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KBF to challenge President Lungu as PF candidate for 2021 General Elections


Lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya
Lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya

Lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya has revealed his ambitions to challenge President Edgar Lungu as PF Presidential candidate for the 2021 General elections at the Party’s convention next year.

Mr. Fube has maintained that the PF Government under the current leadership has turned away from the principals of Party Founder late President Michael Sata such as lower taxes and putting more money in people’s pockets.

He said this has resulted in more suffering and increased poverty especially in rural areas which he intends to correct.

Speaking to Radio Phoenix in Mansa, Mr. Fube said Zambia is a Democratic Country and no one should be demonized for aspiring to become President.

“We must be careful even as you say KBF is an enemy, an enemy for what? Having an ambition does not make me an enemy”, He said.

Meanwhile, Confusion has continued to characterize the Patriotic Front intraparty elections on the Copperbelt.

Two weeks ago the elections in Kitwe saw an exchange of punches. Later the confusion surfaced in Ndola Central Constituency Twapia ward.

Kansenshi ward Chairperson Collins Kamala said it is unfortunate that the people that worked hard for the party for so long were sidelined.

He claimed that people from the UPND have been allowed to invade the party.

According to Mr Kalala, the ongoing intraparty elections had been hatched as a scheme to bar anyone from contesting claiming they are not loyal members.

He maintains that there is no way, the old members can be kicked out.

And the members said some officials banned because they have moved from Kansenshi ward.
They have since given a timely warning to the party leadership that they would opt to vote of other party’s if they continued to sideline them.

Recently Copperbelt Province PF Chairman Stephen Kainga said intra-party elections should not divide the ruling party.

There was another near punch up in Chingola yesterday during the ward elections which some officials have charged that the registered has been manipulated.


    • KFB – Sit down and stop wasting our time. Very weak looking like that and you think you can rule US fuseke!

    • Fuseki iwewine ka @Nubia. Lungu was looking worse than this before he too over Presidency in a dubious way. Lungu in addition to looking less well fed and unkept, he looked drunk and now he is a President and very rich. KBF looks miles better that how Lungu looked then! Oh pusssssss…

    • @1.2 Analyser
      Please respect my wife Nubian Princess ok…you don’t want to get into a physical fight with me i will break your jaw

    • @Anonymous, Fuseke. Nubia is a hole, she’s not you wife. The other day she asked Lusambo to call her. Nubia is ‘Zambia open’, if not open to the world! She even goes to the gym, so the gym instructor is also her man. So what are you on about? Even me I just have to snap my finger and Nubia will be in my bed. So stop talking nonsense!

    • Good revelation. But please watch your back. Wear a seatbelt whenever in a vehicle because it’s very common in our country for presidential aspirants to get involved in car accidents. Ask Kambwili and Kaizer

    • @Analyser – You have no analytical skills other than insulting people with alternative opinions from your shallow ones. I pity people like you. You will always wallow in poverty and insults.

      @Anonymous – Thank you for being a gentleman

    • @Nubia I apologise for my bad language against you. I was just having a bad hour. I sincerely apologise. You are a good woman, just like my mother! Let’s restore the good sense of debate that has been prevalent on this forum, of which you have been a great contributor. You might have just strayed in my firing line, wrong place at the wrong time. Again find space in your heart to forgive me, please.

    • If Michael Sata can be president of Zambia, why not KBF or anybody else for that matter? I somehow think KBF could be better than ECL. But this is just an opinion. I have never heard ECL given an extended interview where he is interrogated on many issues so that I can assess his thinking on the big issues that Zambia and the world face. I just see him give short answers to questions at airports. Anything but presidential.

    • I like what he says about the lower taxes and more money in people’s pockets. That’s the PF I remember, the same PF that banned random traffic road blocks, the same PF thaybstaryed the social welfare scheme, the same PF that increased support to farmers, the same PF that started the link Zambia, the same PF that increased salaries for civil servants, the same PF that begun improving prison conditions and so many other good initiatives under the Great MCS. Sadly these were poorly implemented and hijacked by some very greedy individuals and whom God will surely judge.

  1. Healthy for both Party and National democracy! Hope there will be tolerance leading up the convention…the top most leadership has to ensure this. Let there be no intimidation or trumped up charges to expel people. A free & fair campaign plus peaceful voting will be a huge plus for the PF come 2021 because as we know, other parties are practically dictatorships and never hold conventions.

    • The ideal presidential aspirant is one who is alive to where the fault lines lie in the Zambian political fabric, one who is also alive to the fact that new fault lines could form for that is the nature of humanity. There are also historical injustices that need addressing. Is KBF aware of them?

  2. This is the problem of being ruled by a corrupt no vision president, everyone thinks they can rule the presidency has lost value


    • BJ I agree, it must be really painful for the real PF members who sacrificed a lot of time to start PF only for MMD members to be elected to the highest positions.
      I can understand Vincent Mwale’s appointment because he is a young intelligent and likeable Minister but the most painful appointment for me is that of Dora Siliya, how in Gods name was she appointed to a position in a party where she insulted the founding father of the party continously, she stuck her middle finger to him and even accussed him of promoting homosexuality. I am not PF but on behalf of PF members I feel your pain.
      President – KBF
      Vice President Tutwa Ngulube

    • Titus Musankwa
      Vincent Mwale is intelligent?PF is indeed irreedeemable and must go.Have you heared him speak?He is supposed to be a clerk in a functional state,if you disagree check out his qualifications.He is practically a grade 12 with what he calls “an advanced certificate”

  4. KBF, it is your democratic right, please go for it. But just a realistic warning, you belong to a very uncivilized party, so expect ridicule, scorn and insults. You belong to a party that has no idea of what democracy means. That is why you have seen opposition parties are not allowed to hold meetings in a country called a democracy. But please soldier on, we will be watching from the terraces.

    • Isnt it this party where their Chief executive told carders that they should be sharing plots amongst themselves, causing total mayhem and lawlessness in the land administration of the country. The SG of this party Mwila, told carders to cut out everybody and share plots. How we miss Levy mwebanthu, this guy called SG could have been history by now. And just by this announcement, Sunday Chanda will wake up and start commenting. Since he comments on UPND as if he is a UPND member, lets here how he will link KBF to UPND. To Sunday Chanda every PF and government failure, the surest and guaranteed excuse is UPND. Too simplistic

    • GBM has also a democratic right to go for HH. The only problem is that he is a “THIEF” and the supporters of the real THIEF cannot elect him! Go to the convention GBM and HH!

    • That sounds like the NAMWALA land to me where HH has 1,000 hectares of land. Why is it that every UPND cadres takes the bitter herbs that cause HALLUCINATIONS in them?

  5. I wish some how there can be a brave person in Upnd to say the same thing about HH like KBF. Even cosmetic can do.

    • UPND members are not confused,pwer hungry and ignorant like bo pf.They know what they want.The unity prevailing in the party is what will be experienced when they form govt.Go ahead to your confused pf

    • He’s the guy who was waking up judge’s in the middle of the night having them sign court orders in there bedrooms when they had a convention in kabwe which led Lungu accend to power

    • Steve Chilapa
      Are you just getting off the bus?This is PF the digruntled ones like KBF are the ones who speak against the establishment.I can assure you that if KBF and Kambwili where ministers they would not be speaking out.Kalaba’s case is one of misplaced wisdom,for where was he before the damage was inflicted on mother Zambia?Those are the few in PF who foresaw that even mwibala will become small to feed from it as a result of incompetence.

  6. KBF go for it. It’s your right man. These bootlickers shouldn’t even stop you. And the time is just about right. Zambia needs a breath of fresh air!

    • @Ndanje Khakis, I don’t like random f00ls who just wake up and start commenting on my line of discussion. I am not Mushota, who like attention. I do have a PhD but I do not talk about it. Ndanje Khakis go back to sleep! Otherwise I will link with the American letter bombing saga! F00l!

  7. They will finish him off and before you know it he will be back begging for forgiveness. Look at what happened to kilometres sampa.

  8. KBF like ECL is a lawyer. They are both intellectually able to lead this great Nation.
    They are both intelligent. In this modern world, great nations are those ruled by intellectuals. Show me any nation which is able to manufacture cars, robots, trains, computers etc but full of dundaheads. None. You need more intellectuals in the
    Country for it to prosper. We need leaders like ECL, KBF, HH, Chipimo,Milupi and other intellectuals.
    If we elect dundaheads as MPs, Councillors, etc, i can assure you we will be using teargas and fists to sort out problems. Our friends are using brains to transform matter to exportable products, while we are busy insulting each other just because you are a dull Jerabo with dubiously obtained money. Such fools can’t develop this nation. We will…

  9. Good decision. I like the kind of politics KBF plays. Clean and time . I wonder why he is not the party Secretary General. You have my support but avoid unnecessary attacks against the party and ecl. You may need him if you beaylt him at the convention next year to win election. ECL may have love his support base but he still enjoys a good national support. Rember sir that he will be president during the same the 2021 elections and every party will be soliciting for his endorsement upnd inclusive if he chose not to stand or barred by the constitution or loose to you sir at the convention. My advise is contenue with positive criticism on both ecl and government but first engage them before you go to the media. ECL made a big blander by not making you party SG after 2016 KBF would have…

  10. I am still thinking about this man called job. Anyway we are in a democratic country, he has got all the rights especially that lungu has chosen to disappointing, imbarasing us day and night both in and out side Zambia. Little did I know that lungu can be handling important national affairs so cheap. Any one can come out like that thinking its a position to joke with. I-

  11. I mean fube bwalya Kelvin. Tata kampwililishe. Katele kalumba mukuchitako finshi Ku Madagascar?. If I was in Katele’s shoes. The best way is to turn down the appointment and say thank you. Don’t we have people of integrity here in Zambia?. Just to go for roten thing, Outdated.lungu,why have you decided to take us the ride we don’t want and give us cheap slaps in our faces?. Who is giving you all these unexpected rubish idea?. OK.

  12. “Mr. Fube has maintained that the PF Government under the current leadership has turned away from the principals of Party Founder late President Michael Sata such as lower taxes and putting more money in people’s pockets.

    He said this has resulted in more suffering and increased poverty especially in rural areas which he intends to correct.”

    Is Michael Sata’s vision or hallucinations something to be proud of? These pigs, do they ever think why we are in this situation? Now they are telling us that we start all over again with Mr Sata’s hallucinations mistakenly and ignorantly called vision even by Mr Lungu!!

  13. What is the population of Luapula province and how popular is Kalalaba? Just because people voted for him as Bahati MP does not mean that he will be a president in 15 years time.Right now he is wasting his resources.HH stands a better chance.We have had bellionaires with the same ambitions but they failed to turn it into reality.People used to to lift them like Kings, however they ended up being bankrupt.

  14. Zambia imports oil using forex and has no control over international oil prices, and as such we can explain the price adjustments. On the 2019 budget, Government must strictly adhere to it by collecting taxes in forex and not be threatened of job losses because its time this country got its resources share. The mine investors are here to make money and our treasury must collect its share for the benefit of the people. As earlier stated, lets focus on delivering on campaign promises and keep reminding our people what our goal is and NOT dwell on HH’s unfounded corruption talk. Lets vigorously go back to our people, explain and enlight them on where we coming from, what we doing and where we are going at every level of PF leadership. Negative talk by UPND about President Lungu must be…

  15. Most of @Nubian Princess comments deserve to be criticized, anyway. Not her as a person, but for the nonconstructive and despicable views pouted most of the time.

  16. There is nothing wrong with ambition and vying for positions – even if it is the highest position in the land (at least in countries that are tolerant) Whether one has the qualities for the said position is another matter. But allow people to freely challenge, sell themselves and flourish if possible.

  17. @sharon, do not deceive yourself. Being a daughter of the corrupt thieves in pf does not mean you should loose your head over hh. You seem not get it, corrupt proceeds that you enjoy will never be forever, there will come a time when what went up must come down. And for pf that you have mistaken for a church, that time to fall down, (coz pf will never climb down, will fall so noisily) that time is predictable. With so much corruption and theft of public resources and the china debts the future of zambia economically is very dark. By 2021 pf will not even need the upnd to finish it off, it will finished by it’s own follower including yourself sharon, coz that time there will be nothing to steal. By 2021@sharon, zambians will be gnashing their teeth ready to devour PF at the blot. It will…

  18. Any one can be better than lungu, common,

    a lawyer who has a criminal , KZ as political advisor ??

    A lawyer who don’t deny that he is a corrupt theif ???

    A lawyer who goes on to pardon a serial rapist and sadist musician ??

  19. Has the concourt ruled that Edgar Lungu is eligible to stand in 2021? And it will be better if the concourt passes that judgment before the PF convention so that the ground work of selecting good Presidential candidates begins now

  20. Absolutely nothing wrong with having ambitions of leading this great nation. It is your birth right KBF and it is our birth right as Zambians to have quality individuals vying for the top position. Zambia iwuke! Iwuke, Zambia iwuke, Iwuke!

  21. If Edgar isn’t ready to govern, let him resign and concentrate his efforts on campaigns for 2021. Now almost all towns have branded vehicles for Edgar 2021. We haven’t yet fully recovered from the aftermath of the 2016 elections then Edgar and his cadres put the nation in another election mode. It’s very embarrassing.

  22. These a statements that Sata had a vision to put more money in people’s pockets is misleading. Sata was president longer than Lungu has been, which Zambians did he put money in their pockets? Except for taking road & building tenders to state house & sharing them between his tribesmen like Nsanda, Kambeili, GBM, former finance minister, etc, and that’s why they were so bitter not to be in control of pf after the death of their looting godfather. Zambians were left out in the cold while Sata left a will that the family was fighting over. Just like Sata, Lungu & his gang has also just pick up looting were his predecessor left off. So no one must mislead Zambians that pf under anyone will be any better. The only problem facing Zambians in that all options are looters: upnd, same; NDC, same…

  23. Intra-party like national democracy are very important for national development. However when it is used to settle political scores or to escape investigation or any form of wrong doing it is not correct. KBF is at liberty to challange anyone including the wamuyaya (HH). What KBF needs to concentrate on is not politics of blame. The populist slogans of more money in people’s pockets and lower taxes are just slogans. Petrol prices are not determined by a Zambian Govt. Less tax and more money in people’s pockets does not add up. More revenue for the Govt means more services (Roads, clinics, schools, hospitals etc) provided to the public or citizenry. KBF should think very carefully about the real message if he has to go any where worthwhile up the political system in Zambia.

  24. KBF way to go my man, my President sky is the limit. The country has really gone to the dogs and I personally feel you could be the right person for our once Great Party PF. You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it. My only advice My Man, My President, is do not despair go for it. Viva KBF

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