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Zambia is poised for economic development, Davies Chama tells Zambians in Diaspora

It's unfortunate that there was a lot of negativity from Zambians towards Chinese investment.

Headlines Zambia is poised for economic development, Davies Chama tells Zambians in Diaspora

Defence Minister Davies Chama
Defence Minister Davies Chama

Minister of Defence Davies Chama says Zambia is poised for economic development owing to the ambitious development programme that the government has embarked on.

He said President Edgar Lungu has put in place a massive development programme that will see Zambia become a viable economic hub in Africa.

The Minister said this in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia yesterday when he addressed diplomatic staff and Zambians living in Ethiopia at a dinner organized at the Residence for Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Her Excellency, Ms.Susan Sikaneta.

He said government was putting in mechanisms to ensure that Agriculture becomes the backbone of the country’s economy.

The Minister said the government was working at improving mechanization in Agriculture sector and completely confine the HOE to the museum. He said it was through mechanization that the country could record the need yields.

The Minister further disclosed that defence forces were also beginning to contribute to the National Development through Agriculture. He said Zambia Army in Particular was purchasing land for Agricultural purposes while ZAF was already involved in cultivating cash crops such as soya beans and sunflower.

And Mr. Chama said there was need for mind change in the country stating that there was a lot of negativity amongst Zambians towards issues of development.

He said it was unfortunate that there was a lot of negativity from Zambians towards Chinese investment. He said instead of learning from the Chinese, Zambians were condemning the investment that was being brought in the country.

The Minister urged Zambians living in the diaspora to seize the opportunity to market Zambia for increased investment.

And Zambia Army Commander General Paul Mihova who also attended the dinner assured Zambians that the country was peaceful .He said it was the core duty of the army to maintain peace in the country.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Her Excellency, Ms.Susan Sikaneta expressed happiness at the work that government was doing to uplift the lives of Zambians.

She said the Embassy would also continue to work at promoting the country’s good image and bring investment to the country.

And Association of Zambians in Ethiopia Dr. Jack Jones Zulu said the association was ready to offer technical support to the government as it has qualified Zambians in many fields working for international organizations.

He said the development of Zambia lies in the hands of all Zambians including those that where in the diaspora.


  1. How does agricultural become the back bone in this country when we can’t promote it in the budget? Did mwila read the budget before giving that statement in Addis Ababa?

    • Well another nice joke from a Senior PF cader ….He thinks he can defy all logic in the current economic situation we are in ….fiscal deficit, trade deficit, 26% of budget towards external debt repayment, increased fuel prices, 3.3% GDP growth projected, negative economic outlook, Debt at 56% of GDP…. Can this alreeady poor country be poised for “massive development”? This is M.A.DNESS

    • I see why the PF are so keen on making pronouncements about opposition saying bad things about the economy …in their little minds they think us in the diaspora actually don’t get any information unless a cader travels to release such information to us …so they can simply come to us and paint a Rosy picture and we simply buy into it

    • Whatever Weed (chamba/mbanje/matokwani/jahseed) these PF00Lish leaders are smoking, i want some. They spend $400 million to buy Lungu a private jet fitted with ridiculous anti-missile lasers & claim we are headed for economic boom. Why not invest that money in another zamefa to add value to copper & create jobs for our stranded youths?
      PF00ls are so out of touch with reality of our suffering masses. It’s what brought downfall of MMD.

  2. Hon. Davis Chama’s message is very important for right thinking ones. We need to work with all investors regardless of their nationality. There is a lot we can learn from Chinese brothers if only we maintain the right attitude and conduct business in a transparent way.

  3. Another dull PF chap in a very important ministry…even a grade 7 like current SG Mwila was under Sata. And this Chama has a diploma in Agriculture!!

  4. How is Zambia poised for development when we are being down graded by ratings agencies as I write ??

    You even failed to balance the budget ?
    Civil servants are not being paid on time and students are starving , ati possed for developmentii ?

  5. flag Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Negro please… just sit down and enjoy your loot.

    What development when the majority don’t have decent food on their table; don’t have access to clean water and those digging their own boreholes in their own homes using their hard earned cash are being taxed. People are not being paid on time. You think development is about borrowing money and building roads to nowhere an tall buildings… development is about ensuring 90% of your people have access to basic needs like clean water, shelter, good nutrition, education and health care.

    Stop stealing and stop getting huge loans from China and then giving projects to Chinese companies and paying them using the same loans. China is out to conquer the world and they have started with corrupt low IQ people like you in Zambia. Wake up!

  6. Development my foot!these guys have low IQ in business acumen issues that can propel this country to really development……ati development when all structures are being ruined by these teachers/nurses/diploma holders in whatever they have studied…..developed nations have well learned and articulated people in parliament……not these we have here in Zambia…..full of people who are far below the datum line in IQ for the learned……this is a fact Zambia…so long we promote more of such people in parliament we going nowhere…..and problem is the learned ones are cowards……so ni kaya…..

  7. So if he tells us in the dispora what does he expect us to do about it when the highly publicised DUAL CITIZENSHIP just ended in announcements. The same government that announced that missions are ready to start processing, years ago, up to now we are just being told excuses that don’t even make sense. So ba Mwila enjoy your “poised development” us we are in the diaspora

  8. There is another !doit with no IQ speaking about development, what a cunt speaking about agriculture while on their recent budget they allocated only 2 billion kwacha to agriculture the same amount allocated to buying tears gas. These cunts all think the same with only fcuken half of their little Brian working, their hands are quick to deep into money that is not there’s only if they applied the same thinking to running the country as they apply to looting treasury. One day you !doits will get it……. Ba Pompwe

  9. “He said President Edgar Lungu has put in place a massive development programme that will see Zambia become a viable economic hub in Africa.”

    So according to Davies Chama, that is a good enough reason why Zambia is poised for economic development?? Lungu’s ministers, awe mwe!!!!

  10. He knows the word ‘potential’ has been over used so now we are on the ‘poised’ terminology. Soon we will be on the “verge”. It’s not even funny and not worth further comment. I visit Zed very often and each time I experience descent into hopelessness in the citizens’ experience and living standards, mediocrity escalating, and a general sense that those who don’t know are leading the many who know but are powerless to do anything about it. Where to that power has disappeared is what these leaders need to address. We have been POISED for the last 50 plus years. Ba kankuni!!! We’ve had “peace” for that long too!

  11. “250 children are learning under a Mango tree at Matipa Community School in Lunga District.”
    Zambia poised for economic development.

  12. We Zambians in the diaspora are doing a lot in Zambia’s development. WE just need the institutions of government to meet us half way. A group of us have bought land in Lusaka but the process of getting title deeds is taking forever. Please issue title deeds as soon as someone pays. Nobody but Zambians can develop Zambia. WE want to participate in the development and economic development of our country.

  13. Mr. Davis Chama, instead of blabbing about development, tell us instead how much is your cut of USD 400 million financed by the Israel bank?

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