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Government has no apologies to make over Professor Patrick Lumumba entry refusal


Minister of Information and Broadcasting Dora Siliya
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Dora Siliya

Presidential Spokesperson Amos Chanda and Chief Government Spokesperson, Dora Siliya have said that the Zambian Government has no apologies to make for the refusal by the Minister of Home Affairs to grant Kenyan Law Professor, Patrick Lumumba entry into Zambia. The the two stated categorically that Zambia is a sovereign state and reserved the right to allow or deny admission to any foreign national onto its soil.

Speaking at a joint press briefing held at the Ministry of information and broadcasting offices at the government complex in Lusaka yesterday morning, the two who took turns responding to various questions from Members of the Press, announced that the Minister of Home Affairs did not owe anyone an explanation for arriving at the decision to deny Lumumba entry into the nation as he had discretionary powers to do so in his position as Minister responsible for affairs of security in the nation.

Ms Siliya said that denying undesirable elements into the country was not unique to Zambia alone but that others countries where on record as having denied other nationals including Zambians entry into their boarders and that those countries too, did not owe anyone an explanation as to why they had done so.

“And if a person has a record of being inflammatory, disrespectful, plagiarism and wanting to shout corruption against others on top of their voice, it’s within the Ministers discretion to make the judgment as to allow them into the nation or not,” she said.

And Mr Amos Chanda said that security had many faces to it and that included observing accepted diplomatic tenets, stating further that in diplomacy there existed a rule of thumb that if there was a suspicion that a person was going to abuse another Head of State in a given nation, that nation had the responsibility not to admit such an individual into their boarders.

“If a Kenyan Professor wants to use Zambian soil to insult President Uhuru Kenyatta, this is unacceptable in diplomatic terms. First of all, he could be arrested because there is an old law still in existence that prohibits a person insulting a Head of State. We have a backlog of cases in court over such matters. We don’t want a foreigner to add to it. Furthermore, if Home Affairs got excerpts of what he was going to talk about which might have added to the Xenophobic rhetoric against the Chinese, Hon. Kampyongo could then have been left with no option but to act on it in his best Judgment, “said Mr Chanda.

He stated that even in open Societies like the European Union where there where no boarders, one had to report to an immigration officer upon arrival at the airport even though they where not required to use a Visa, for the officers to determine whether one could enter into a country or not.

I don’t think Hon. Kampyongo just wakes up and deports people. He is Minister responsible for National Security. Therefore if he denies someone entry into the country, then it must be for good reason.* Amos Chanda


    • Govt does not care about its reputation, whether affects the kwacha or not. Edgar Lungu will also not apologize for messing the economy which was growing at 7.7% under MMD and now only at 2.6%.

    • Evil prevails but only for a little while.
      Very soon evil thugs called PF will be out of the corridors of power & exchange tailor-suits for orange jump-suits.
      Lumumba will then be re-invited to speak in Zambia & will be received to a thunderous welcome & PF00Ls will be powerless to stop him.

    • That lumumba was privately invited by upnd goons to add to their bitter rhetoric of insulting leaders with impunity. If govt was involved in the first place lumumba would’ve been allowed easily. I blame the bitter souls for misguiding that masai and denying him the privilege to visit the great country Zambia.

    • OVAL HEAD the goon is you who thinks UNPD have no right to interact or invite their friends. If that is how you treat your farm workers don’t extend it to Zambians.

    • “And if a person has a record of being inflammatory, disrespectful, plagiarism and wanting to shout corruption against others on top of their voice, it’s within the Ministers discretion to make the judgment as to allow them into the nation or not,” she said.

      So our government DOES NOT want anyone to shout corruption!

      This woman is a comedian.

      But she does reveal a lot, with her no brakes attitude.

    • If UPND invited him even better… Lets grow up and exchange ideas this 2018, Small minds always see evil when criticized.

    • These PF clowns should be voted out of office, every last one of them, as they’re doing nothing but hold Zambia back in the dark ages. What’s wrong with Prof Lumumba calling out corrupt politicians across Africa? What’s inflammatory about calling out corruption? You just want id1otic individuals who shower you with praises ignoring the corruption taking place in your midst? All Zambians should unite come 2021 and vote these clowns out. Begin to campaign now. Tell your relatives, your friends, your churchmates, your workmates, your schoolmates, everyone that we have a task to accomplish come 2021—to take our country back from these PF clowns . We have to put an end to this clown circus. Let’s take our country back!

  1. I don’t think Hon. Kampyongo just wakes up and deports people. He is Minister responsible for National Security. Therefore if he denies someone entry into the country, then it must be for good reason.
    So you think kampyongo knows what he is doing.
    We are in troubled times when we have a bunch of misplaced individuals have access to an incapable head of state,public media,the treasury and a compromised judiciary.

    • Kampyongo is a kaponya from Katondo street, his main interest is self preservation. If Kampyongo really meant well for the country, why has he failed to manage political violence. We have seen PF cadres wielding machetes at Central Police station and no arrests made

    • Rough Rider
      So in short these people think we cant think.We know Kampyongo and we have seen his reasoning and his pathetic academic qulaifications are on the parliament web site they are Certificate in Business Administration,GCE O Level and what he calls Zimco Institute of Management- IMIS,how in God’s green Earth do you honestly give the task to exercise discretionary power to a person who in a functional society would be lucky to be a clerk.The result is what we see right now,one of the reason why we are being down graded by rating agencies is poor compliance to the rule of law,that is the task you have given this ill qualified character to superintend over,tell us something else,this Lumumba saga will in it’s own small way affect our ratings as a nation.What i hate most is that PF…

  2. Ati “if a person has a record of being inflammatory” then the minster… stop beating around the bush say you got scared of Prof Lumumba’s truth to power lectures given all over Africa even in front of govt ministers and MP’s. Nigeria ,Ghana ,TZ, Zimbabwe have all allowed him to speak freely.

  3. We need political hygiene.
    Why is kateka so important that he can not face the people via periodic press conferences ,people did not vote for the chanda boys and dora we being bored by these id***s daily rants and tweets.

  4. Ok balance me good here.When a prominent person is intending to visit Zambia, the Government here is always fully aware of that visit. So then why don’t they communicate to the Ministry of foreign affairs of the country concerned so that, that person does not even board a plane rather than suffering humiliation of being sent back at the airport??……….they wait till that person reaches our airport and then suffer the humiliation of being sent back to their country. Some leaders in this government if not careful will end up worse than Chiluba.

    • Bootlicker, the intention of Edgar Lungu is always to embarrass people. What you suggest is very practical but then Edgar is advised by Kampyongo, Dora , Freedom Sikazwe and Kaizer, what do you expect?

  5. Prof Lumumba should first help end the rampant tribalism between kikuyus and luos in Kenya before trying to wakeup people that are already awake

    • Ba shu shu naimwe please!!
      You awake??
      Please let’s NOT joke when people are debating serious issues, as we are not in a comedy show just now..
      * Awake when your Central business district has Cholera, shallow drinking wells, & citizens 2.h!t in Chibuku cartons, & fling their spew & waste in blocked drainages?
      * Awake when there’s no medicines in hospitals, & your lazy leaders go abroad for treatment, while funds given by Awake nations to help alleviate suffering amongst the poor, & vulnerable are misplaced, & misused to acquire luxury S.U.V’ s by your ” humble God fearing leaders, who use the interest to build mansions in Eswatini?
      * Awake when the Kwacha has depreciated to virtual toilet paper??

  6. “….and wanting to shout corruption against others on top of their voice,…”

    That is all lungu and pf fear….they can not account for their private 10s of millions of dollars they have aquired….even lungu , how can he account for the purported estimates of $60 million in personal wealth he has ??

    • Spaka…We will get the money back these gangsters have stolen. Like Chiluba, corrupt Lungu will spend his days in courts after he leaves office. He’ll have to be audited and everything he has stolen forfeited to the state. Then prison time will follow. You think he’ll get away with it? No way! We’ll hold him accountable. Him and his minions.

  7. Just a question of people fearing their own shadows, I am PF but I can openly and confidently tell you there was ABSOLUTELY no security threat of any nature arising from Proffessor Lumumba’s visit. The nation was not threatened in any way from his visit,nothing was going to happen to the security of the nation, why are we overating ourselves.

  8. HH wait for your time when you are elected in office as Republican President not handy picked then you can invite professor Lumumba to lecture you .

  9. WASTED YEARS INDEED, where Lawyers barred from practicing due to embezzling clients cash, are put in charge of the Nation & it’s treasury, ng’wangwazi – call boys (Lusambo),.& Illegal Forex dealers (Chimpyiongo) are now holding strategic governmental posts, they are ill equipped to handle.

  10. Plagiarism and other Intellectual Property infringements need to be dealt with by the courts or tribunals. Latest Indian guidelines on plagiarism are really exhaustive and visionary. Plagiarism does not directly concern freedom of movement, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly or any other such humanitarian rights. It is justiciable. Plagiarism can be rare among professors. Second, the public in whose name entry was denied to the professor have the right to know the cause. It is logical in that the decision was based on cause-effect. Governments have to be accountable for actions and inaction. That is the reason why students expressed concerns. The civil society also expressed concerns. In South Africa, what happened was a fake document. That was the cause and the effect was denial…

  11. In South Africa, what happened was a fake document. That was the cause and the effect was denial of entry for carrying a fake permit.

  12. Prof Lumumba has been shelved in the dust bin. Other countries are now waked up and know it’s possible to bar the professor whenever he’s suspected is gonna yap inflamatory statements.
    If you come to my home to talk to me about problems being faced in my home, i will let you in. But if come directly to my children to talk about the problems in my home, I will not allow you because you are likely to embarass me before my household.
    Mind you, we have people whose comprehension of issues depends entirely on what they are told by people considered to be their leaders. They have no time to process and evaluate the information, and this is the more reason why riots are started in high density areas with people of low education levels.

  13. How can arrogant people apologize.

    Dollar was sued by garden for failing pay salary when she was out of gov t. She knows what it is to have no job

    And what else can chanda do outside govt. Where will you get the dollar you buy plots pegged in USD

  14. Dollar failed to pay garden boy records are there and was sued. THESE are the kind of people who are in power

  15. “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, non but ourselves can free our minds” Bob Marley. Someday Africa will rise, and those who oppose its victory will be punished. I still believe in what Professor Lumumba lectures, and the few of us will continue to resist until we are truly free. Our leaders are so short sighted, but not even them can stop the time. It’ll be soon be our time to rule too.

    • Word.. Around.. And Power!

      The Arogant leaders can fool some people sometimes but They cant fool all the people all the time.

      As I said.. There is a new specie of people among mankind and described them as Moonkinds. These are Lunatic people who at the end gonna blame the clouds they have created for their own madness. I wish A. U had the power to pose economic sanctions over Zambia and some countries put trade barriers over it.
      A Sick Nation in Africa like Zambia must be punished for being a chinese Minion.

      Afrika Must be great.

      Hail PLO Lumumba the Great!!

  16. If you dont want to be criticized kindly leave. Resign. 2021 is very far to put up with this kind of arrogance

  17. Prof Lumumba was refused entry bcoz PF doesn’t want to face its own shadows of failures/missteps and accepting well deserved criticism.

  18. Excellent response from govt.
    Zambia is a sovereign state.
    We don’t need to be lectured by plagiarists in inflammatory ways.

    Why should Zambia provide the platform for one disgruntled professor to insult other heads of state?

    The UPND will listen to any foreign $hit coz they don’t know how to win an election.

    Zambia has set the tone.
    At the height of the Zuma saga,HH was in SA with Musi Maimane. Why didn’t he condemn Zuma whilst there even though they were singing from the same page with the DA?
    These UPND chaps are childish.
    Even if the PF could make a major blunder,it doesn’t mean Zambians will put HH.
    HH stinks of tribalism and xenophobia.

  19. No one has asked you to mapologize! It’s your conscious troubling you! Prof has moved on! You will soon face Zambians for your lies which have now overtaken you! The biggest casualties from Chagwa’s impending fall from power will be Amos and Dora for sacrificing the TRUTH, aiding and abating Crimes for political expediency!

  20. I am not a fan of Dora Siliya because people who switch allegiances from MMD to PF just because the stomach is talking can not be trusted, but we have to admit she is a clever woman who did a very good job at answering questions with Amos (Amos is also clever, he may look stupid but he is a bright spark). Dora actually qualifies to be President of the this country and Lungu must consider her, Alexander Chiteme and Brian Mushimba as possible successors.

  21. If United Nations was in Zambia many leaders will be denied entry.

    Visiting speakers corner in United Kingdom I was dumbfounded not listening to the speeches but thinking what type of understanding does it take to allow this kind of expression.

  22. Obviously the most disappointed are tri.bal upnd leaders and cadres and members…….I have no sympathy for this clique of people.
    Coming to Dora (forget that thing called special assistant), your boss will contradict you if it gets hot, didn’t he do so with your initial statement on social cash transfer?

  23. There was a chines national who insulted Kenyan’s including the president and was deported. Who are we not to do the same to someone coming to insult us. Let’s preserve our stance as citizens in the interest of our nation. Let’s have one of you going to Kenya to insult Kenyan’s we see what happens to you. Judge not.

  24. We can’t provide Zambia as a platform for propagating half truths by academicians like Lumumba.

    Zambian govt is not sitting on Lumumba’s freedom of expression.

    All Lumumba needs to do is record his ranting and email it to the UPND .
    He can also post it on social media platforms since he is so desperate to talk to the SDA/UPND/TONGAS about African politics.

    He doesn’t need to step into Zambia to do that.

  25. We know Lungu is a time waster and an expenditure to tax payers hard earned cash judging by his aimless trips abroad including Kenya .Let the Kenyan immigration deny these crooks entry into Kenya one day .

  26. There you are. Freedom of expression out of the window, academic freedom out in the cold and the right to listen plugged. A few bent and in the dark age politicians deciding for you what you can or cannot listen to. Main fear of course being that the lecture was going to be on WHAT LEADERSHIP IS and ISN’T. Point already proven before Prof. Lumumba opened his mouth.

  27. Awee mwandi. Zambia the country of coward intellectuals. Kampyongo this, Sikazwe that, Lusamboth this. Always arm critiques!!! Rubbish!!! Why are crying about the masai who was refused entry. Infact they shud not allow him. Govt must do what is good for us and need not to eclaim anything to anyone period. When you understand how boma works then you will keep quiet. You want masai to come and do what? Whom did we invite for our independence? What is it that we want this masai for? Are you declaring that you are too iliterate hence you need to come and help us, for what? What exemple was he to bring when kenya is worse. Rubbish!!!!

  28. GOD will shame some of our African leaders for their evil on this soil
    See now the Gvt protect the sun by using their hands

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