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Prof Patrick Lumumba speech about China in Africa



  1. I donot have much time to listen to this prof. I am waiting for comments from those with time to listen. Where is Mushota Phd holder? Helps us with your comments madam Phd Mushota regarding Lumumba lecture.

    • We have sold our sovereignty for 30 pieces of silver. Edgar and cronies have no vision for Zambia. One cannot really blame the Chinese, they are implementing their vision and our Chagwa is a happy recipient

    • Powerful speech.Makes me wonder though why PF wouldn’t allow him in the country because all I hear is great inspiration for Africans to rise up and look after their destiny.He says china is doing what China needs to do to look after its people and Africans should do the same. Perhaps PF got orders from Beijing to not allow him in the country peradventure he stirs up Zambians to be cautious of China. In this day of the internet do you really think physically blocking a person will also block their message? Unfortunately those of us who would never have heard of Lumumba are even more curious about him due to the unnecessary deportation.

    • Just wasted my time listening to this man that wants to sound like pan Africanist.

      He is a joke and this speech is misplaced wrong and he seems to have a vendetta against foreigners.

      Absolutely shambles to the core.

      Don’t bother and he was rightfully deported.

      He sounds like he is coming out a comic book.

      I hold a PhD



    • This is the knowledge of self are always talk about to you about my brothers and sisters…far greater than the rubbish in the bible..only few are chosen for this!!

  2. I told you. Pf is a bunch non thinkers

    Coward hyena s fearing lungu

    Honestly can thse kampyongos and dollar and etc sit on our brain’s.

    They failed to shut membes Post because they thought they could apply PG on freedom of information.

  3. Great speech indeed! Africa must learn something from especially with the clarity of defining their destiny in the last 30 years. China has reformed after Mao Zedong, and have realised the earth is after all not flat but round.

    • As long as we cannot consume or utilise what we produce to manufacture and create what we need to develop we shall always depend on others for development. No China or Western power will develop Africa for us. Africa has interacted with the world for millennia but we always come up poorer, simply because we rely on others to convert our so called wealth into useful resources for our development. The east has developed in leaps and bounds because they make things which they need for development while Africa still imports things they need for development. We can’t even make toys or spoons, not even balloons, even cloths are imported …shame

  4. Let every corner of Africa hear this. Where does this speach leave a president from chawama compound

    Hh and lungu cant even serve as counsellors under this son of Africa because their agenda is different.

    Kampyongo. Dollar. Chanda boys. Steven Mwale. Lusambo this chaps cant see sence in this speech including lungu himself because their agenda is personal comfort.

    Nomba yalaba vailo spichi mwaumfwa ba PF.

    • That’s the other issue why we will not develop in Africa, we glorify chatterboxes like this Prof, where are our inventors, champions of industry, intellectuals who actually do something tangible towards development. We cannot talk our way out of mediocrity and poverty. The east and west have gone on to even perfect flight but no original idea has come out of Africa since the stone age…. we keep talking and talking to the UN, the west and east etc, begging, no tangible activity to get us out of poverty. No one will give us development. resources or money without first catering for their needs. When DFID IMF, etc talks we collapse..

  5. I dont know why one especially an African , would find anything of a threat to security. These are ideas, well balanced and designed to wake us up , work hard, know what we want and be protective to both our sovereignity and our wealth .

  6. My heart burns terribly! Why r u guys misleading our President? Wonder who made this decision on his behalf! I love Edgar Chagwa Lungu and UPND… As in Not PF but UPND.

    • When mmd lost. Dollar was taken to court by a servant because she failed to pay him.

      These are kind of people surrounding lungu and the chanda boys.

      When we voice out they say we are Tongas.

      LUNGU-MUST-GO together with chanda boys in 2021. I just hope woodlands police wont follow them up.

  7. PF and lungu fear any message that will wake Zambians up…..they fear any messenger that tells Zambians to be in controll of their own destiny….they fear when Zambians wake up, this wanton looting and suffering of the masses will end , ending aldo will be the avenues of self enrichment that drive lungu and pf….

  8. You can’t hide information in this era of technology! No room for dull dictators in the 21st Century! You can’t put the mind in chains! The speech which we were denied has finally come! The Truth really hurts! Brilliant speech and a wake up call! PF must go with their Chinese! We don’t need China and its dirty money!

    • The prof is not anti Chinese. Dont miss a point.

      He is saying lets learn from Chinese. Chinese are very good. If you ve been to China you will shock ed they reception you will receive

      But then there have rules you must follow.

      We are not here to chase chinese. No No. Unfortunately Thats what upendi stands for

  9. Deported for security reasons they meant?
    The scapegoat is the easiest in all hunting expeditions.
    In as much as we may try to silence dissident voices and obscure divergent opinions against this predatory leadership, the consequences of this unaccountable donor funds will eventually show up in the fullness of time.
    That leadership and economy in our continent are ticking time bombs is an open secret. Lets learn to heed the message instead of shooting the messenger.

  10. This is information age. U5 thought if he hides money in panama we wont know.

    Everything lungu is doing with chanda boys, all the properties we know it all.

    We are just waiting for you to leave office. This era has no secret s

  11. Only uninformed people would clap to cheap talk. Some of us who alot have nothing new to hear drom this masai. This must be good news ro under5s because they know fuco.

    • Are you sincere that you don’t find anything good or what can help Africa or Zambia in the above speech. As long as we don’t learn to differentiate politics from development as Zambians it will be very difficulty to move forward. A lot of people love PF but not to the extent of not pointing out wrongs when they are done because that would be being an enemy to the future of this country. President Lungu must learn something from Jesus. The people who ate the bread he made and shouted Hosanna during a triumphant entry in Jerusalem, a good number were part of those who shouted crucify him, crucify him ‘at the end of His term on earth’. Hence the need to serve the best interest of Zambia even if it means losing elections.

  12. This morning the great leader of the UPND was on radio and threatened one chap with legal action while he continued calling others thieves. I find it amazing that even when he knows the thieves, what they have stolen and knows also very well where the courts are, cannot do a citizens arrest. We have heard enough of this man’s theories which NO one is buying hence the reason that we have so many political parties. Why they come up with new parties is because the words of this economic guru are just statistics. “statistics are like Bikinis they show a lot but NOT everything”, said Lou ****ella. There is certainly a good reason why the wise are ditching him and all wanting to be the President of Zambia. They understand the Bikini theory.

  13. What I have learnt from Lumubma’s theories is that one does not have to have so much education but be a good analyzer and that there are so many well educated leaders who have not performed to his expectation and has gone further to mention his mentors. What he has not told us is that each head is a different world. The reason we end up with advisers and cabinet is to scrutinize our thoughts.The suggestion to change to Bukinafaso may have come fro someone else and pronounced by the Sankara and gets the credit. Lumumba’s mentors are the exact opposite in the face of their opponents. What is true about the Chinese is that they have taught me a culture of hard working even when some are crooked Chinese. There is NO perfect race just as there is no perfect person in a particular race. Lets…

  14. With all fairness and reasonableness this man must be given a chance to speak to Zambians. He is not against anyone not even China. Infact he puts China as a model Africa must learn from. If China can move 800 million people out of poverty in 30 years, then African countries with less populations should achieve what China did in less time relatively. For countries like Zambia with around 16 million people (less problems compared to China) should take 1 year to become what China has become. Isn’t that great? Please can someone close to the President advise him to extend an invitation to this man to come and address cabinet and especially civil servants. In that conference China must be given an opportunity to share their story. That will be beautiful.

  15. It sounds paradoxical when I come across through this about PF deportation ,really pf am just here to give an advice I feel your pain. Never relent sir they can block you but not your message, you have try meticulously throughout just to see Africans unite yet still there are much holes to cover. I respect ur opinions and views to me i sensed them to be our solution to Africans problems ,but yet still instead of embracing u they behave in the opposite… ooo Africa

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