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PF will not re-adopt non performing MPs to re-contest the 2021 general elections-Mwila


Davies Mwila PF Secretary General
Davies Mwila PF Secretary General

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says the ruling party will not re-adopt non performing Members of Parliament to recontest the 2021 general elections on its ticket.

And Mr. Mwila has with immediate effect lifted all suspensions meted on some party officials in Muchinga Province.

He was speaking in Chinsali District of Muchinga Province when he officially flagged off the PF intra-party elections in the province.

“Members of Parliament who have not performed to the expectation of the party will not be re-adopted to recontest their seats in the 2021 general elections. The people elected you Members of Parliament to deliver development by effectively representing your constituencies by voicing out their concerns and help in crafting solutions and as a party that is committed to development, we shall not re-adopt any MP who has failed to deliver,” explained Mr. Mwila.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwila has taken a swipe at individuals who are undermining sitting Members of Parliament and has warned individuals who are want to aspire for parliamentary positions to accord sitting MPs space to perform their functions without any disruption or duress.

“Iam aware that there are some individuals who are undermining sitting MPs in order to decampaign them. These confusions are being spearheaded by individuals who are aspiring to take over as MPs in named constituencies in the next general elections.

He said the party shall not hesistate to flush out anyone who goes against violence.

And Mr. Mwila has laughed off individuals who claim that it is wrong for PF cadres and officials to discuss policy matters reminding them that the PF is the party in government and that without the party there can never be a government.

” The government we have today is a PF government. This government was formed by the PF. The policies that this government is implementing are PF policies as prescribed in the PF manifesto. So to claim that PF cadres and officials have no right to comment on policy matters is laughable to say the least”. He said

The Secretary General was accompanied by PF MPs from Muchinga Province, Members of the Central Committee and other senior party officials


  1. Ba Mwila are you referring to Nkandu Luo?
    They may fire you Mwila because of Kalaba-Luapula connection. You remember how many PF-Secretaries where appointed after Ba Sata mistakenly left instruments of power to then PF-Secretary General Edgar? Chilangwa only saved 35 hours, he was changed for making same statements Ba Mwila is yapping. PF don’t don’t adopt by performance, its about how violent and catastrophic one is. E.g
    – Mumbi Phiri and her insult and selling treason statements on HH.
    – Kapyongo’s stone throwing on helicopters etc etc…

  2. All your ministers are non performers, they only know how to steal………hope you all just don’t fcuken come back you !diots

  3. Yeah, it even makes sense to give others a chance. Not the same people. Its called empowering citizens. Not just empowering the same already empowered people over & over. Pf is a fair party kanshi

  4. This is very good development for the PF. But Ba Boss, One thing you politicians have ignored is kolonaizeshoni of tribes by others in Zambia. The Senga and Tumbukas have been colonised by the Ngo-ni Chief and you can not help them to be liberated? Your constitution does not allow one tribe to ruled by another tribe. Tumbuka people have been deprived of their cultural, customs and traditional for a very long time, but they are one of the most educated tribes in Zambia.
    Anyway its their fault Tumbukas are the most educated people in Zambia and are holding higher positions in most Institution but they are COWARDS and can not voice up and can not help each other. If there is anyone to challenge can raise up his or her hand please

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