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9 Upnd Riotous Behaviour Suspects Discharged By The Magistrates Court..


UPND Cadres
UPND Cadres

Nine UPND cadres who were facing charges of riotous behavior relating to the alleged riotous conduct at the High December 15, 2015 have been discharged by Principal Resident Magistrate David Simusamba.

The suspects were arrested at High Court after they allegedly started rioting after a petition case in which their two leaders Hakainde Hichilema and his vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba were seeking for a right to be heard in their presidential petition which was thrown out by the Constitutional Court.

The accused Robbie Mukamba and eight others walked to their freedom after being discharged following the state’s application to withdraw the matter due to the absence of their witnesses pursuant to section 88A of the Criminal Procedural code.

The court has since allowed the application allowed the application and discharged the suspects


    • So why someone in PF government said that there were no political prisoners left? jailed since 2005?? And no court date since?

    • Nostradamus – I have regarded you to be much more informed than this – you call chaps picked up for riotous behavior “political prisoners?” Let’s be serious.

  1. Come on Lusaka Times. Is this a hearsay or you checked with the court? Your report is too simple and not very clear! Rewrite the story in proper English! What’s the rush?

  2. No wonder UPND, the arsonist H-organisation feels entitled. When you reward behavior, behavior is likely to repeat. I hope the Magistrate knows what he is doing with this TRIBAL H-organisation known as UPND.

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