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ZCID announces a committee of elders to Chair National Dialogue between Political Parties


Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika  to be among elders to Chair National Dialogue
Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika to be among elders to Chair National Dialogue

The Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue has announced that a committee of local eminent persons to chair the national political dialogue has been constituted and is ready to proceed.

These are Chief Nga’bwe of the Lenje-Lamba speaking people of Central Province, Senior Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni speaking people of Chipata Eastern Province, Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika and Forum for Democracy and Development Vice President Chifumu Banda

ZCID spokesperson Jackson Silavwe said the eminent persons have since all agreed to take up this important national assignment to reconcile the political leaders and preside over reforms based on the four broad thematic areas namely; constitutional and Institutional reforms, separation of powers and judicial independence, tolerance, freedom of assembly and civility in politics and electoral reforms.

Mr. Silavwe said in view of this development, it is envisaged that the national dialogue process can finally take shape and take off before the end of 2018.

He said the nation, political parties and stakeholders will be briefed accordingly on a detailed roadmap onwards.

Mr. Silavwe explained that the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue embarked on the path of identifying the chairperson/s of the national political dialogue after the discussions with the leaders of the three church mother bodies namely; Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, Council of Churches in Zambia and Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops failed to agree on the process that encompasses all the stakeholders as equals in national interest.

He said on 14th September, 2018 the board received a letter from Caritas Zambia, inviting the full board of ZCID) to a ‘consultative meeting’. The board declined to attend the meeting as it was not clear in what capacity and scope was Caritas Zambia doing the same bearing in mind that the Board was directly discussing with the leaders of EFZ, CCZ and ZCCB respectively.

Mr. Silavwe added that further, political parties under ZCID have received individual letters from the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflections requesting them to attend ‘consultative meetings’ in their individual capacity.

“It is clear now to all well-meaning stakeholders why organizations affiliated to the church mother bodies such as Caritas Zambia aggressively opposed the involvement of ZCID in the national political dialogue from the outset all because of vested interests. The question is, whose agenda and interests is the national dialogue solely chaired and facilitated by the leaders of the three church mother bodies and their affiliates promoting?”, He added.

He said Political parties from both in and outside parliament under the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue convened and devised an alternative to drive the stalled national political dialogue process forward.


  1. Nonsensical where do I even start.

    They should retire and be, I RESPECT them but they are in my in way of awesomeness

    I am pulling hair as i type



    • For Our dialogue committee panel we have:
      – Grey Zulu
      – Amusa Mwanamwambwa
      – Mama Kankasa
      – Anil Silungwe
      – Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo (married)

    • Imwe stop abusing the word ELDERS. What happened to akashambatwa’s agenda for Zambia party, chifumu banda politically active and we know how his party abhors upnd, the two chiefs can carry on, but i agree with nastro abena grey zulu aka zesco of UK deserve that elder title.

    • Any meeting with UPND dubbed “Dialogue” is a waste of time. UPND wants nothing but PRESIDENCY. Please don’t waste time with losers.

  2. ZICD, is it within your jurisdiction to preside on matters beyond your traditional role, what criteria did you use to select? It is obvious that your selection is 3:1 biased towards PF.

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    Should have included a distinguished retired judge of honourable and impeccable character or a lawyer and perhaps a young person too. Of these, only Prince Aka Mbikusita Lewanika perhaps deserves to be there. I’m not too sure about the inclusion of a person who represents a current existing political party and the chiefs… I don’t know much about them.

    But above all, what would interesting and very important is their terms of reference… hopefully bias will be eliminated and the politicians respect the outcome of the dialogue. I see that the findings won’t be legal binding so they will depend on the will of those participating. I hope this isn’t just another time and money waste nonentity… we shall see!

  4. How can ZCID find people to chair etc or even be involved in the dialogue when they are not trusted. The opposition does not trust ZCID and the ruling party does not trust the church. In terms of an executive to head this dialogue process. The best is get someone from ZCID, 1 from Each of the three church mother bodies . Its the only way that something meaningful can come out of this dialogue. Alternatively, get one from ZCID , 1 representative representing the three church mother bodies and the chief Justice Ireen Mambilima(we know she’s a woman of integrity).then let these three chair. This will be balanced no one will have an upper hand.

  5. Pump sense in u5. Hes must not behave like sata shunning independence celebration. Sata was illiterate like gbm

    U5 must abandon aisha mentality if we have to consider him

  6. In order for this event to be inclusive, a Youth representative must also be appointed as well as a Women and people living with disabilities rather than simply call upon so-called
    elders in this time and age of equality issues.

  7. This is share waste of time and tax payers money. This country will never grow. Will NDC and UPND agree? and if they say not we keep on wanting the Church to take lead, who will attend your dialogue? Is PF in conflict with the to ntemba parties with no MPs in parliament like Tayali? The answer is no. the fight is between PF and UPND. The only neutral ground is the Church to bring harmon and all of us when we are grieved we run to Church for help.

  8. If you mention dialogue and upnd in the same breath, you are wasting your oxygen. Do we really need the dialogue? Look at Hacks during the last few weeks, he thought Zambia was collapsing and the people would rise and he would be named Zambia’s 7th President. Hacks just can’t read moods and politics, and for some reason thinks that Zambians have ignored his trib.alism. Jay Gay, please tell him that Zambians loathe trib.alism and for that reason alone he has been written off the list of potential Zambia’s Presidents.

  9. How can there be dialogue with a person person who cannot even distinguish between his personal politics and the struggle for independence? Much of Independence Day is about honouring the achievements of those who fought for Zambia’s liberation including Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula and Kenneth Kaunda etc etc In America the President may be Trump or Obama or any other, but all Americans celebrate and revere July 4th. But when you think with trib.e instead of brain……kaya!
    Ati “president” of upnd atase uko kwine!!

  10. …and with the hatred exhibited towards Sakwiba Sikota in 2006, you ZCID must be hallucinating to imagine that Akashambatwa Lewanika will be acceptable to upnd leaders. He is from the same region as Sakwiba isn’t he?

    • A person who passes every day tribal remarks is the big evil tribalist. Why dont you talk about issues affecting Zambians but you are fond of speaking about Tonga as tribal and yet your haert bleeds Tribal when ever you hear about any thing? You shall die with tribal and go to hell. I know some have died with High Blood pressure because of Tribal hate speech also is you (upnd cadre) hater. You are sick in your mind and waiting to go to chainama because even when you are sleeping your dreams are just tribal. Wait and see soon you will be out their necked in the street with your tribal song.

  11. Nonsense!!!ZCID should stop wasting time and resources.
    Why have dialogue with a seasoned loser Kainde?THIS IS PURE MADNESS!!!We voted for PF in 2016,so if losers cant accept that then let them hung or go to hell!!!This dialogue will not result into anything sensible because Kainde and his fellow losers only want the presidency at all costs!!HH SHOULD BE GIVEN A DISTANCE BECAUSE HE DOES NOT MEAN WELL FOR MOTHER ZAMBIA!!!Surely why seat of the same table with a person(HH) who begs donors to stop helping Zambia financially,beg investors never to bring their money into Zambia,wish our country hell daily,etc?YES LET DIALOGUE BE THERE BUT WITHOUT KAINDE-PERIOD!!

  12. Why waste you time on HH if he is not a factor? Leave him alone and talk about other issues affecting you and your PF minions. I mean why do you always talk about someone you know well in your mind that he shall never rule you and your house? Do something constructive or else chilamikalipa every time you see HH in your eyes or ears. Mukafwa na BP. You shall swell up and burst because of your hate about HH.

  13. This is a waste of time.The best dialogue is in the ballot box. Let’s just wait for 2021. Wina azalila. One thing is for certain. UPND will not agree to any terms of reference, let alone who chairs the meeting if it is not the Catholic church or Commonwealth. So let’s move on until 2021.

  14. you are JOKERS …………………… the people appointed have no capacity…… that chief from eastern is tribal and the other chief is not competent

  15. #12.1 & 14 SEMEKI, we talk about facts and you get hurt. That’s normal, the best way to avoid being hurt is to stop being tri.bal. You have not even denied the facts that we have raised about upnd trib.alism, are we telling lies? Didn’t sejani say upnd leadership is for a certain trib.e? Isn’t one prominent politician the product of that mantra issued in 2006?

  16. Elders!!?,

    Ogoo. Is this Nigeria where we talk about elders?. We should be careful in choosing elders on the basis of age. I don’t see any wisdom in the men that have been appointed.

    Why don’t they just elect a body, like House of Chiefs instead of just handpicking people without disclosing the criteria.

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