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UPND denies writing to China to stop funding Zambia’s various government projects

Economy UPND denies writing to China to stop funding Zambia's various government...

Dr Musokotwane speaking during a news briefing
Dr Musokotwane speaking during a news briefing

UPND Chairman for Finance and Economics Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane has dismissed allegations by the Patriotic Front suggesting that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema wrote a letter the Chinese government to stop funding various government projects because Zambia was facing serious debt crisis.

However Dr Musokotwane who is also Liuwa Member of Parliament has clarified and admitted that contrary to the allegations Mr Hichilema
in his letter addressed to the Chinese Ambassador only asked the Chinese government to tone down on its funding to the Zambian government because the country was in a serious debt crisis.

He says that Mr Hichilema’s letter to the Chinese Ambassador was done in good faith as he was requesting for an open relationship whose request was done in harmony.

In his letter Mr Hichilema was requesting for a continued relationship with the Chinese government as a future president and by asking how his relationship could be a win win situation to both.

And in responding to the allegations that the party leader asked the Chinese not to construct the Lukulu – Katanda road of Mangango Constituency, Dr Musokotwane has accused the PF of using that as an excuse for their failure to fulfill their promise to the voters in Mangango who had once voted for them in a by – election after telling them to vote for the PF if that wanted the said road to be constructed.

He adds that what Mr Hichilema said was to call for the recommendation that government should not borrow 1.2 billion dollars to construct the dual carriage way of the Ndola- Lusaka Road but the dual carriage way should only be done in areas where there was traffic like Katuba – Chisamba and Kapiri Mposhi of which the rest of the road can just be upgraded.

” It is not only the UPND who are not supporting the construction of the Lusaka – Ndola dual carriage way but even other government Ministries including the treasury who also feel it is not necessary to borrow that much for the construction of the road when there are other cheaper ways of constructing the road”, Dr Musokotwane has said.

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    • liars indeed. Even issues with plain evidence you want to twist them. Are you are trying to edit the letter which is already in the Chinese hands?

    • These UPND deny even their own names.
      Take credit, if China are able to read your letters then you are ready to take over loans.

    • What is relationship between this Musokotwane and Margaret Musokotwane?
      Do Musokotwane name qualifies one to be Finance Minister?

    • The original letter was published right here on LT. We all read how Mr Hichilema was imploring the Chinese to maintain a relationship with UPND since Hecky Hecky No! was soon going to be president of Zambia and to stop funding Zambian projects!
      The only good thing is that Southern Province is not Zambia.

      Damage control, rather too late. Yak jealous will kill some beings. The don’t development in their region. Stop killing other peoples’ daughters imwe.

    • They truly believe Zambians have very short memory and in some respects, we should blame ourselves for allowing these politicians to walk all over us. This is the case where the servant becomes the master and takes the piss.

  1. Lungu and the whole of PF are darn God forsaken theives , the lot of them.

    All lungu and his gang look for is borrowing 24/7 , borrowing is much easier them working and generating funds within the country to them….

    Well done UPND for trying to put a stop to this none ending borrowing….

    • Kenyan lawyer Professor Patrick Lumumba says it is voodu economics to think that one can beg or tax themselves out of poverty.
      And Professor Lumumba says there is new scramble for Africa by the Chinese, noting that their appetite for African resources is almost insatiable.
      Speaking when he hosted Prime TV reporters at his office in Kenya, Prof Lumumba charged that the relationship between China and Zambia was not mutually-beneficial because Zambia was not benefiting as much as China was.
      He observed that getting loans from China would not lift Zambia out of poverty.
      “The government of President Lungu must do that which is in the best interest of Zambia. The evidence that is there suggests to me and others that this is a relationship that is one off unequal’s, and that while we may…

    • Continued
      and that while we may have visible things in the terms of roads that are being constructed, in the terms of physical infrastructure…the question that we must ask in the long-term: ‘are these going to solve the problems of Zambia and the people of Zambia?’ The world now recognises that the true test of a country’s state is not the Gross Domestic Product (GDP); it is not the Per Capita Income. The world now has a critical question, which is the ‘gross national happiness’ of the people of Zambia. Are young people graduating from the universities having opportunities to be employed? Zambians are asking: ‘is the copper that is being mined, are we getting the right dividends from the copper?’ And the evidence that is available is suggesting to us that there is something that is…

    • Continued
      there is something that is happening that will not be good in the long-term,” Prof Lumumba observed.
      “That is why we are warning leadership that, even as you go, whatever your intentions are, remember the countries have found themselves in this situation. Don’t step on the same land mines, listen to us! We are speaking to you, not because we want to remove you from power, what we have are ideas, receive them, use the ones that are workable and use them, it is you who will have the glory. That is what we are telling the administration of President Lungu and we hope that in his wisdom, like the ocean before, he will receive all rivers because it’s through receiving new ideas that you renew your own. This misguided belief by many African countries that you can beg yourself out…

    • Continued
      …you can beg yourself out of poverty, that you can tax yourself out of poverty is classical ‘vudu economics.’ History has demonstrated times without numbers that countries must harness their resources through value-addition and through trade. It is only in that way that you are capable of lifting yourself from the quick sand of poverty to the higher block of true prosperity.”
      He said African politicians were being manipulated by their Chinese counterparts.
      “You can have black faces or African faces in the political arena, but they are merely being manipulated. We don’t want China to be the puppeteer and be the puppet. African countries must begin to interrogate the face of China in their economic and political arena. And that is the kind of approach that I intended to take…

    • Continued
      And that is the kind of approach that I intended to take [in my lecture] and of course, it’s what I would have given to the audience. In Zambia, for example, we now have Chinese hookers, why should Chinese hook? Why should Chinese be running pubs?” he asked.
      “My view is that, we should enjoy a mutually-beneficial relationship and that can only be achieved if we define our agenda and our goals. There is no evidence to suggest to me that we have clearly defined what we want, that is why we are allowing the Chinese to enter into areas, which we could ourselves be engaged in. That is why we are allowing Chinese labour to come in Africa in areas, which could be preserved for young Africans. That is my concern, am I right? I may not be right, but these ideas ought to be on the…

    • Does not matter who done what or who deny what, as long as Zambia is not lambard with more nkongole….some one must put a stop to this borrowing frenzy ……create wealth from within…

    • Continued
      …, but these ideas ought to be on the table of discussion for purposes of scribing so that if my ideas are without merit, they would be demonstrated to be without merit by force of reason, not by reason of force. And to deny one an opportunity to put those ideas on the table of negotiation is intolerance at its most absurd.”
      And Prof Lumumba noted that there was a new scramble for Africa by the Chinese.
      The initial ‘Scramble for Africa’, which characterised the Partition of Africa by European superpowers, occurred in the late nineteenth century following the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885.
      “One can see the evidence of this in many areas. If you go to countries, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa and indeed in many other countries in Africa, you see…

    • Continued
      …, you see the presence of China, and my fear is their appetite for resources is almost insatiable, which is understandable because of the population that they have to take care of. But if we continue on this trajectory in the next 50 years, the promises that we have made to ourselves under Africa Agenda 2063 will not be realised. You can see that the rise of China is not restricted only to the economic arena; they are also in the fullness of time going to afflict us with their political bacteria and that bacteria may very well inform how we conduct our politics. My view is; engage with China at the level of the economy, but define your interest. Engage with China, politically, but let us define for ourselves what democracy means to us. Engage with China in the arena of…

    • Continued
      Engage with China in the arena of security, but not in a manner that undermines our sovereignty so that in real terms, the problem is largely with us,” Prof Lumumba advised.
      “Our political leaders are not thinking of the next generation, but are ever-thinking about the next election! The Chinese are thinking for the next generation; they are asking themselves, ‘in a 100 years’ time, how will we relate with the world and with Africa?’ Because if you look at the world quite keenly, there is a sense in which there is a new ‘scramble for Africa.’ There is a new scramble for African resources and China is at the forefront of it. China is prepared, they are moving with the delicacy of a sleepwalker and we are sleeping ourselves, and they will devour us! We can only survive it if…

    • Continued
      There is a new scramble for African resources and China is at the forefront of it. China is prepared, they are moving with the delicacy of a sleepwalker and we are sleeping ourselves, and they will devour us! We can only survive it if we are smart and the sooner we recognise it, the safer we are; it is only that way that we will stop our young men and women from dying.”

    • Rejectamentas. Sick puppy behavior. Now stiffling development in their region. Extremely inhumane heartless behavior. Just listen to this morally bankrapt blind default voter. Sick.
      You will be whacked come 2021 nonetheless.

    • Proper courageous opposition is needed to ask on behalf of Zambians how many tonnes of copper, emeralds etc are being mined, are we getting the right dividends from them?

  2. So the future dreamer is telling the Chinese to wait for him to be president for them to continue lending to Zambia. If the letter has not already been used as toilet paper by the Chinese. Everyone with a brain knows that UPND and HH are a curse to Zambia and do not take them seriously.

    • The only curse is people who refuse to be enlightened or indeed educate themselves on what matters in their and families lives.. when HH is arguing for us all, there are those who think his efforts are not worthy of course until they get affected!

  3. Ati opposition. Kwati kubuta. Cluelessness, fatigue, frustration and stress painted all over their faces. They need to get serious. Opposition is more than denials, complaints and shunning national events.

    • They are a park of ungovernable goons. A cacophony of deafening shrilly whiner rejectaments. A cesspool of uncultured rejectas. The whiners pack of jealous greedy thick bellied failures capable of anything spooky. Just like the backstubbers of the adage ” jealous people never win”

  4. What is wrong borrowing $1.2 billion for investment? This road is economically a strategic asset to Zambia that is worth borrowing for and the economic benefits will outweigh the costs. UPND know that once this road is completed PF will need not to campaign as it will speak for them and that it will be the end of UPND come 2021. It will be another SONTA APO WABOMBA. This is why they are up against the funding of this project. This is becoming very unpatriotic to this country. Surely how do you write to the Chinese to curtail funding to the projects that will benefit everyone in the country including themselves. This is as good as switching off the life support machine on the patient. MWANYA BAMAMBALA TAMWAKATEKEPO ICALO until you change your mindset.

    • WTF, when we were being charged $1 million/ km for roads this is what you theives told us, that investores will come flooding in, tripping over them selves.

      Hell, $17 billion in debt later and there are no investores and we are running back to the IMF for a bailout ……you are still selling us the same crap ?

      Just say the PF need that road because they are hungry for contracts…

  5. The PF have told us.

    They are ALL in with China.

    That’s respectable. They have big balls.

    HH as usual wants to eat with BOTH HANDS.

    No wonder Mwanawasa warned us about his DOUBLE STANDARDS.

    MWANAWASA said, ” They are like b%&$ocks and will always be behind”.

    UPND praise MWANAWASA so much.They forget he didn’t want them anywhere near him especially HH.

  6. If they did well done these fcuken called leaders have over borrowed on these un audited loans they fcuken don’t even know how much they have borrowed, can’t even give u a figure of how much the country owes, some one has to put a check on this, u dunder heads only think about today, what of tomorrow

  7. Too late as the Letter from Kainde to the Chinese Govnt is in today’s Zambia Daily Mail and all Zambians have read it and concluded how HH is anti-development!!!
    By the way,look at the faces above-all bantustans..kkkkkkkk…….MAJORITY ZAMBIANS ARE FROM THE NORTH&EAST!!!SURELY CAN WE BE LED THESE GUYS FROM 3 PROVINCES?MY FOOT!!!
    Moreover,how many lives have we lost between Lusaka and Ndola?a lot,so we need a dual carriage way to save lives!!!
    Kainde must be ignored as he knows too well that once a Lsk-Ndola dual carriage way is completed,then PF will 100% win in 2021,hence being against-IT IS OUT OF FEAR AND JEALOUSE FOR ECL!!!
    Plus Kainde has written so many letters to Zambia’s well wishers because what he wants is Zambians to suffer like in Somalia,Haiti,so that they can rise up…

  8. China just opened the longest bridge over the sea and HH and his Tribal leaders and cadres think China is a Bantustan like Namwala. This Tribal grouping posing as a political party is the worst thing to ever happen to Zambia.

  9. In Chibemba we say ukuta mfya ba lunshi pa mafi, kushikapo. Ba LT could yu please reproduce our Life President’s letter of 14 October 2018 to the Chinese?

  10. Sharon, I totally agree with you that fat john was the west president and most corrupt! He brought people outside the judiciary specifically to embarrass FTJC

  11. And erase his achievements as a unionist and as the second Repubican President. In addition, to win support from people who hated FTJC!Ins the infrastructure developmenttead of working on a constitution, he spent his 8years in power on persecuting others.The foundation of development we are seeing now as a result of FTJC painful and selfvsacrifing economic decision by his cabinet,Data was there and that is why he found it easier to implement the infrastructure development in Education, health and roads.Sharon you are a good and sober analyst. We need such people like you!Keep it up!!

  12. I thought Musokotwane cannot contradict himself. In address,first it denies the allegations but admits later that hh wrote the said letter!If anything its upnd which has been cheating people in mangango for over ten years!!

  13. But this Musokotwane, how can you bring yourself so low? Your tri.bal leader said it and we read for ourselves that he said what you deny. Are you even the spokesperson for trib.al Hacks? Why don’t you leave such low life trib.al statements to low lives like Stephen Katuka or GBM? Better still, you should actually take over the leadership of upnd. It is clear that T Hacks has failed upnd, can’t even call him leader as he is illegitimate without a convention since 2006.
    Ask his trib.al brother Jay Gay.

  14. But this party is really a curse to Zambia mwebantu…..no wonder the late mwanawasa told us that this young man want to eat with both hands he is a double dealer and can’t be trusted. …..
    Very bitter ***** and very upsetting. …..HH is a witch that’s why he belongs to the mansons…

  15. I thought UPND had grown up but I was wrong. Imwe fi UPND please dont just talk for the sake of it. Who are you cheating coz I read that letter and that what he said. He told the Chinese government to stop funding Zambia. Really you are Under 5s for sure.

  16. upnd awe ku wayawaya fye ibufi,ku beja,day in day out.znbc,zesco,nrdc,state hse grounds has been sold.Pliz show us evidence.2021is slowly aproaching you wil definately cry again no doubt about it.

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