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The 15.3% budget allocation for Education will transform the sector-Mabumba


First Lady Esther Lungu with Minister of General Education David Mabumba (R) and Save the Children Operations Director Chilobe Kambikambi (C) during the commissioning and handover of the 20 early childhood centres that were constructed by Save the Children Foundation in Western Province to the Ministry of Education at Kanyonyo Primary School

General Education Minister, David Mabumba says the 2019 national budget says the proposed 2019 national budget focuses on reforming and transforming key components in the education system.

Mr. Mabumba cited industrialization as one key component that the budget will help to transform by supporting the local production and purchase of school items such as uniforms, linen and furniture.

The Minister told ZANIS in an interview that recapitalisation of the Zambia Education and publishing House (ZEPH) is another milestone in ensuring that production of books for pupils is localised.

Mr. Mabumba further said the budget will promote the construction of new secondary schools and upgrading of some primary institutions.

He explained that the move will help to cushion on the demand for secondary education because there are more primary than secondary schools in the country.

Minister of Finance, Margaret Mwanakatwe presented the K86.8 billion 2019 National Budget under the theme ‘Delivering Fiscal Consolidation for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth’.

She proposed to spend K13.3 billion in 2019 which translates into 15.3 percent of the budget allocation on education and skills training development.


    • Hahaha, shinga stock. Teachers will still never be paid on time, and we won’t even know where money will go. Anyway, we know but it’s sad if your father is the biggest thief pabondi

  1. Zambia needs good education system and proper governance systems to avoid these corrupt politicains and civil servants from stealing from the poor Zambians.If corruption is everyone education is meaningless bcoz everyone wants to make quick money an example of Zambia.Why should i suffer to study when i can make deal with a chinese and get $5million?What is happening in Zambia will destroy the future generation.Zambia is becoming congo for anyone to make deals.its about money even if u sell the land.Please we need educated young women and men to change this country .Abena kampyongo,dola and chitotela are katondo boys?

  2. GRZ is joking ,right ? Zambia should be spending no less than 20% of total budget on education to help improve Zambia’s skills set in order to beat poverty longterm.

  3. These reckless empty tins are just thinking about their bank balances after the steal the funds as no one can question them as they can take anything with impunity!!

  4. What matters to me is not the amount of money allocated to the education sector or the number of primary and secondary schools built, but how this translates into high quality education for pupils. We have a catastrophic situation in this country where a first year student at UNZA with 8 points in ECZ – administered examinations, with a distinction in English, cannot construct a correct sentence in English because of severely limited knowledge of grammar and punctuation. There are students with distinctions in history and civic education who think Chongwe is provincial capital of Lusaka and the Second World War ended in 1949! These are the issues the Ministry of Education should be worrying about!

  5. The biggest issue here is whether reporters on this news site ever go for further training regionally or internationally.. This stsub-standard reporting is worrying..
    The minister hopes that 15.3% will help industrialise the education sector.. then you say making uniforms.. then you say revamp ZEPH.. surely to God, is that how we are going to change the current situation in the country?? Could technical learned people please advise the Minister on what industrialisation requires..
    We need to provide education including hands on approach on how to process our raw material in what ever sector that may be.. 15.3% of what k7.1m of what is left after deductions of debt and priority sectors is what will go to education.. can we surely say that will do in all provinces of the country??

  6. Reporters need to question our leaders to fully understand what is being communicated.. let’s stop this culture of avoiding to question leaders because it won’t look good!

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