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Lake Kariba has enough water to sustain power generation-PS


Kariba Dam
Kariba Dam

Government says the Kariba has enough water to sustain power generation despite reports of predicated below normal rains in the 2018/2019 rainfall season.

Ministry of Energy Permanent Secretary, Emelda Chola said by the end of September 2018, Lake Kariba had eleven meters of water (11m) above the minimum operating level.

Brigadier General Chola said this during a press briefing held at the Kariba House in Lusaka yesterday.

She disclosed that the Kariba Dam water levels are likely to close the year 2018 at nearly eight meters above the minimum operating level.

She said the Zambezi River Authority Board held a meeting in August to discuss among other issues the predicated below normal rains for the whole of the Zambezi River Basin for 2018/2019 rainy season due the anticipated El Nino effect.

ZANIS reports that Brig Gen Chola emphasized that the board reiterates its continued commitment to the undertaking of sustainable reservoir operations at Kariba Dam.

“There will be no loading shedding like we faced a few years ago because the Kariba Dam water levels are able to sustain the power generation, plus the little rains we will receive, we are on the safe side,”she stressed.

Meanwhile, Brig Gen Chola who is also Zambezi River Authority Board Co-Chairperson expressed delight at the ongoing progress of rehabilitation at Kariba Dam.

She further said the Plunge Pool reshaping works are scheduled to be completed in 2022.

Works of reshaping of the plunge pool and refurbishment of the 6 spillway gates at Kariba Dam are expected to be completed by 2021 and 2022 respectively at the total cost of 294 million United States Dollars.


  1. Now that you have assured us let us not have load shedding this coming year. I’m fact we can even export electricity to earn more foreign exchange to stabilize the exchange rate.

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