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Increase in price of fuel is due to corruption and increased public debt-HH


HH addressing a media briefing at his residence
HH addressing a media briefing at his residence
UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has demanded that Government refunds all motorists that were charged more than K5 per liter of fuel from the US$20 million worth of crude procured from Saudi Arabia.

Mr Hichilema is demanding that government refunds the motorists for the 6 days this consignment lasted, adding that it was not right for government to charge citizens a higher price for the commodity it procured cheaply.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr. Hichilema attributed the increase in the price of fuel to alleged corruption and increased public debt.

Mr Hichilema said that the government hiked the price of fuel because it wants to raise money to repay the country’s debt.

And Mr. Hichilema has charged that the 2019 national budget is not worth the paper on which it was printed because all the money in the budget has already been used by government and therefore it is not worth to be tabled in Parliament.

And Mr. Hichilema has said that UPND members will not attend this year’s national day of prayer which falls on the 18th of October annually.

Mr Hichilema said that UPND members pray every day and cannot in this case restrict their prayers to a single day.


    • What’s that got to do with anything? The man makes observations worth exploring and you question his religious faith? Let us think critically. Greatest sin has to be our refusal to use our greatest gifts, those of independent thought and compassion.

    • HH has lost it. Every time you see his article pop up you even know what he is going to say. People are no longer interested to hearing from his predictive analytics.

    • My worry is theft by Ndola city Council, how can you advertise plots and ask for a thousand kwacha non refundable fee, this type of money extortion is become common, even Kitwe council did the same. This is non refundable, you don’t give some one a plot and you use their money just like that – outright theft. There are no administrative costs that can require a K1000 to process a form. Councils need to have innovative and business minded mayors and town clerks and not these who are fond of short cuts, we know you are struggling to pay people but don’t steal like this, where are the consumer watch groups, people are desperate for land and they are being abused. If 10,000 people apply and you give 600 plots where is the money from the 9,600 people going to go – day light robbery.

    • That’s his opinion.

      Doesn’t mean we have to agree or disagree with him.

      Best to respect his assertion.

      I have a PhD



    • I am PF for life and I can attest that HH makes a lot of sense, its just that there are some people who have been programmed to hate him and what he says. He is sober minded, analytical, understands economics better than most of you. I am PF and I am very sane to realize that the man is just our opponent and not our enemy. Wake up

    • @Oval Head, which people are no longer interested in listening to HH? Why can’t you counter what HH has sad by giving us your analysis of the budget?

    • HH always gives well thought out and credible analysis to help the dunderhead thugs in PF to change their ways.

      He is actually speaking on behalf of all Zambians here. PF actions will not only affect UPND but all Zambians .

      On the issue of national prayers. This is just one of the tactics once used by the colonial masters to colonise us. They first changed our mind set by using religion to make us believe in forgiveness so that when started plundering our resources and mistreating us in our land we were to forgive them with the hope that we will be rewarded in heaven.

      Right now Lungu and his thieving pastors are using the same trick to make us forgive PF for thier corruption and embezzlement. What a sham!

      Zambians please wake up. Religion used for political expidience is just…

    • This man should employ image builders. He usually has a point but people almost always put his statements down to bitterness. The above statement is true but he could have said it in a different way like; “the recent fuel price increase was avoidable with a bit of prudence on the part of government. He could then have gone on to say what has led to the escalation of the price i.e use of middlemen in the procurement chain; the free falling kwacha due to economy mismangement and a general lack of foresight! He should then have articulated what UPND (NOT HIM as he always would say!) would have done to avoid the rot. Further, he should say now that it has happened he should then outline remedial measures UPND could take to correct the situation, immediately and in the long term.

    • When you invite a boy in your house and you show him the kitchen and the living room and he steals from you, it will be folly of you to invite him HAGAIN and show him your bedroom.

  1. I never liked HH – cause I took the view he was full of himself!

    I think the man has now broken through and am not being tribal here cause I hail from the Northern Province.

    Despite the perceived skeletons in HH wardrobe…

    Am Voting HH the first time !!! But please HH change your running mate!!!

    • @ HH back in Contention
      You are an imposter! Northerners dont write and talk like that. HH has never and will never like Bembas and for you to try and play to the gallery and pretend to be PF, yet a hard core UPND, is sickening. Have you ever heard or seen this bitter man respecting or regarding others as human beings except those that he has manipulated?
      The man has never seen anything good about PF and President Lungu, he has openly told the wholw world that PF are useless and you think we take that kindly hey?

    • @Malinso, please do not presume to speak on behalf of us northerners as to how we speak or write. Each of us is different and we dont all speak the same. If you are a northerner please speak for yourself and express what YOU think. The rest of us will speak for ourselves
      Thanks for understanding

    • If a person who wants to be president tells another country to topple his country’s government where a democratically elected government is, then that person must be CHILDISH and is not fit to be a president.

    • “I like HH because he is brilliant. I am from Southern Province! Please HH find another running mate because if you drop dead, GBM can be potentially the head of UPND! You know we have not given him the Tonga version of our manifesto! ONLY A TONGA CAN BE PRESIDENT OF UPND.” Larry Mweetwa.

    • Please note that Zed like many countries affected by the sharp increase in crude oil prices do not produce oil. Zambia has very little effect on the strength of the US dollar. The increase in fuel prices have nothing to do with PF. Unless u expect GRZ to subsidise fuel, which no one in the word who has no oil and money can never do. HH ULABEJA BASA

    • “I concede Mr. President and I am going to take care of animos at my Animo Farm in Namwala. I don’t make sense.” Hakainde Mental

  2. I thought he will let this one without a comment. Do not think the increase in the price of fuel will earn you my vote because I know the kind of a person that you are. Only a Tonga can rule UPND. You equally earned your wealth through questionable means and sold the mine for a song.

    • So you know that he didn’t genuinely earn his wealth but you choose to throw stones at the innocent ones? He will NEVER be a president in Zambia. IF he earned is money, why did he take it to PANAMA? When he dies the Zambian money shall die as well there. Does he or you know that?

  3. I agree with you for the first time Kaponya. Add to that, decreased investor confidence following the recent trash the embezzling FO0LS brought upon us.

    • Hehehehe…….kudos , you give me jokes…

      Is this when you realise lungu and his gang are legalizing fraud and abuse of public funds ??

    • Spaka, President Lungu is not part of the rot. Its the thieving thug civil servants below him like Tukombe. It’s also some of his inner circle but he will expose them all shortly before 2021 when he comes requesting from a fresh mandate from us.
      All the ministers will pay back the money before 2021 and Munali and Lusaka central petitions will be ruled by December 2020.

    • Dream on kudos …….Lungu is THE rot….

      Just the fact he does not deny he is a corrupt theif tells you every thing.

      And when are those ministers paying back the money the earned illigally after parliament was dissolved ???

  4. “Mr Hichilema said that UPND members pray every day and cannot in this case restrict their prayers to a single day.”

    Kaponya also explain to us who do you Free Massons pray to?

  5. I am PF for life and I can attest that HH makes a lot of sense, its just that there are some people who have been programmed to hate him and what he says. He is sober minded, analytical, understands economics better than most of you. I am PF and I am very sane to realize that the man is just our opponent and not our enemy. Wake up, and the sooner the better

  6. For the first time I am listening to HH. I dont think tribalism can kill but hunger can do so rather quickly regardless of your tribe. This government is too corrupt more than the word itself. They have taken corruption to a different level and we are all affected now and dying of hunger.

    • Every politician is corrupt. Especially those in the opposition who are desperate to become president. Rudemonk wakeup. This is Fred Mmembe’s song when he can’t get his way. HH is not presidential material

    • HH is so corrupt that he enriched himself through INSIDE TRADING & shipped the money to a TAX HAVEN in PANAMA. If the money was “clean” he didn’t have to take it to PANAMA. Find out about Tax Havens of Cayman Islands, Switzerland and Panama and you will know that he took CORRUPTION to a DIFFERENT LEVEL of a Namwala Thief.


    • Why are you shouting, you will die of a heart attach or BP.
      How do you give such a task to an individual when the DEC the police and ACC are supposed to do that ! f**lish zambian. You are now swallowed into the Jonathan way of thinking wakeup and smell the coffee wechipuba weeh.

  8. You can tell good leaders by the way they tolerate others. This man will not tolerate anyone challenging his ideas or his position. He has suppressed any potential challenge to his leadership from the day he was appointed UPND leader. If he can do this in opposition, what do you people think this man will do if allowed to be president? UPND actually stands a chance to govern Zambia but not with this man at the helm. He is way too selfish and self-centered to be allowed anywhere near the instruments of power. He hangs around with the wrong crowd and would become a dictator with a de facto presidential system.

    • @FutureZed. Which Zambian leader is tolerant to others? The PF leadership is not tolerant to opposing views. They are always threatening to expel members that do not agree with them.

    • When did you last live with him to know he is selfish. Liar. I am not UPND but I know you hate the man with passion. How can a man with such a huge following be called self centered. Tell us when you last interacted with the man to know his traits. I don’t like liars like you, I wish you had your own planet where to stay.

    • Maybe H.H, is he leader we need, SOMEONE WHO IS NOT WEAK, will discipline erring & Corrupt officials.
      So far Jonathan Pombe has failed lamentably, NEVER disciplines or fires his officials, ie ka Amos kale tuka nselle like a ng’wangwazi @ Intercity, Mines Minister still in a job despite declaring Black Mountain safe, with catastrophic results, chi Kaizer ma scandal tapu – tapu, despite being fired by Sata, & many other scandals by Jona’s inner circle.
      Talema naye’ Jona, I would personally even vote for a D09 if it was on a ballot paper.

  9. @Dildo, I want to tell you the that shall set you free. To be an elder in a church does not stop you from speaking for the people. In fact if this country if all our leaders were God fearing MPS, Councilors, Ward Chairmen, Mayors, we would not have been hearing of any scandals. I can rest assure you that GOD ALMIGHTY would bless this country Zambia. Why should you leave leadership to un believers? HH makes sense in every thing. I am a PF like @Katembula: For sure HH speaks senses, Economically , sober minded man. I am wishing him good health and long life. No weapon fashioned against him shall prosper. Now because of those who fear GOD in this country I am saying GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  10. The Supreme leader HH of the UPND cannot articulate issues coherently because he thinks all Zambians are into group think mentality and cannot reason and question his questionable opinions

      You cannot stop a wind of change, just like you cannot cut up, cook & eat Bemba or Nyanja tribe.
      HUNGER IS THE EQUALISER, & ITS COMING TO A TOWN, VILLAGE NEAR YOU, & you may be eating & enjoying Corrupt proceeds from P.F /Jona”s table, but you surely have relatives & neighbors, & they are beginning to feel the heat & pain, & will do the right thing, removing those P.F Rats from the Pot, as Hunger is a Kaliloze Gun that cures hunger & non performing Governments – ask K.K!

  11. The best man for this country still remains one HH, no matter in his first contact with Mwanawasa before HH joined politics, Mwanawasa said I wish such a brilliant young man like you would work with us,then iwe munthu ubwele umuzonde che

  12. Mmm so wherever they have had fuel prices increase it’s due corruption? RSA have increased the fuel price to +17 Rand per liter and there’s a possibility of another increase next month. Even under KK we had increases though marginal. If HH wants to make his allegations plausible let him explain what he would do differently. Yes we are all badly affected.

    • Do your research, read and use your head and you will understand what he means,this is beyond voting for a tribes mate or basing you voting decision on a jingle it requires a thought process f**lish zambian.

  13. HH is right, only a dull pfool cadre cant agree with him, at times i hope my pf brothers can just use the little common sense they have maybe just maybe they can use there brain and not there ASS.

  14. What HH is saying is , Zambia has just spent $17 billion borrowed money… now we should have been riding a wave of highest GDP, employment and export rates with lowest import rates….Zambia should have been able to cushion this global fuel hike for a while…..but PF and lungus corruption has sentenced Zambia to suffering…

    • Spaka,. even a simple clear explanation to these dense P.F cadres is a sheer waste of time, JUST LIKE POURING WATER OVER A BOULDER, & EXPECTING WATER TO SEEP INTO THE BOULDER, OR FOR DULL P.F CADRES “A BIG NON POROUS ROCK”!!
      Oil & Water will NEVER mix, similar to common sense & P.F Cadres, just like Chalk & Cheese.

  15. “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani. I’m now making a conclusion that this man is not a super economist. He is failing to understand that fuel hikes are as a result of increase in the price of oil per barrel on the world market and that this has a knock on effect on all the non oil producing country and Zambia is not an exception. He can only deceive and blind his TONGA supporters not people who are enlightened about world economics. His economic analysis is very shallow and lopsided. HH better you keep mute because you have lost relevance on the political arena .

  16. HH is child politicians. His qualified to be a politician? Or president. I think wakumushi uyu very childish. How can you comment like that surely?

  17. HH has missed the point as usual.I just wonder when this tonga man will start making sense to many of us.Yes PF made a mistake by increasing fuel but that was not due to corruption and debts.HH should have advised Govt or told us why fuel in Zambia is expensive.Every zambian know that our fuel is expensive due to middlemen in the fuel chain the removal of fuel subsidies by PF Govnt.But as usual kainde took a route of telling lies-shocking!!As for “national day of prayer”,HH should have simply kept quiet because we all know that HH IS A SATANIST,therefore he cannot support such Holy events!!!

    • Iwe Brainless Pompwe’ Njimbu, surely if you & your once barred Lawyer excuse for a President Jona Pombe Mutaware have known for a while that ZAMBIAN FUEL IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE, “due to middle Men”, as you’ve said, BUT done nothing about it, SURELY THAT IS CORRUPTION /EMBEZZLEMENT, coz Jona & his cronies like you dull Njimbu are benefitting, or pure inept leadership, due to concentrating on wrong priorities like wasting U$D 4 Million for useless non beneficial flights /shopping sprees to the U.N, rather than fix that obvious glaring anomaly.with the Fuel pricing.

    • “If only HH were to be the Coach of Zambia National Team, we could have won the FIFA World Cup at least 10x,” Larry Mweetwa.

  18. As usual HH choses to talk complete nonsense. Deliberately running away from what is obtaining on the international scene with regards to fuel he choses to misrepresent facts to mislead the usual dull followers. How can corruption be associated with fuel increases honestly. As for the day of national prayers i can only say no one is forcing upnd and its anti christ leader to attend the event and besides its like one says i will not participate in the independence day celebrations because i celebrate it every day. What kind of waghosh is that…….Anyway whoever regards this moron normal should have his thick head examined.

  19. This guy looks at thinks in a shallow way. Since Fuel prices have increased in Namibia, South africa and in the region and increases were effected on the same day does it mean the region is corrupt. HH please be helpful, your approach has made us change our minds over you……………….

  20. It’s because you and your paymaster Freemason network imperialist friends have waged a campaign to malign Zambia’s reputation to investors for political gain. People that work against their Governments in this way for power are willing to see people suffer and even die to advance their own selfish interests. It’s the reason civil wars and coups take place in Africa. Thank God Zambia is a Nation given to Jesus Christ, No weapon formed against her will prosper.

  21. i would be suprised to find aq pf guy who can understand what hh tells the nation. cos pf is only looking at their gains corruption and stomachs. the cant what tomorrow has for the feture.

  22. i would be supprised to find pf guy who can understand what hh tells the nation. cos pf is only looking at their gains corruption and stomachs. the cant see what tomorrow has for the feture.

    • So can your HH help explain why South Africa and Namibia have increased fuel prices. Don’t just jump anything negative as an advantage to your political ambition. HH has never run government. As for PF members not understanding what HH is howling about, you are wrong because all political parties in Zambia have each a decent number of highly educated members.

  23. Can Edger also address the nation so that we can get some reassurances from the president or is this just a dream coz it will never happen. More than 1000 days no address to the nation, he only talks on run way on his way out of the country, ba president sure!!!!!!!

    • No data his hands are soiled.
      Chanda boys and dora are paid to lie and misinform let alone show relevance.
      Edger is needs dutch courage but problem is it will be seen to be drunk and come out worse.
      He is a man of few words due to no data

  24. “Mr Hichilema said that UPND members pray every day …………” Then thats gives more reason to particepate on the 18th october not staying away. Staying away it gives more proof that HH is Satanist afraid of holy Gost…………… fire…….. on the day of national prayer

  25. No matter how many times we are going to pray has a national nothing can change if you don’t become responsible as leaders. Many of our problems are because of our leaders is being irresponsible.

  26. HH see an increase as corruption because is done by another person not himself.He views it as NOT corruption when he increases the size of his farm and the money he has because it is he who does it.He believes in one man show thus he cannot allow any other person to lead him.
    Already some commentators from his party are alleging a wind of change whilst the numbers of their councilors are busy depleting.It is simple maths Ba UPND 2 – 1 = 1
    Do NOT cheat yourselves that 2-1 = 10

  27. 2 Chronicles 7:14

    14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

    • Psalm 31:23
      Oh, love the LORD, all you his saints! For the LORD preserves the faithful , and fully repays the proud person.

  28. Just been reading BBC breaking news. ..hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested in Washington DC for demonstrating against Supreme Court nominee Kavanagh. And I am waiting for either Laura Miti or Amnesty International to condemn the action.

    • Your nonsense you mean? Phool without a tail like a grass rat. You love whatever the muzungu does even if he flogged you publicly. Suppression is suppression no matter by who.

  29. This chap is the one vying to become a president honestly? Just look at is way of thinking. Refund each motorist with a K5 kwacha? Using which mechanism ? His minions will not participate in the day of National mourning BECAUSE THEY PRAY EVERY DAY? Shame on him…..from what he has said about not participating in the day of National mourning, one will definitely know that this guy does not even go to any church because he sees no reason to go after all he prays every day in is bedroom. Well, he will just remain a press conference president……….naya ine!

  30. This chap is the one vying to become a president honestly? Just look at is way of thinking. Refund each motorist with a K5 kwacha? Using which mechanism ? His minions will not participate in the day of National day of prayer BECAUSE THEY PRAY EVERY DAY? Shame on him…..from what he has said about not participating in the day of National day of prayer, one will definitely know that this guy does not even go to any church because he sees no reason to go after all he prays every day in is bedroom. Well, he will just remain a press conference president……….naya ine!

  31. I have been a member of upnd from inception but some of the things that HH says are off side. On the budget and fuel there is no way out because damage was already done to the economy by Pf. What we are experiencing are the effects. on day of national prayers on 18/10/18. It’s not for PF and pastors/Christina for ECL and team but it’s a national event. I know my party does not attend national events. Let’s end here. As opposition let’s provide constructive criticism

  32. A few years ago out went KK and in FTJ…his main credential was an acquired accent with an uncertified School leavers paper. The mantra at the time was Government had no business being in business hence anything state owned had to be sold. Amongst the prized economists of the time was one Adolf. His was to elicit jobs from his convicted tribesman a Prof at the time Sec to Treasury who ensured jobs were up for the yellowed eyed boy with an afro. And sale for a song they sold the peoples assets. The biggest scum was for him to buy LIMA bank prized asset the MDs house and claim it was a fair bid. Surely they ought to refund the poor people who lost their jobs on account of their visionless advise to sale at a fee. This man must not hoodwink he is no saint and should remain a political…

    • Sour grapes make your own money.
      Take him to court or just sh*t the fcuk up.
      Thats the problem with goons when their a**es start getting itchy they start talking with their backside.

    • Too me it sounds like some form of tunneling of state assets…lol so is this how state assets were tunneled into private hands and people became instant Kwacha billionaires? Fill me Iam behind!

  33. Too me it sounds like some form of tunneling of state assets…lol so is this how state assets were tunneled into private hands and people became instant Kwacha billionaires? Fill me Iam behind!

  34. Worse than childish really. Not deserving of a rebuttal. Foolish.

    Since voters are sane, no wonder UPND performance at the ballots is going South at an alarming rate. The few fluke victories have been by the toss of the coin by the Returning Officer when they tie with PF.

    It is very wise to hold your thought in some places. Only a child and a fool can’t do that.

  35. I agree with HH. The Hypocrites will go and pray to the Devil on 18th October for more affliction.

    Jehova help us from the thieves who steal and ask us to pray for them to steal more and keep us in poverty.

  36. Sometimes its just good to be quiet if you don’t know what is happening around you in order to keep your integrity. HH is lost. He doesn’t know that this generation has access to information. Is HH so obsessed with presidency that he can’t even listen to BBC, CNN and many other news stations. I think he is too behind for a man of his status. Only few villagers can agree with HH cause all of us we know the cause of fuel price increase. The complaint should be that the increase was too big at a go. By the way even in RSA the fuel price is R18.00/Litre. What kind of an economist is HH who can’t even articulate the global economic trend? The ony things he knows and talks about is; Mr Lungu, PF, Corruption, Human rights, Rule of law. You don’t inspire most of us.

    • @Advisor,
      I agree”Sometimes its just good to be quiet if you don’t ” understand the message that HH is sending across. It’s really amazing it’s only the two of you (with Sharon) who have not gotten the message.
      You are cheating yourself and those you call”we”, how can you understand the cause of fuel price increase when you can’t understand the logic of selling at an exorbitant price? It means the GRZ has sold you fuel at a price that does not reflect current market price taking into consideration all the factors that you claim to know as the cause for fuel price increase.

  37. Fuel has gone up in most of the countries due to the strong dollar, in DRC fuel is now $2.5 er liter while mealie meal 25kg breakfast is $20 to $28.00 Ba HH should put his facts right.




  39. It’s sad what our once boosting Zambia under the leadership of his excellence the late Patrick mwanawasa has turned to, it’s also sad to see Zambians following blindly, for me the tribal voting pattern should be written off, I belong to pf but this has gone far, our party has let us down, and if we continue to follow blindly, we will be refugees in our own country, this time we need change. Wheather it’s HH or not change has to come, we r tired, Every month imposed levy charges, awe twakana

  40. What the hike of fuel in Sweden? Is it also due to corruption? I hear people where arrested for demonstration in Washington..let’s here amnesty , international, UPND, chishimba Kaminski and pilato condemn that and come up with a song.

  41. It’s funny when one criticizes HH, his minions always assume you are a PF supporter. The man just utters absolute nonsense. I don’t think I’ve ever heard HH defend Zambia from any external negative reporting. He always sides with the perpetrators and one wonders if he is actually an accomplice.

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