Bbata Co-operative Society Traders and Beef Association (BCSTBA) Chairperson Daniel Bweupe has praised the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry for lifting the ban on the export of animal skins to other countries.

Mr. Bweupe says traders in the animal hides are so impressed with the decision saying that the move will put more money into people’s pockets.

In an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chikankata district in Southern province today, Mr Bweupe said the lifting of the ban will create jobs for the people in areas where abattoir ventures are vibrant.

Mr Bweupe urged government to continue opening up more avenues capable of improving people’s welfare.

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  1. Pf is corrupt regime. This will just escalate corruption.

    Just give the guys something you warm and dry . Ubomba mwibala.

    Since his Excellency pronounced ubomba formula, Zambia post did it on STC



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