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ZRA unearths a smuggling fuel scam at Katima Mulilo

General News ZRA unearths a smuggling fuel scam at Katima Mulilo

ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
The Zambia Revenue Authority has unearthed a fuel scam at Katima Mulilo, Chirundu and Chanida Boarder posts involving 60 trucks.

Details are that at Katima Mulilo Boarder, 5 trucks have so far been seized and 15 at Chirundu for smuggling fuel worth about K570, 000 while seizures are also expected at Chanida Boarder.

ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda explained that 23 trucks have been impounded at Chanida Boarder, 30 at Chirundu of which 15 have been seized and seven at Katima Mulilo boarder of which five have been seized.

Mr. Sikalinda explained that the truckers have installed false belly tanks with the capacity of about 1800 liters meant to be used in concealing smuggled fuel.

“The belly tanks are not connected to the vehicle fuel system and investigations have revealed that the fuel coming from Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Namibia is actually meant to be used for internal operations within Zambia after being offloaded.

Mr. Sikalinda said all the seized trucks will be forfeited to the state in accordance with section 149, 156 and 160 of the customs and Excise, Cap 322 of the Laws of Zambia.

“It has actually been affecting our revenue collections and this explained the nonperformance of Excise duty on fuel due to smuggling”. He added.

Mr. Sikalinda said ZRA will not hesitate to prosecute anyone who smuggles items into the country as this robes Zambians the much needed resources meant to improve social welfare, Health, education and other strategic sectors of the economy.

He said investigations continue with other detained trucks while the boarders have been put on high alert.

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    • But Mr Sakalinda it pains me to hear you say that it robs the state of money meant for ABC when you know very well that you senior govt officers are the main consumers of whatever revenue our country earns. Your luxury SUVs, your salaries (above k50,000 per month), several allowances you receive not to mention the imprest and gratuity you chaps get at the end of your service come-on let’s be serious with life. You apamwambas have destroyed Zambia. Sad fact is Human Hyena (HH) is too scared to address this issue because it thinks these VIPs will not vote for it even it’s own worthless UPND MPs are part of this problem. Iwe badaaala to hell with these VIPs(very incompetent people) tell it as it is, they steal under the protection of the Law by way of allocations at the expense of…

    • You are party of the causes of problems we are facing for being unpatriotic! Those you supporting will be worse.They will spend most of time,life fat john did and continued by his successor, playing blame games while amassing what they have spent on elections for twenty years!!Praise ZRA workers for the wonderful work they doing in order to unearth such a scandal promoted by unpatriotic Zambians!!!!

    • @roka can you quantify how much the govt spends on senior officers and how much it has spent on these services this ZRA spokes person is lying about? Are you blind? Yes paying tax is a requirement but let the money be used properly. Is it not a scam for senior govt officers to purchase a govt vehicle bought in the range of USD 100,000 from the show room at less than ZMW 50,000 only after 3years? Is it not a scam for a govt officer who is found only 5days in a month in his office to receive allowances and a hefty salary increment? Yet hospitals without medicine, roads filled with pothole, kids sleeping on floor at govt boarding schools etc etc but funds were allocated to these areas.. No it’s too much it’s the same tune over and over again…

  1. Stealing and crookedness is now the mainstay of the country, this is made especially worse when you have a president who does not deny that he is a corrupt theif.

    These are days of the times when being called a corrupt theif is no big deal and nothing to bother about because of lungu.

  2. You fail to manage the economy and sell the country to China. Meanwhile you increase taxes and even introduce some unorthodox taxes whilst increasing fuel costs. Then you wonder when black markets start flourishing. Ubututu mu pf

    • Zambia must be developed by Zambians through paying taxes!That is I blame KK for not teaching the Zambians on paying taxes!That’s how our economy was transformed into inkonomy by unip for 27 years.To make things the do called big opposition party maintains the same you unip mentality, eat what others are producing. This is why small farmers will never grow because leaders in the opposition want them to remain dependent on the government by getting free farming in puts.By the way I am not apf I ceased to be one when MCS died! But let’s face the Truth. Be analytical not emotional or partisan!!

  3. this is a misleading headline….according to other reports truck divers from other countries driving into Zambia prefers to bring their own fuel for the return leg of the journey as fuel in Zambia is too expensive…

    This is like telling you that you can not bring personal shoes into Zambia but must buy shoes in Zambia to use while in Zambia.

  4. Fuel is too expensive in Zambia the highest in southern Africa when the crude oil price is low…what this govt is doing is raising the cost of doing business in Zambia. You will expect to see more of this …you wonder why Kenya Airlines flies to Harare for refuelling from Lusaka before flying to Nairobi.

  5. Mwembwamwe bonse u cant see what is happening on international market tell us what the upnd will do if at all God forbid comes into power the plans they have for the miners, civil servants, farmers etc and in this party the head is rotten try to change u will see u *****s.

    • Why don’t you theives lower prices when global prices are low ? What happened to the cheap oil from Saudi Arabia that arrived last month ???

      Bakawalala feye…..thinking of borrowing and stealing 24/7…..ndiye nchito ya ba PF….

  6. @ Ubuntuse, investing in research and innovation is the key. If we continue saying its happening everywhere on the international market so we should seat on our hands then we are losing it

  7. Saw the pictures on TV. Those are fuel reserve tanks which most trucks have. So foreign trucks are coming in with fuel in those reserve tanks. Ignorance !!

  8. 1.Is it illegal to carry a jerrycan of fuel into another country for your own use why you are there?
    2. Are reserve tanks illegal in Zambia?
    3. Would it be okay if the truckers connected tubes from the extra tank to the duty tank?

    Just thinking with my brain not my tri.be.

  9. When fuel is so expensive in zambia what do you expect. In addition people know even if they pay correct amounts the money collected will just be misused so what do you expect.

  10. They are now running out of means to tax and raise moneies , eurobonds gone, China not giving anymore nkongole….

    Even spare fuel for your return leg they now want to confiscate ??

  11. I hope its not reserve tanks that they are talking about. About 60 trucks seized! please remember that our copper exits through SA and our fuel comes through TZ.
    Sometimes ZRA likes “exciting” the public but nothing ends with proper resuits. What happened to abandoned trucks carring mukula at beit bridge? What about the huge tax claim from one the mines?
    Anyway if smuggling is happening, let the law take its cause but we need to trade carefully when dealing with international trade.

  12. Mr. Sikalinda said ZRA will not hesitate to prosecute anyone who smuggles items into the country as this robes Zambians the much needed resources meant to improve social welfare, Health, education and other strategic sectors of the economy.
    *****. You are just collecting for some fools to loot. All these you have mentioned never gain anything from the loot your bosses are doing. It does not make sense whether you collect or not. The bottom line is that these collections just end in your pockets and those expensive planes when people are suffering. Mwembwamwe!!!! Satany…ko.

  13. These chaps are the greatest fools on earth. Truckers come loaded with their own fuel in reserve tanks because your fuel in Zambia is just too expensive. Ati scam what scam are you talking about you fool and *****. Foreign trucks dont even bother to buy fuel in Zambia because its rediculously expensive. Even at the airport how may planes have you seen fueling. None. Why? Their planes come loaded with gas and have nothing to do with your expensive gas you *****s.
    This man is really dull or just to be seen working. ZRA you are the greatest *****s on earth….. Ati scam it just shows incompetence and stupidity – machende!!!!!

  14. Surely this was expected to happen. When the price of fuel in Zambia becomes higher than those in neighbouring countries, what do you expect? Oh…sorry we are not supposed to comment on such matters because we are not economists…..according to Dr fimo fimo!

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