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Congolese man abducts baby over an unsettled debt

General News Congolese man abducts baby over an unsettled debt

Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga
Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga

Police in Kitwe on the Copperbelt Province have launched a manhunt for a Congolese man who allegedly abducted a baby on Friday over an unsettled debt of three thousand kwacha.

Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga confirmed the incident in a statement made available to media in Ndola yesterday.

Ms. Katanga explained that Hellen Ng’angu aged 22 of house number N84, Bulangililo Township reported the matter to the police after her one year six months baby went missing.

Ms. Katanga further explained that this was after the suspect was left with the baby and when contacted on phone by Ng’angu, the Congolese man said he will only return the child after the debt is settled.

The Police Commissioner said Ng’angu didn’t know about the debt in question as it was her husband who owed the Congolese man who was not at the house when the suspect went to inquire about the money.

“Since she (Ng’angu) had the number for the Congolese, she called him. The Congolese responded that he had carried the child and will only bring back the child after offsetting the credit.

The mother tried to plead with him but the Congolese refused returning the child unless the condition was met. This is when she decided to report the matter at Riverside Police Station for assistance,” Ms. Katanga explained.

She stated that Ng’angu does not know how the credit came about and that more details will be gotten from Ng’angu’s husband.


  1. This is Zambia for you where foreigners have a field day to do whatever they so wish to do. If a Zambian was to do the same in Congo, Zambian drivers there at the time would be burnt alive

  2. All the money is in the hands of Chinese. So what u expect? Poverty everywhere. The congolese had no option

  3. To beat the directive of the Minister of Home affairs against road blocks, Traffic Police in Ndola and Kitwe just walk in traffic lanes in congestion and pluck out cars like mangoes.

  4. ZP, if you fail to deal with this culprit firmly then you will set a very bad precedence. We do not have kidnappings in Zambia, so this chap is bringing a totally new crime. there is no country in the world that can allow a foreigner to do such a thing.

  5. Hope corruption will not overwhelm the minds of police officers and stay quite. Its ironic that most of the time victims of such situation are further asked to provide money for fuel to catch the culprit when they have failed to pay back the debt.

  6. I wonder, why the mother left her child in the care of a stranger?
    And how they exchanged telephones if they are not friends?

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