Politicians advised not to divide Zambian citizens

PF's Chilanga Rally
PF's Chilanga Rally

Justine Mulenga of Mpika Catholic Church has passionately advised politicians in Zambia to desist from dividing Zambian citizens.

Bishop Mulenga noted that Zambia is known for its peace through the love your neighbor as you love yourself principal that Zambia’s first President Kenneth Kaunda championed.

Speaking in Isoka on arrival for his three day working visit, the Bishop thanked the people of Isoka who paraded for him from all walks of life.

He said people from various denominations welcomed him but it is the opposite when any political leader visits.

Bishop mulenga said hate speech, fighting and injuring your own blood brothers and sisters due to their political affiliation should not be entertained on Zambian soil.

He said politics are like a stage that anyone can come to perform his art on but does not get the stage.

The Bishop appealed to both Catholic believers and other congregants to embrace one another and not to be swayed by Politicians who are just on that position for a while.

He further, prayed to God to bless Zambia with good rains so that its citizens can produce enough food.

Meanwhile, Bishop Mulenga has made an appeal to government to hasten the process of distributing farming inputs to farmers so as to avert hunger among citizens.

Bishop Mulenga is on mission to raise funds under Mother Theresa Project that support would-be Priests


  1. The problem with you id.iots is that you cant tell the perpetrators straight. You keep going round in circles. Tell PF directly to stop dividing people.

    • If you want to know the party that is at the center of all this, just ask someone from pf strongholds to help you with a hard copy newspaper kolopa news, produced during the last presidential elections. I am still holding on to the copy i stumbled upon, for future reference.

  2. It is really sad that Zambia is today a polarised country where police commissioners, army personnel and civil servants are being retired in national interest because of being Tonga or supporting UPND. We live in a country where the educated are afraid of discussing politics for fear of being reported and sacked in their jobs. The fault lies with Michael Sata, he was one of the most tribalist Presidents we have had in Zambia because under KK, FTJ Mwanawasa and RB we never had tribalists in government. Today you have to be easterner or Bemba to enjoy the fruits.

    • Oh man, listen to yourself!! Who formed a political party and had the whole southern province vote for him?? He died and certain characters from that area decreed only a tonga can succeed him?? All provinces in Zambia have seen a switch from UNIP, MMD, PF and a growing support for upnd but only southern has voted for these two people since. THAT’S THE ROOT OF ALL THE TRIBALISM WE SEE TODAY!!!

    • put your index finger in your bottomless arse and try to stimulate your brain before making 5TUPID comment.

    • Nix, Razor. When PF came to power, we had the most diverse voting pattern and parliament was the most democratic with opposition outnumbering ruling party. Only upnd had the support of one province.

  3. Comment: They can never stop this bad habit because the Zambian Constitution is silent on it…. freedom of speech is open for anything….

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