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Canceled examinations to commence on 31st October and end 30th November -Education Minister

HeadlinesCanceled examinations to commence on 31st October and end 30th November -Education...
Energy Minister David Mabumba with ZESCO Managing Director Victor Mundende during ZESCO "New Strategic Road Map" launch at Lusaka Radisson Blu Hotel on Thursday, 11th May 2017.
Minister of General Education David Mabumba

The Ministry of General Education has announced that the recently canceled examinations will commence on 31st October and end 30th November 2018.

General Education Minister David Mabumba said grade 7 composite examinations will commence on 5th November 2018 and end on 9th November 2018, Grade nine examination will commence on 2nd November 2018, end on 26th November 2018 while Grade 12 examinations will commence on 31st October 2018 and end on 30th November 2018.

Mr. Mabumba said the time table has been prepared to allow for replacement of tempered examination papers adding that disciplinary action will be taken on all the erring officers.

And Mr. Mabumba said investigations into the leaked 2018 Mathematics Paper 2 examination have revealed that 248 schools administered the examination paper due to communication challenges.

He said investigations further revealed that 77 examination centers tempered with the envelopes of the 2018 Mathematics Paper 2 papers and some of them attempted to seal the envelopes with super glue or other adhesive materials with the highest numbers in Southern, Central and Copperbelt provinces.

Mr. Mabumba said investigations also revealed that the mushrooming tuition centers in most parts of the country have caused more harm than good as they are a conduit to leakages and examination malpractices.

Addressing a media briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. Mabumba said six 2018 Grade 9 examination papers that were tempered with in the districts and schools will be replaced.

He added that his Ministry will collaborate with all line Ministries, security wings and Communities to ensure the safe custody and successful conduct of examination materials.


  1. Please tell us about the ANIMO FARM who caused this to happen. He should be made to be neighbours with HAKAINDE at a Mukobeko Hotel.

    • MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ……….You have a hatred for HH. I wonder whether you even sleep over this name.

      He has really diminished your power to reason.

      Get a life dear Sharon before you collapse with rage.

      Unfortunately the person you hate so much is having a cup of coffee in his home and has literally no hatred for the likes of you.

      I feel for you really….

    • Schools and districts do not have strong rooms. ECZ must ensure that all district offices have strong rooms and a deliberate policy be put in place where DEBS are not allowed to have access to their own strong rooms but can have access for another district’s strong room. That way, there will be no ichibeleshi!

    • These delays is like the new FiFA rules of Assisted Video Referee. It’s so boring.
      Diving in 18 box and leakeage is part of game. After all they may even miss penalty.
      How many times my teachers leaked questions to us, we still fail exams. Fwe fikopo we now in the ruling party.


    • Sharon, are you in your dying age or from another country because in Zambia people do not harbour resentment like you do. You will be surprised to know that ECL and HH talk privately. Muleishiba utuntu.

    • HaSHUTO, you H-a right. Zambians do not harbor resentment on President Lungu like HAZALUZA HAGAN, Larry Mweetwa, BoSpakata, Nose Demon, Whistle, NEDCOZ inferiority Complex, HaShuto and UPND do. I do not either harbor resentment on the Privatisation Thief who has taken the money to PANAMA.

  2. Corruption has permeated the fabrics of our society. If the head is rotten, what do you expect of the rest of the body?
    ECZ is rotten. Wrong people are given portfolios which don’t suit them because they are not equal to the task. They were corruptly appointed into those positions.
    Those are the very guys who leak the examinationsbecause of their quest for corrupt money.
    PF and Lungu have really reversed the development of our country.

  3. Bossele… If u fail to tell the nation to whom it was established and leaked the paper(s) then we as nation will automatically said its you and your related personnel that leaked the paper(s). Sorry to tell you this Bossele but please we’re demanding to tel us….

  4. today I was watching tv news and there was news on maninga police station having no vehicles. yesterday I was watching a crip on opposition condemning government for increasing budget on police. now what should the government do? clearly this country has opposition that is not helpful at all.

  5. Are the exams going to be written side by side? Is this feasible in most basic schools in Zambia? Mr Mabumba take this concern seriously before you ruin our education.

  6. Grade 9 clarity should be made. The Grade 9 are they going to sit for all the exam papers or the ones they have already written remain valid?

  7. Ba Minister mwalasapo nga palwino. These Tuition Centers must be banned as they are a shame and a bunch of teachers there, are just criminals who deserve nothing but scrapped off their credentials and sent to jail. They obtain money for examinations leakages from pupils when it’s exam time meaning they know the source where they get these papers. It is also sad to note that some of these teachers obtain monies for examinations from pupils but do not enter for them and disappear when it is exam time. Viva Education Minister.

  8. Leakages are not done by hard copy they come as soft copy and so focus should have been how to seal soft copy leakages from ECZ

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