it was in this case a misplaced Judgment to deny Professor Lumumba a platform to highlight bad governance and the alleged permeating Chinese corruption taking root in Zambia.


  1. A lot of talk here here is thing as someone with a PhD and someone who is well respected here and anywhere else

    The Government did the right thing.

    This man lumimba is riddled with controversy and he was not going to talk about a balanced view.

    Here is the thing he wasn’t deported, he was merely denied entry as he had nothing to add to our already well versed country.

    We don’t need his kind and never ever will.

    Goodbye professor – shut the door whilst you are at it and we don’t welcome your divulsive views.



    • And Stephen Kampyongo is one of Lungu’s advisers, he along with Kaizer Zulu and Bowman Lusambo. Prof Lumumba will be on CNN and BBC. How does such bad publicity help the depreciating Kwacha and the economy in long run. When we say Edgar is not fit for purpose, this is exactly what we mean. No strategic thinking at all.

    • And the comparison with Laura Miti’s situation is misplaced. The SA govt did explain that Laura had issues with her resident permit (which as clarified later was a glitch in their computer system).

    • You deny entry to a true African son of the soil but give visas to hundreds of thousands of Chinese criminals shooting our people on a daily basis whilst they take away informal sector jobs, stealing our Mukula trees, copper, Rhino horn. How can foreigners be given gun licenses?


      This is State capture of State House by Chinese. Lungu’s corruption & love for money has led him to be captured by Chinese & sell Zesco, Indeni, ZNBC, Chimbokaila, Kamwala prison, Jacaranda school, Luburma market, Lusaka city market, Silverest forest, Twin palm land etc.
      Guys, we are in deep trouble.

    • Thought it was only prostitutes who were not welcome to Zambia but now we know professors are unwelcome too!

      I have a feeling the ‘christian nation thing’ must be responsible for hostility towards the world’s oldest profession. I am puzzled why a country would be angry with sharing new knowledge and ideas about what happens around us …

    • PF has reached a critical point of being afraid of its own shadow. For the first time we have denied entry a Kenyan based on ideas which are superior to cadre mentality.

    • HH is a depreciating CHILDISH and leader of a tribal grouping known as UPND? How does his mentally-deformed thoughts help in making Zambia a great nation! Just ignore the Privatisation Thief and his followers! Thay are not a factor in Zambian politics. 5x losers.

    • Africa U need to know that these leaders are thieves, open your eyes and mind look within tell me why are we still poor, die at early age, everything is 199 years behind the developed nations. The government of Zambia is evil, Lumumba is a threat to them cos he will break the mental chance of slavery and free the people. Wake up

  2. They feared the Professor was gonna be a thorn on the side of Lungu’s administration and its many failings.The IMF ,the diaspora Zambians ,the UK ,the United Nations ,the taxpayers have all had to lecture Lungu on one failing or the other.

    • Kampyongo these are offences your government is committing the fact that the Law gives you power to deport does not mean you can deport wantonly,a day will come when you will forget that English you now speak,what security risk did the man pose,why was Biti deported,if you are not fit for a job giving it to you is not even helping you,when you are out of power how shall you explain yourself?God help you…

    • Hakainde was bomba-ling Mwibala of Privatization when he store money and took it to Panama. My question is why did he take it to Panama if it was genuinely acquired?

  3. An insecure administration will obviously fear even harmless shadows.Mr Kampyongo go learn more repression from Sudan ,Iran ,North Korea and more excuses.

  4. A conscious free man is never scared of criticism, am tired, am tired of seeing this country calling foolish people honorable, am tired of this country having people like Kampyongo who have no idea what their doing. Time will teach them a lesson.

  5. Kampyongo what an accident, just how did you find yourself presiding over such an important ministry ,was it because of your bravery in not allowing the opposition to campaign or enter shiwangandu ? we remember the throwing of objects at a helicopter carrying opposition members and then again the burning of the field by your operatives so your opponents do not land and then the chasing of GBM’s team, remember these things start small, but your boss was shamelessly proud of your work and rewarded you with such an important position.
    cry my beloved zambia

    • Just the act of stoning a helicopter is a serious felony,Sata just put these people in problems.And what conference has he gone for,if we were serious about austerity measures these are the conferences to avoid so as to make a saving.The same people who not long ago where denying an asylum seeker entry{Biti of Zim}are now off to a conference on Refugees,not to be outdone Lusambo is in China doing God knows what…

    • Kampyongo, the crimes you committed against the Electoral Act and the Electoral Code of conduct by interfering with the campaign of another candidate and political party in Shiwangandu would have landed you in jail in any civilised country which observes democratic rules and rule of law.
      In Zambia you ended up being rewarded by a President who has no regard for free, fair and credible elections.
      Now look at the shame through which you are dragging the country in the eyes of the whole community of nations! Which group of nations do you want Zambia to be associated with. The group of pariah tin pot banana republics or the group of free nations that the whole world can be proud of? What a disgrace.

  6. Iwe bane I have listened to Lumumba’s presentations. The problem is that he does not offer balanced views but always against governments wherever he has gone. Looking at the propaganda campaign going on against Zambia it’s just fair that Lumumba is denied entry. He is a thorn if not properly checked. Well done government.

    • Your views should be respected, but should not govern those with better understanding of matters than your cadre way of approaching things. Which is, if one is not supporting your cause then he/she is an enemy. What a sad way of existing, with only one way of viewing the world, that is the PF way only.

    • @DENKETE: This is not about Lumumba and whether what he says makes sense to you. It is about what kind of society we want to be and what kind of people should govern our country. I believe that Zambians in 1991 made a fundamental decision to be a plural, free and democratic country in which there would be freedom of speech and freedom of Assembly. This government has already breached the Constitution by denying Zambians the right to assemble and demonstrate peacefully unless it in their favour. In this particular case they have deported Lumumba to supress free debate on China involvement in Zambia so that people can make informed decisions. I am and have always been a supporter of China’s friendship with Zambia but no one should be deported to suppress a different opinion. This is…

  7. Ala bu Dictator has failed all over the world. Mention one dictator whose life ended in happiness. Dictatorship has very few shelf life and it ends like Idi Amin, Ben Ali, Muammar Ghadafi, Mobutu, Gbagbo of Ivory Coast, Nicolae Ceausescu and wife, Hitler, Saddam Hussein al-Tikrit, Mubarak, Kamuzu Banda and others. Be careful what you do. You will walk naked at soweto market and kids laughing as they show you middle fingers. Keep at it. Your time is coming.

    • Pungwa
      You are wasting your time these ones are too thick to understand what you are talking about,if you ask them they probably dont know the people you mention there,go to parliament website and check out their qualifications,that is when you will understand them …..

  8. China truly have a friend.

    You allowe your citizen to go study abroad and watch YouTube but you deny Professor Lumumba entry into Zambia. Does not make sense.

  9. @ D!ckhead

    What is for you “balanced views”?
    The official lies by your visionary, vise, humble, anointed and afraid of shadows Endemically Corrupt Leader?

  10. Comment: that man is not a pan africanist. he is a glorified monkey singing his master’s voice, whose mission is to discomfort new relationship with China! just jaw, jaw, no plausible solutions! look where he comes from, anything tangible attributable to him. maybe the inter tribal killings that took place there few years back! useless critic!

    • And you think you are a useful critic? Yes you are useful. But a useful tool. This is why Africa or should I be specific, Zambia is a toilet. He is not changing countries, he is a conscientious person helping people to know what is happening around them and it is up to them to act, more especially during elections. Is your actual name Dick Cabesa? (Spanish for head)


  12. Why suppress peoples opinions? What are you scared of? God forbid!!!
    This government will go down in history as the most corrupt and repressive government!
    Another term for lungu and his minions will ground us to a halt!

  13. If the Prof was president of Zambia boys like kampyongo and Lusambo wouldn’t be given any post not even kansela job

    ECL maybe can work as counsellor under the prof.

    These boys think they own Zambia. Kk was powerful dictator. We cut him to size. He was locked up. Ftj and Richard sakala we locked them up.

    Now who is this ka ma boy. Who was he before PF was formed. As DOLLAR how she danced when mmd was kicked out.

  14. Honestly how can these illiterates win the battle against intellectuals

    These are ministers who will receive human trafficker KOFFI with a red and deny great thinker entry.

    Lumumba is a creator of history. While these boys think life life is about cutting deals and building houses and flats. In short amassing wealth with impunity.

    .Prof will put his key address on YOUTUBE and this time it will attract wider interest. And hope he can mention PF government.

  15. What China Says Goes. If they say The Dalai Lama Should Not Be allowed into your country because we are friends with you,,,,then you as slaves you have to obey China at the expense of your people and their rights.

    its a pity Dora and her friends think people are stupid. So stupid they can be told anything and they will buy it.

  16. Let Lumumba and Musoni rot in hell. Mr Musoni is so unpatriotic. He always supports anything against the government. If he and his party were ruling Zambia, what would he do to those insulting him everyday? That’s some people are never fit to rule.

    • Bemba tool. Always being used by Easterners to fight their battles. After fighting Tongas now you want to fight Lumumba to protect Lungu and his Eastern province thieves to continue stealing. Ubupuba.

  17. Unfortunately Prof Lumumba will have a bigger platform on CNN,BBC etc.. where he will unleash maximum damage on our country. Allowing him was a lesser devil.. I think this decision was not well considered

    • Who cares the facts remain he was rejected to enter Zambia on Saturday let him go and lecture BBC cos CNN will grill him cos those look at both sides of the coin. CNN does not condone mediocrity as they research their works before doing an interview

  18. UPND danderheads and sycophants wanted to hide on the disgraced professor who is myopic but the Zambian government is smart enough to see them thru their forked tongues. Their own biased hero was rejected to enter South Africa but they were all quiet including it’s supreme leader and privatisation crook HH so every one now knows their agenda these zealots who are entangled into group think mentality.

    • Am from east province. I voted for lungu. Am anti hh , and I believe without hh upendi can get facelift

      As for PF its like a rat that gets so familiar in a house. It begins to feel its part of familiar and will pass under the table while you havin dinner with visitors

      Am patriotic citizen am not owned by a political party.

      PF under current leadership is disaster and danger to the future of Zambia.

      Pf is not Zambia and Zambian is not PF. When we speak instead of listening they think we are bitter tongas. Honestly are these people ok in the head

    • So this is about UPND? How did this become UPND issue? So you are some fooool1sh Bemba paying your dues by protecting Lungu and his Easterners to steal more while your brothers and sisters loam the streets without jobs. Your nieces and nephews become tamaules for survival and Lungu stashes millions in foreign banks. Ubupuba fibaBemba.

  19. Hon. Kampyongo should protect the sovereignty of Zambia from Chinese infiltration not from persons like Prof. Lumumba who have no intentions of suppressing any one. Is it not shameful that a few months ago Zambian MPs were in Kenya on a mission to learn how to fight corruption; some from Kenya comes to motivate graduates against, you block him. It is a pitiful state of affairs. Shame on you!!

  20. Nason is a turncoat… Today he criticises PF and tomorrow he call other opposition evil… Kampyongo suffered a lot on Katondo street trying to make a living…. I feel for the young man….. Power has filled his pant


  22. When Donald Trump attacked and threatened ICC judges, most bloggers here and many Zambians tucked their tails between their legs and kept quiet. A mere professor who wants to come and tarnish the image of your own country is turned away by the govt., you are calling it dictatorship and suppression of alternative views. Africans will never develop as long as such sentiments against our own authorities continues. China used tanks to pop students heads and the west launched a vigourous campaign to discredit them. China shut its ears and did what they believed in; Today they are bigger than most countries in the west. Africa needs to start believing in itself.

    • Absolute nonsense as always. What has this got to do with Donald Trump? Where is your brain? Stop leaving your brain in the pit latrine. What does freedom of speech mean to you? What did Lumumba say that zambia government and you usefu tools (now with small z) are angry about?

  23. A ministers in Zambia has free accommodation

    Free talk time

    Free fuel

    Free Su vs and driver

    Allowance s

    And that’s the trend in African leadership. Even HH will continue with trend

    Lumumba speak s against such injustice and there is no African government that can welcome Lumumba.

    African leaders are ready to kill the likes of Lumumba because he is a direct threat

  24. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    This is what dictatorship does… be afraid of those with opposing views and only welcome those who sing your praises.

    Unfortunately these guys have an unmitigated penchant for sh00ting themselves in the foot, attracting unfavourable news to themselves. Many people like me had probably never heard of this Professor and if they had let him in without any much fanfare it is unlikely people who had not heard of him would have. He would have addressed his audience and left quietly and it would have ended at that. And now because of their s!lliness, not only have they made the man popular but they have attracted unfavorable coverage unto themselves, making people wonder what they are afraid of. Unfortunately to them this is a much needed respite from the equally damaging coverage of…

    • Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      Unfortunately to them this is a much needed respite from the equally damaging coverage of stealing donor funds. Unbelievable!

  25. Do you know that 90% of useful tools for Lungu and his fellow Easterners who steal every dollar that lands zambia are Bembas? They are so ignorant they don’t even know they are being used to protect and fight Lungu battles as he hides in looking humble and pretending he is a man of god. Ask any Bemba in zambia, they will kill for Lungu. Tongas are Bemba enemies because of Lungu as he practices tribalism while Bembas focus on innocent Tongas. Bembas are the most used in Lungu government to his benefit.

  26. What the govt did to deny him entry was the best. Prof Lumumba is just full of hot air, and whatever was going to rant at Prime TV could have been taken as gospel truth by any gullible mind. Eden University had noble intentions to invite Lumumba, but immediately UPND and Diamond TV came on board, everything turned sour. Prime TV is well known as UPND platform and you don’t expect a govt with live intelligence to sit back and watch collateral damage being done to its country.
    It was poor timing for the Prof especially at a time when western propaganda against China is on its peak.

  27. Yet Koffi Olomide with multiple criminal offenses in and out of Zambia is allowed entry into Zambia at any point of time and the government is flat mute.

    • Mushota is a time waster. She/he/it is irrelevant, therefore wants attention. It is a lonely soul looking for friends or attention.

  28. Chaona Mzako Chapita Mmawa chilipali iwe or alternatively Choipa Chisata Mwine.
    Its time for imposition of travel bans to certain officials and also freezing of externalized bank accounts.
    The rats are usually the 1st to leave a sinking ship let them not have a place to land.
    Its good that they have started to burn bridges early on.

  29. What goes round comes around! When you are landlocked, be nice to your neighbours. Zambians should understand and learn from other countries that used to be mean with their Immigration process turning away foreigners without just cause! When their economy turned sour, it was the ordinary citizens who paid for the silly behavior of their leaders! Negr0s must learn to be civil! The Negr0 does not seem to relate well with divergent views! Muchinje ba kos wee!

  30. This is suppression of intellectual freedom.No wonder intellectuals in higher institution of learning are unable to practice their liberty of expressing themselves for fear of being victimised.They would rather present papers in other countries other than ours.
    A nation that does not respect intellectual voice,is bound to lag behind in all spheres of development.Intellectuals are supposed to express themselves freely without being gagged on the mouth.
    No wonder we have minute allocation to research and development in our budgets.Most of these lecturers and scholars have ideas which governments can use but there is no funding in budgets hence frustrations come in.Let’s motivate our scholars by giving them the liberty to express themselves.

  31. This is what happens when you appoint people based on politics alone. This is a very embarrassing and totally avoidable situation the PF boma has gotten itself into. The deportation of Prof Lumumba stinks of intolerance and tolerance to corruption. Letting the conference go ahead would have generated a laugh here and there but now we are embarrassed as a nation!!

  32. Very few political leaders are actually politicians. The fact that you can weasel your way into political office is in itself a tragic flaw of democracy. The UK from whom most anachronistic laws were borrowed have since abandoned those laws (including car reflectors) and have since moved on; they even regret the sedition laws!!!! What have we really done to deserve this bunch of curses masquerading as leaders!? Imwe shuwa!?

  33. You allow somalians, street Kenyans etc to come and plait hair in our streets and deny entry to one who would change peoples minds on government dependance? Give me a break.

  34. Informatiom comes in two ways to destroy and build. as government they have the right to say yes or no. there is power in the mouth life or death is on the tongue. Let us not bring our nation just for the sake of one man. we have the right to say or yes to him. without explaining why?

  35. kikiki Kampyongo is a katondo boy.He can’t advise the president well.Such leaders be fired.There is no thinking in lungus sad bane

  36. At a time when we Africans need dignity and to be vigilant in protecting our Africa from being stripped of all wealth is when lungu deports a pan africanist ?

    Either lungu was pissed out of his head when he was being told or the Chinese demanded he reports PLO…

    Either way , hundreds of thousands of Chinese , leabanes and mwenye job seekers are taking over Zambia while lungu steals and deports a true African , sad.

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