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Over 100 health workers fired


Over 100 health workers have been fired countrywide due to absenteeism and misconduct.

Ministry of Health Permanent secretary

Bereaved families stranded outside the Brought In Dead block at the University Teaching Hospital because the health workers are on strike
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disclosed this to ZANIS when he toured various health institutions in Southern Province.

Dr Malama said it has been discovered that some health workers are going to further their studies without following the correct procedure, as outlined in their conditions of service.

“We need sanity in the health sector and we are not going to tolerate misconduct, absenteeism and none responsiveness when on duty, because we are civil servants employed to provide a service to the people,” Dr Malama said.

ZANIS reports that the Permanent Secretary disclosed this at Monze Mission Hospital during an address to health workers.

He said Lusaka, Southern and Northern Provinces are the main regions where health workers are fond of absconding from work.

He said government will not accept the tendencies of health workers living their duties without approval from the relevant authority.

“We need to understand that we chose this career by ourselves. We were not forced and we need to ensure that we work in line with government policies,” Dr Malama said.

The PS further called on health workers to exercise professionalism when providing services to patients.

Dr Malama also revealed that the ministry is aware of the various challenges that are faced in the health sector but providing quality health care services should be prioritised.


    • Only 100? 100 can be fired from Lusaka where they work in government and private hospital in same hours.
      In Zambia we don’t use time clock, they don’t even know what I mean by “time clock”.

    • What do you expect from monze? They will go to work when hh gets to state house. in the mean time their getting paid without working. Tribalism is indeed a serious sickness worst that cancer.

    • Lungu has absconded his duties from day one.

      Firing these health workers is rather extreme.

      Only the poor will suffer.

      Meanwhile, our cabinet (and their groupies) will simply go to RSA for medical treatment.

    • @Lipkwa, address me by name. Make it short, Nostra, if you are lazy like those nurses fired.
      Professionals like prostitutes don’t need clock-out.
      We are discussing the OVERWORKED nurses, they need time control.

    That is total indiscipline.
    Are you sure district officials are unaware of the happenings? Those are just scapegoats. You know the culprits.

  2. Study leave cannot be a privilege. Study leave is an expression of the right to education., particularly for public service workers. It is a contradiction to aspire for efficiency and competent without investing in study leave. Study leave can be unpaid leave but position kept upon return from study leave. Study leave can be paid leave, especially for deserving candidates. To avoid arbitrary decisions based on discrimination, nepotism, corruption, favoritism, it is better to demand service of equal period of time as one of the guarantees for repaying study leave.

  3. Western province and Eastern always working hard. If only these other lazy provinces would follow our great example. Kikikikiki.

  4. Dr Makasa, govt is not against studying if anything govt actually encouraging that. For example there are some teachers who are on fast track training fully sponsored. What boma is against is going on study leave without following the led down procedures. You know in govt it is the same with falling sick. Imagine the person will just call “sir lam sick l will come for work tomorrow. You can’t find that nonsense in the pvt sector. So sanity is needed in boma. There is too much impunity in boma.

    • Certain public service workers have complained that they did not get a speedy and timely approval to proceed on study leave from controlling officers. Instead, certain controlling officers engaged in red tape and favoritism. Study leave is a must when the funding is available and admission secured. Certain remedial measures can easily be instituted, including task sharing, relief workers, part time staff. It starts with procedure argument and then it becomes arbitrary, corruption, nepotism, favoritism, tribalism and rivalry. Transparent and accountable is missing.

  5. Let’s do the same with top cream of GRZ , fire the underperforming Lungu ,Dorah Sliya ,Nkandu Luo ,Brian Mushimba and Sumaili .

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  7. pipo do not jst go on leave without permission from immediate supervisors.. their bosses knew that they where in school so they where supposed to defend them. this is so unfair.. because of Bureaucracy, it takes time for the response to reach southern province.. usually responses are received after someone has even gone maybe as far as first semester.. who can be so heartless to say stop yo school and come back after spending so much money? pipo cmon, let’s be human and realistic..besides, each institution makes their leave plan.. so those pipo in school, are on institutional leave plan.. fire the bosses as well

  8. I think there must be a person who went behind and spoke to the auditors. I see no problem with upgrading knowledge especially in the health sector. The more they learn the more effective they offer to the public.

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