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A Pastor accused of raping his 22 year old maid commits suicide

General News A Pastor accused of raping his 22 year old maid commits ...

Zambia Police

A Pastor of Valley of Hope Ministry, Amos Chisanga aged 30 committed suicide yesterday 25th October, 2018 at about 08 30 hours in Kabanana by hanging himself inside his children’s bedroom using cross belts.

Brief information received is that the deceased pastor was being alleged to have raped his 22 year old maid.

On the material day at about 08 00 hours, the deceased sent his children to buy sweets while his wife was still asleep. Immediately the children left, the deceased locked his wife inside the bedroom where she was sleeping, and went to his children’s bedroom where he committed suicide by hanging himself on the wall plate.

The wife was awakened by the loud music and forced the door open after she discovered that it was locked from outside and found her husband hanging in the children’s bedroom. She later alerted the neighbors who assisted to cut the string to help save him as he was found still struggling for breath but he later died.
The body was picked and taken to UTH mortuary.

In a related development, a 36 year old man identified as Mackey Phiri of no fixed abode committed suicide after taking doom. This occurred yesterday 25th October, 2018 around 21:30 hours in Chilenje whilst attending a funeral. He was rushed to Chilenje Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Police visited the scene and found an empty bottle of doom pesticide. The body is lying in Chilenje Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

In Luapula Province, Police in Chembe have arrested Collins Musonda aged 32 of Mushili Village , Chief Kasomalwela in Chembe District for allegedly defiling his 15 year old step daughter on 20th October, 2018 around 21 00 hours at the above mentioned village.

The victim revealed the sexual abuse to her mother stating that it was the second time her step father was sexually abusing her since April, 2018 and that she could not disclose the abuse to anyone because the suspect threatened to kill her if she did.

The suspect is detained in police custody charged with defilement and will appear in Court soon.
Meanwhile, two people died in an accident which occurred on 25th October, 2018 between 05:00 and 06:00 hours at Nemfwe Bridge in Chief Macha area, along Macha – Chikanta Feeder road.

Involved was a motor vehicle, Hino Ranger registration number ABT 2654 driven by Midias Munkombwe aged 44 of Chinika Compound, Lusaka who was driving from east to west with two passengers on board namely, Masauso Mwanza aged 39 of Garden House, Lusaka who died on the spot and John Kajombo aged 26 of Kanyama Compound, Lusaka who died upon reaching Macha Mission Hospital.

The accident happened when the motor vehicle rolled back the uphill whilst ascending and in the process, the two passengers jumped off the moving motor vehicle. The bodies are in Macha Mission Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

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    • The brand of Christianity promoted by late Chiluba was always going to end in this sort of thing. But when you come to think of it even Catholics clerics have abused children. Today there is a report on the BBC world service radio of children being abused i an Islamic school in Nigeria. So what to do now? Why is this allowed by the most high? Don’t expect a rational answer from believers.

    • Good Riddance. Hes going straight to Hell.

      Word of advise for Zambia females. Stop believing and loving Pastors. They are not God. You are better off praying in your house with your family.

    • 1.5 Nubian Princess: The fellowship function of religion still remains useful. At the Islamic school in Nigeria, a teacher tied a 4-year-old boy’s hands together and left him in the hot sun in order to make him confess to stealing a cellphone. The hands later swelled up after circulation was disturbed. Instead of rushing him to hospital the teacher administered some concoction. By the time he was taken to hospital it was too late as amputation of the hands became the only available option to save his life. I later saw the poor boy on BBC “Focus on Africa” tv programme. I looked at the ceiling, looked down and wondered if I was in the 21st century or 1350. We need to create UN colonies to sort out these problems.

  1. why is it had to control erection? just go out running.
    Wish Kanene hang himself because he is becoming addicted to sex crimes. or maybe he is innocent.
    Even though pastor may have been innocent. really sad.

    • That’s the question. In Zambia everyone standing behind a pulpit can call themselves Pastor. Most of them are ravenous wolves in sheep clothing that Christ warned us about in the Holy scriptures.

  2. I don’t trust most of the new wave of Pentecostal Pastors. A church full of youths and having overnights almost every other week. If they are not committing adultery, their message is always about planting a seed and how to get rich. The true church’s primary objectives is to prepare it’s members to save their souls in Jesus’s name regardless of their social status and God out of his mercies may grant them blessings of his choice. The 11 disciples with the exception of betrayer, if not all died poor and yet were rich in the eyes of the Lord. This pastor decided to use the Judas Iscariot formula, instead of asking for forgiveness and bear the consequences. Shame!

  3. Why are they even called pastors when we don’t have pastors anymore. I pray from home. Recently a woman without brains in her head took her money to a pastor to help her buy a house and this so called pastor swindled her.

  4. flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    So much for the ‘Christian Nation’ (my @$s).

    What a country! The amount of hypocrisy in this country is truly remarkable!

    Now there’s a proliferation of fake ‘Prophets’. Even my sister has been brainwashed into believing these fake prophets who just keep on swindling her of her hard earned cash… it’s crazy man!

  5. How do you conclude with a matter fact that someone committed suicide by taking Boom just because you found a bottle of boom laying around? Meanwhile, the post mortem isn’t even done yet? Lazy was Journalism! That’s what happened when you produce journalist from leaked examination. Next time, use the world,”allegedly”

  6. All these so-called pastors and preachers should be hanged. They only confuse the already brainless people…

  7. Too bad to lose so many lives, inclusive of the unreported cases. Counseling services should be encouraged .In the past before independence people lived in communal extended family set up. The men would sit in the ‘Nsaka’, and they shared problems and offered solutions. Nowadays, with the nuclear family set up which is only man, wife and children. People feel trapped when they are faced with problems as they have no one to confide in, who can keep their secrets and help them out of the problem. Coupled with lack of faith in God, they feel alone and the spirit from the devil of suicide weights them down until they take their lives. As intercessors we need to pray against this evil trend. Society and families should also be alert and sensitive to offer loving, non judgemental counsel for…

  8. 30years old in Zambia ati I’m the pastor olo prophet.! Ata sey! It’s impossible here! Thoughtless Zambian women trouble their husbands who work tirelessly for moneys just to give the pastors onyenga ati God will bless us…

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