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The Misappropriated Social Cash Transfer Funds were not from DFID-Inonge Wina


Vice president Inonge Wina
Vice president Inonge Wina
Vice president Inonge Wina says the purported Social cash transfer funds which were allegedly misplaced, mismanaged and misappropriated was not the funds from the DFID.

Speaking in parliament during question for oral answer, Ms Wina says the person who raised the alarm in relation to the stolen social cash transfer money did not realize that the alleged stolen money did not belong to the DFID adding that there was no way that money could be stolen and found in the bank the following day.

The vice president who was responding to a question from Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo on when she could give a specific statement on the issue of the money which were allegedly lost and found into a ZANACO account, She says if MP’s wished to know what transpired in relation to this funds they are at liberty to approach the Bank on when the money was deposited in that account.

“Making statements on speculations does not help the situation, the case is still under investigations and when the final results are known then the members will know what actually transpired”, She has said.

Meanwhile, Ms Wina has maintained that the Patriotic Front government does not buy any opposition Councilors and offer them jobs.

She says Councillors for the first time in the history of the local authorities Councillors are receiving allowances of K3, 000 so for a Councillor to leave a lucrative destination it means they are desperate and does not want to stay where he is and are looking for greener pastures.

“A UPND Councillor would say there is nothing that the UPND Party is offering and says the party is no where near power so they have decided to make an early exit before the big hand falls”, Ms Wina has said.

Ms Wina was responding to a question from Ikelenge MP Elijah Muchima who wanted to find out why the PF despite announcing on taking austerity measures are buying the opposition Councillors when they are failing to release the Constituency Development Funds (CDF).


    • But does it make and difference and sense? There is just too much thieving in PF and with due respect veep, you cannot defend a theft.

      Very sad for the majority struggle Zambian trying very hard to make ends meet.

      God bless Zambia.

    • PF00Ls all need to be put in Rehab for their lying.

      Only themselves & their brain-washed PF00Lish supporters believe their lies. DFID scandal is just the tip of the ice-berg. Denial won’t solve the cancer called corruption. I was at Kerk street in Joburg this morning. Buses are coming in empty, cargo trucks are going empty. Our cross-border aunties & sisters have stopped coming to RSA for business due to the failing exchange rate. STOP politicking & resolve this crisis.

    • Just because its brown or yellow faeces, it doesn’t mean it’s not faeces.
      So whether it was DFID money or not, the moral of the story is that you stop stealing. I just can’t get it that a person like a madam Inonge can enjoy narrating such stu.p!d story, that it was not DFID money, without acknowledging that regardless, its wrong to steal.
      That should be the central message of her speech, simply, it doesn’t matter which money was stolen…you don’t steal. How hard can that be?

  1. Too many statements they are now entangling themselves in a web of lies,I promise you they will come back to haunt them,being in power is giving them a false sense of invinsibility.
    Time is fast running out.

  2. The best way to catch a monkey is to put seeds in a jar with a small opening only big enough to allow a open palm, once monkey goes in an makes a pabwato sign in jar. bullseye!

    • The best way to know if it is a donki is to take it to the river to drink! You can’t force a donki to drink water – sorry WISDOM.

    • New born baby bed time stories peddled by the thieving and murderous criminals masquerading as “leaders” and “politicians” which only sufferers of inbreed !mbecility or mad cow disease still believe!!!
      Forget the “stories”, look at the facts. From pauper to one of the richest man in less than four years with the “help” of US$19 billion debt burden!!!

  3. To be poor is a crime. We cannot keep relying on donor funds for the uplifment of our people. We need to work hard and be able to feed our nation. We can do it and we must do it. We are not as helpless as they think we are.

    • Nine Chale – as gullible as ever you not see it? How can you develop without accountability and transparency…she is there lieing with shame as old as she is that Inonge.

    • @ nine chale
      You are right.
      In to day Zambia, ruled by “humble”, “visionary” and “anointed” convicted embezzler and Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation, “To be poor is a crime”.
      Robbing the poor has become badge of “honor”. Asking for “divine intervention” (one a year) to hide crimes against People has become new official religion of the State.
      You are right, “To be poor is a crime”

  4. It comes to the same thing money meant for the poor was stollen. Whether its the money from dfid or our tax, its not acceptable.

  5. Now she is saying yes there was theft but not the funds from DFID. So the story changes again from yes there was theft and the minister was fired as well as zampost boss put on suspension to no there was no theft the funds are intact in zanaco, the firing of the minister was just an administrative issue to yes there was theft, the minister was fired but theft was not from DFID account. Comedy of errors better than watching dorika.

  6. So what r u saying, there was in fact money stolen but not the funds from DFID, that makes it ok in ur books, go and work the land mbuya u r too old for this sh!t u r also becoming a fcuken liar

  7. Dear Hakainde Mental! Please concede and go to the Farm and take all of them with you. You can be worshiped there every day in Namwala with no problem. You can then give them Three Mansions each too, if they do not already have.

  8. What next. She will say Zambia is rich, but we have forgotten where the money is, so children die of preventable diseases in the meantime while we struggle with our memories but it’s not a problem, no! Ifintu ni kukana chabe

  9. PF should create meaningful jobs. The current and future deficits anticipated as projected by MTEF and leaving us with a Fitch downgrade is as a result of having in our midst highly unproductive individuals cum-political cadres like this Sharon. How can a country develop when you have someone posting 24/7 and on one issue? A bad economy has plenty mental retards as a side effect.

    • Respect, please.
      Are you really the right UPND chief strategist? Is this how you deal with opposition?
      We can have different opinions, but never degrade yourself to such a level..way too much. Sor.ry

    • Talema nazo izi njoka. Their time to leave the seat of government is long overdue. These thieves will eat their own young.

  10. @ Razor – the Vice president has not said money was stolen. She stated just the the president said some money have been misappropriated and mismanaged. The facts have not changed at all. She stated that the audit is not concluded yet. The final details of the audit will be communicated to the Nation.
    The truth is DFID money is not amongst the monies in question.

    • I wonder what school these bloggers went to. The Veep has not denied that money was not stolen. The truth is that money was stolen. But the money stolen was not the one from DFID which was the origin story from Kachepa.The bottom line though is that money meant for poor was stolen. Also the British had the right to demand for its money if they deemed it unsafe. So stop insulting the old lady who was asked to comment on the ‘DFID stolen money’.

    • @ Amagenge

      To which school did you go?
      What are you? Dr. of Political Embroidery? Consultant for word twisting? Or just another paid-up member of Parasitic Fiefdom?

  11. Why is it that UPND people don’t understand anything the PF says even its plain grade 1 English?

    Its terrible what ‘dundumwezi’ can do to a person.

    • Iwe @Beyond Reproach,
      with all due respect to your opinion, what is in there that Madam Inonge is saying. It’s indeed amazing, that you yourself you have a problem to understand what Madam Inonge is saying even translated in plain grade 1 English.
      Think outside of the box, and you will understand the core. You don’t need to be a UPND Not to accept what Madam inonge is implying. Take some time to think about it. Money was stolen, it doesn’t matter whether it is DFID or not. Period.

  12. LT why r u not reporting on the jet that this !diot has bought for 400 million korona from the Russians, r u that backward that Norway and Russia r reporting on this and u r clueless

  13. They are now tripping over each other stealing …..they don’t even know where they are are stealing from any more…

    Donner countries , don’t waiste your tax payers money on these thieves they have so much money they don’t even know who they are stealing from anymore….

  14. If donner money they don’t know where it is ,What more tax payers money or toll gates money ? There is proper stealing in this PF …..

    The truth laddies and gentlemen is the UK has not just accepted a ati

    ” ohh we found the the money ”

    noooo they say they want an audit on that account , and ZANACO follows world banking rules and regulations , so they can not hide the footprints of that money that PF say was found….That is why PF are now tripping over them selves …

  15. For all those whose heads are buried in the sand , Lungu has bought a jet from the Russians for 400 m Kroner= $ 50 m , it was so expensive because it’s custom built. Now imagine all that money in a country where 5% of the children are under weight, next will be travelling all the globe and every inauguration ceremony will be attended. Ala mwandi twanya

    • $ 50 M is for Sukhoy regional jet. Add another $ 75 – 80 Million for Gulfstream G-650ER.
      Very soon our dear Endemically corrupt Leader will have his own “executive airline”!!!

  16. Yangu Tata!!
    Even Old pensioner -(Grandma’s), have turned into shameless bonafide Kawalala’s, lying through their teeth to protect the Belly, all at the expense of the poor suffering masses.
    Ambuye’ will in a few days, proceed to dress up in her Sunday best, & head to join other (PF)arasites, & Plunderers, in wailing & gnashing teeth, whilst cheating the docile gullible Zambian, if they fast, & shut their eyes tight enough, all the Corruption will evaporate from Zambia, -(walaaah), as God through dishonest Widow cash embezzling Jona, will answer their prayers.

  17. It’s immoral and shameful that an adult can tell such lies. Why was Kabanshi fired then. God is watching and your day of reckoning is at hand

  18. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    These numskulls are now issuing contradicting statements, causing even more confusions. Why is it difficult to admit the truth. The Swedish government also demanded their money to be returned. Whether it’s DFID or someone else’s doesn’t make it any less of a crime.

    Bo Inonge Bo Kuku please don’t be used by these masholi bakawalalas manyukunyuku to cover their thefts… please have some dignity and honour like the real Lozi that you are… remember your late husband Arthur Wina wouldn’t have approved of this PF stealing of public resources.

  19. For staying and mixing for too long with a thieving cabal, this old hen has now learnt to tell white lies. In the process losing what morsel of respect and dignity she was accorded. Shame!

  20. It’s much like Chiluba claiming he had missed his money together with ours in the ZAMTROP account, it’s really laughable! These thieves have no shame to support each other.

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