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Prof. Lumumba’s deportation is shameful – HH


HH addressing a media briefing at his residence
HH addressing a media briefing at his residence

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says government’s decision to deny renowned Kenyan Professor Patrick Lumumba entry into the country has brought shame on the country.

Mr Hichilema said the humiliation of Professor Lumumba by the PF government in such a manner at the airport is highly irresponsible, harsh, and goes further to confirm what the UPND has been saying that the government is led by despots.

He said it’s such high profile deportations of citizens of the world that is denting the image of Zambia on the international scene.

Mr Hichilema questioned what security risk Professor Lumumba poses to Zambia as being claimed by government.

He said Professor Lumumba has been giving intellectual discourse in many parts of the world,with the recent being in Zimbabwe at an event attended by Cabinet Ministers.

The UPND leader said the people posing security risk are the foreigners who are grabbing land and state assets at the expense of Zambians.

Mr Hichilema has since stated that for purposes of good diplomatic relations and security for Zambians who are resident in foreign countries, it is expected that government treats all nationals from other countries with a level of respect and decorum.

Professor Lumumba was invited to attend a graduation ceremony at Eden University and later feature on a Diamond TV organized discussion forum on Chinese investments in Africa.


    • Hh stay out of this
      Its you who has brought shame on this country. It was good for lumumba to be turned back to save his name from shame. You gave him fake data and a stupid speech to come and talk about after uncovered your dirty tricks you want to sound like you’re innocent. Blame yourself for discrediting your country. Ecl won an award for speaking good for the continent and your bad mouth has caused kwacha to depreciate.

    • Professor Lumumba is just an opportunist and an attention seeker and now he is enjoying the limelight and his 15 minutes of fame…if it wasn’t for YouTube all these blah blah blah minions shouldn’t have been known..and another attention seeker HH now has find a platform

    • Even HH would have done the same especially this time when the whole world has its eyes on zambia-chinese investment.

    • Lumumba will be on CNN, BBC and the kwacha will be in the drain, needlessly? surely is Edgar not able to foresee some of these things, or is he just incapable?

    • HH you are very much right. It’s such decisions by Lung Wu and PF that are tarnishing Zambia’s image. Surely how did we end up with this pathetic government?

    • What PF00Ls are forgeting is that Lungu won’t be president for a long time. His 3rd term bid will be his shameful ouster.

      Lumumba will soon be invited again to speak in Zambia to a more thunderous crowd.

    • Ba Mpemfu – Just listen to what Kagame said about your BBC. Your Prof. does not need Zambia, he can be on BBC every minute, why should this be a big issue then?

    • Darth Vader HH.

      Always aligning with evil foreign forces. We the resistance won’t let you choke our light and rule us!!

  1. Hh leave the matter to us. Anything you say no matter the logic its taken politically

    Hh and lungu must go.

    We want fresh air

    • Only HH must go! Far away! The president is doing a great job! He must stay! He will sent the tribal leader into retirement in 2021. GBM will then take over and Larry Mweetwa will support that decision since the Vice President normally takes over and Gay Jay is not tribal.

  2. Prof is a global player. HH will be remembered for privatization. ECL will go in history a visionless leader that tried to suppress freedom of speech and information and failed to shut fred membes Post.

    They thought shutting membes post was the final solutions.

    Whatever Lumumba says is in YOUTUBE. How can lungu and kambwili block that.

    It gets VIRAL.

    Whatever h h and ecl says goes in a political dustin. Whatever the prof. Says has global impact. History will judge this man.

    These pf are just pre occupied with eating. If a village dog is eating dare NOT disturb. Thats African leaders .

  3. Whenever pf hear professor they think it’s hansungule. Whenever you criticize pf they think you are Tonga

  4. HH……………………HH…………………..HH…………..Please were is GBM? other wise this HH we make us lose GBM in Zambian polical arena. Chi HH avoid commenting on everything you have you running mate, where is he? Thats why people refer you as a small god for Tongas.

  5. By the way guys, look at HH’s head if he can have a lupala (G-Scope) as a hair cut how can he look like? kikikikikikikikiki!!!!!!!!!

  6. Another blunder by our mis-Leaders. Our freedoms of assembly, speech and association are under attack as Zambians and now the world has been invited to the table. Terrible lack of judgement by Kampyongo and Siliya who probably both had hangovers on the day.

  7. You misguided pro Lumumba.HH want the world to drink his dirty water.Lumumba didn’t have time to find out what sorts of people called him to stand and speak on their behalf.
    It’s a pity that any evil scheme of HH is bound to fail. He want to use everyone for his political mileage.SHAME.

  8. HH is a political dribbler but whenever he dribbles someone blocks the ball. We didn’t need prof Lumumba to come and tell us anything new. We know the evils of PF inside out and any rubble rouser from outside is an undesirable element to the peace of our country. We have changed govts peacefully and we shall do it again and again!
    the professor’s energies must spend and be spent in Kenya, which is equally bleeding from the scars of tribalism and political divide.

  9. The comments on this platform praising the PF government for denying him entry are sad and dull. You let in the Chinese to grab your land, pay slave wages and slap you and do nothing, yet a fellow African coming to give us good ideas is denied entry. This is not PF or UPND matter it is a national matter.

    It is the same reason that only PF supporting people get Police, National Service, Army jobs, and Civil service jobs.

    • Iwe Titus @13. Why not go to Zambia and start some business like chines are doing then hire zambians and give them better salaries.

  10. Why can’t HH learn to silent on some issue. Does it mean he knows everything fellow Zambians let not glorify people for nothing. To a good leader in not always jumpling on anything. That why some people say the only qualification he has is his wealthy. He must discovers the real campaign issue against the pf government not his hatred for lungu. In 2015 he dwelt on loadsheding but didn’t work for has the rain improved in 2916 and soon the people forgot about loashedding. They will be no Lumumba in 2021. It time for his advisers to start working otherwise he should stop paying them. I think it terms of campaign based on real issues, GBM beats HH. When people comp!ain about their government it doest automatically turn into votes for opposition. But the opposition may take advantage of the…

    • He has nothing to talk about! No wonder he said when he comes to power he will stop road construction! What a dull boy!

  11. Thesetuation by articulating real issues that can bring bread and butter on the tables of the majority poor Zambian not the lies if China taking over the state asserts which can be proved to be an hox before 2021 like the lie about Lungu selling the ordinal tarbinees at Karina dam as the cause of loasheding. Itowards 2016 HH changes his campaign message and dwelt on loadsheding hoping that the rain situation remain the same iduring the 2016 to 2016 rain Swanson but the rain was above normal and all the dams were filled and there was no load shedding to talk aboit living hh confused.
    China have the tendency of protecting it s friendly party in government by making sure it gives incentives to please it citizen. They may just cancelled all the debts toward Zambia owes china on any time and…

  12. Hacks, you must apologise for the tr.ibal manner you succeded Mazoka and running upnd on tribal lines.

    And who told you that Zambians have to apologise to you for eating monkeys and mice as they wish? Until you apologise to the people of Zambia, we will not take you seriously because we have no time for tr.ibalism.

  13. Do we really need someone from another country to give a lecture on our relationship with the Chinese.This is very embarrassing for HH to cry foul on behalf of this professor,where he is coming from there’s enough problems for him to waste his time on our internal affairs that’s your role Mr HH as opposition leader to make checks and balances.HH you are an embarrassment to the Zambian people to depend on the outside world to resolve issues that affect Zambian citizens as a leader.

  14. Which other people have such Audacity to send back the professor if not the government….let’s not try to act ignorant and say what is….we can’t comply or rather really depend on ourselves anymore
    If we don’t get help from outside…we are doomed inside forever….

  15. Ba HH charity begins at home,can you please begin in Zambia where you want to stand as president and then outside your home later. This is where you miss it and this is why we still having no opposition people can count on. It’s either you in court crying or you outside the country crying. One thing at a time . Learn to listen for once.


  17. I have started to doubt if Zambia is Real Afrikan. I guess the new specie of mankind called moonkind have started to display their Lunatic characters in the arena of the “Emancipation from Mental Slavery ” by denying the Teach Me Afrikan Teacher “Song by Burning Spear! A well marginalized fish of little vision to foresee the next trap after a succesful escape from the first is fit for a hook.. And That fish will soon Jump out of the Frying pan to the fire.. As men of little vision in Zambia after a vivid display of a Lunatic Moonkind will blame the clouds they have created as they begin to jump out of a Zambia Motorcar and bounce pon a Trailer! I Submit to Us that we must turn the Zambian Moonkind leaders to Divine Mankind of our uprising Continent!

    Long Live King PLO The Great!

  18. A lot going wrong in Zambia, you wonder if someone needs to hit HH in the head to get him to start capitalizing on these.

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