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48 casinos operating without licences

Economy 48 casinos operating without licences

A lady operating a Casino in Zambia
A lady operating a Casino in Zambia

About 48 Casinos were found to be operating illegally in Zambia last year.

This is according to the findings of the Auditor General’s Office in its latest audit of the accounts of the Zambian government for the year ended 2017.

According to the Tourism and Hospitality (Casino) Regulations No. 93 of 2016, all operators of casino are supposed to obtain a licence from the Ministry to enable them operate and no person should operate a Casino, or allow to be kept, or played, on any premises, games of chance (card games or table games or gaming machines) for the purpose of gaming without a casino licence.

Contrary to the regulation, during the period under review, forty eight casinos operated without obtaining a casino licence resulting in loss of revenue amounting to K504, 000 in unpaid licences fees.

It also revealed that two (2) casino operators paid amounts totalling K1, 800 as first application registration fees instead of K21, 000 as prescribed in the Act resulting in an underpayment of K19, 200.

The report also noted the lack of Monitoring System for Casinos Contrary to the Tourism and Hospitality Act No. 13 of 2015, which required Casino operators to submit audited annual returns and remit 20% of the net monthly earnings.

It showed that audited annual returns were not submitted to the Ministry during the period under review.

“In addition, although amounts totalling K2, 217,851 were remitted as 20% of the net monthly earnings, it was not possible to ascertain whether this was the amount that should have been remitted in the absence of audited annual returns. Further, seven casino operators did not remit to the Ministry the required 20% of net monthly earnings,” it stated.

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    • I didn’t know Zambia had casinos considering Zambians like free stuff. Every gambler knows losing is what they are really playing for. Free and gambling don’t go together.

    • Chinese have no respect for the law. Even the smelters operating on the Copperbelt have no operating licences. Even when their visas expire, they don’t bother to renew them bcoz they know that PF Govt is disfunctional. If you corner them, they pretend not to speak English.

    • Hnnnnnm do this PF know what a Casino is? Can you name ali 5 so I make sense of this. Because even in Las Vegas there are no 49 Casinos.
      You can’t count a fwenya fwenya kantemba as a Casino. You mean Casino, Casino , ayali 49?? imweee kwena mu Zambia you are exaggerating things.

    • Nostradamus, its possible; just Lusaka alone has so many casinos. There are a lot of casinos dotted around the country and most are owned by Chinese, maybe that explains the lawlessness in the industry

    • Only a fooooool would play on a Chinese fruit machine as they have no rules …in UK a fruit machine is rigged by law to give out XX percentage of its input by law.

  1. Welcome to chambia where the Chinese have now even brought their bad manners of excessive gambling .

  2. flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    What you mean we have that many casinos in Zambia, perhaps only second to Las Vegas on the number of casinos operating? Or is this just a new definition of ‘casino‘… do we mean gambling vending machine which are different from casinos? I doubt Zambia has a single venue that could be classified as a casino or maybe cheap gambling pubs of sorts. Anyway they need to register and pay tax.

    • Some of you should visit your country once in a while. Such ignorance about what is going on! There are about 10 casinos just on Kafue road, Lusaka. Real casinos – blackjack, roulette, slot machines, etc. Some only use US Dollars.

    • flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      Mate, I still doubt, we are talking about ‘proper’ casinos as we know them over in the western world. I reckon you are talking about poker machines or something.

      For the guy above, @ Nostradamus, I just Googled ‘how many casinos are in Las Vegas, and the number comes back as 104 total.
      “As of January 2017, there are 104 casinos in the city of Las Vegas, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board. This represents more than one third of the 334 casinos licensed in the entire state of Nevada…”

  3. The Chinese are installing their gaming machines even in chicken runs ,because they find chambia so st up idly hospitable.

  4. Zambia is a gambling house built purely on debt and cholera. Its better to gamble with prudence and prevention .


  6. Why should a business remit 20% of their earning to the State even after paying all the taxes and license fees? This is pure robbery by the state.

  7. Casino’s in Zambia have reached advanced stages we currently have some of the biggest Casino’s to the point of global recognition even your so called westerners when they come they get baffled. Im one person who has been to Casino’s both in Zambia and in the west and I can confirm its a serious epidemic.

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