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Kitwe Pastor charged with defilement disappears, sureties locked up

General News Kitwe Pastor charged with defilement disappears, sureties locked up

A Kitwe pastor charged with defilement has disappeared forcing the magistrate court to lock up his sureties.

This is in a matter where Alick Simbeye 24, a church elder of Kitwe was caught by police officers pants down allegedly having carnal knowledge of a minor, his biological daughter in his car soon after attending overnight prayers.

Simbeye of 930 Buchi Kamitondo is charged with sexual defilement contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

Allegations are that on July 25, 2018 in Kitwe, Simbeye had unlawful carnal Knowledge of a girl below the age of 16 years old who happened to be his daughter.

Simbeye, was arrested and two of his friends Reverend John Kapisa and Peter Muleba became his sureties.

At first Simbeye jumped bail and his sureties were warned to ensure the accused was present for the next day but again the accused jumped bail forcing the Court to arrest the duo or in default pay K10, 000 each.

They failed to pay and were sent to Kamfinsa correctional facility.

When the matter came up again they appeared but failed to pay K10, 000 each the bonded sum for signing on behave of the accused.

Appearing before Principal Resident Magistrate Chongo Musonda said she was sending back the two sureties to prison because the law clearly states that failure to bring the accused to court can amount to a five year jail term.

Magistrate Musonda has since adjourned the matter to October 15, 2018 for return of bench warrant.

The duo are remanded at Kamfinsa correctional prison in Kitwe.


    • I can’t be a surety for a rapi$t caught pants down. I hope this animal is treated as such when found.

    • People like that are packed full of demons. His own daughter surely?it would have been bad enough with a non relative. This man needs deliverance from those demons because as it stands he is heading for Hell.

  1. if an elder can have sex with his biological daughter, he can surely jump bail and even run away. i can not be a surety for this young boy.

  2. Any church that makes a person an elder @ only 24 is surely a sick joke too!
    Beware of hyenas in goat’s skins, poised to prey on the poor, desperate & vulnerable.
    Only Jah knows what lies in store for him in the near future…

    • There is no discernible qualification to hold a Church position na imwe. Why are you pretending as if you do not know. It is the same with politics.

  3. Liar’s @24 simbeye defiles his daughter below 16 years. May be spiritual daughter. Imagine if a girl was
    @ 15
    @ 14
    @ 13
    @ 12. how old was sembeye when he had his daughter.

    • @Monster among men, a 6 year old, 5 year old and four year old are daughters and are still under 16 years.

  4. i never knew one can be granted bail for defilement, they should correct that law.. even when they were witnesses that caught him red handed..Very sad, why even agree to be surety for someone who has done such as crime and with evidence

  5. How càn you choose a 24 year old ati ba elder sure? fake papa,these to ma simple church awe sure..
    As for me I can’t accept to be surety for such case.why?How?what?
    Ba judge naimwe don’t a bail to a rapist like that one….he has a lot of sex in his body…i end here…

  6. There are currently two top money spinners in Zambia and these is to form a church and become its Shepherd, or become a traditional doctor claiming cure to all sorts of problems be it money, enlargement of manhood etc.

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