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I will not give up -Miyanda Katiwa


Happier Times; Miyanda inspecting her then vegetable farm

Prominent farmer and celebrated Human Resources Practitioner Miyanda Katiwa has vowed not to give up after the bank reportedly grabbed her assets.

Some media reports have indicated that Stanbic Bank has grabbed Miyanda’s assets such as her Tomato farm, equipment and vehicles after she allegedly failed to pay back her loans.

The reports further indicated that Miyanda has apparently fled to her native Zimbabwe as her debts keep mounting.

A check at her Pamushana Farms over the weekend found the once busy Tomato and vegetable farm deserted with no activity.

But Miyanda who deactivated her social media accounts after the story broke has now resurfaced assuring her friends and followers that she will bounce back.

She vowed to “make lemonade from these lemons” adding that she has an entrepreneurial spine that is made of steel which is unbreakable, unshakeable and unstoppable.

Below is her full statement

My Facebook family

I want to take a moment to convey my most sincere gratitude to everyone who has stood firmly with me during this little bump in my entrepreneurial journey.

For every person who called to check on me, every email, WhatsApp message, Instagram DM, tweet and screenshots I have received leaves me speechless by the love and support from my fellow countrymen and women and indeed those amazing supporter’s around the world. Until now I didn’t realise the extent and positive impact that my life has had on the lives of so many people.

I have walked this journey as an entrepreneur for 14 years, those who have known me since I started know that I have faced and overcome immense challenges through out my journey.

Those who know me well also know that my entrepreneurial spine is made of steel, unbreakable, unshakeable and unstoppable

A lioness no matter how skillful a hunter she is goes hunting knowing very well that a zebra’s kick can break its jaw or a Buffalo’s horn can rip its stomach. When a lioness gets wounded she does not give up hunting because she has cubs(children) to feed, the hunt must and will go on.

The measure of success of an entrepreneur It is not by the number of times they fall but whether they choose to give up, curl up in the corner, blame God, cry and curse God or whether they choose to wake up, dress up, show up and give it another shot.

I am still working as hard as I have always done, I have no intention of crying, or feeling sorry for myself, I am never one to give up because I know God restores that which the locusts and cankerworms have stolen.

Allow to me to make lemonade from these lemons I hold in my hand and from the stones thrown at me I am making stepping stones back to my greatness because that is my God given destiny.

Thank you for your prayers, the emotional and financial support is indeed overwhelming and a testimony that God is still on the throne.

Now let’s get back to work because bills must still be paid, debts cleared, children educated and jobs must be created.

God bless you all and have a beautiful day full of love and success.


  1. Very few women have succeeded in life. They fight for equality black black black but they don’t get anywhere. The ones who seem to succeed in politics and business they do because of bottom power. They sleep with their bosses.

    • Interesting, so Stambic couldn’t maintain the vegetables and make profit out of it?
      Sounds like Mosho grabbing The Post newspaper and make millions from PF’s ZRA income.
      Waste of resources.

    • I conquer with you Lombe. it is very common now even in places of work where you find women being used at the expense of getting a payrise or a promotion. Women please wake up. You can do better than using bottom power to climb the ladder. Twasebana pafula! Keep your dignity and respect. better be a no body with pride than somebody with shame written all over your face just because you needed that much rise or promotion. Ifiko!

    • Miyanda, you are not a Lioness but you have drive. Stop tooting your horn and go back to the drawing board. You will come out of this. But this is a time for you to shut up and reflect. Forget about people for a minute.

    • Wishing this young lady the best. A lesson to my fellow Zambians STAY AWAY FROM BANKS AND LOANS. The climate in this country doesn’t favour anyone getting a loans, if even ministers are brought down by banks who are you and me just ordinary broke souls trying to survive despite the many challenges when doing business be it paying ZRA, Napsa, Pacra etc etc STAY AWAY FROM BANKS…

    • I am not falling for this half cooked story by this naive young girl who happen to have received bad business advice and is sadly paying the price; they get a small revenue stream and run to the bank….you got a loan didn’t read the small print you default and you start calling the bank names in the press: you think the bank gave you the loan because you are a little pretty face? She is simply crying sour grapes …everyone knows foreign banks in Zambia are making a killing from you and overseen by incompetent regulators.
      Welcome to business my dear as Warren Buffet stated
      ‘Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.’

    • There has been many stories of Stanbic involved in grabbing assets from their clients. While I understand that its part of the agreement to do so when getting the loans, I strongly feel that due diligence is not done on the side of the bank. These are situations where loan managers approve loans because of kickbacks without giving much attention to the performance of the business. As someone noted recently, banks are now shylocks and have no investment relationship managers to help their clients grow.

    • The moment you declared that you’re a PF cadre i lost all manner of respect for you. Zambia is better off without you. I hope Stanbic manage to get litigation through the international courts

  2. Lessons learnt from this experience will be valuable for the future of our lady. We need more lady entrepreneurs. But pliz our lady also learn to focus. Hw much time did u spend on all those social media accounts listed abve. Was it time well spent. Social media sucks time.

  3. She joined PF last year hoping to be protected from having her business being grabbed by the bank.

    Where are you PF when someone really needs you

  4. This lady’s heart seems to be in the right place. Her spirit also seems positive. I don’t know her full story, but if I can be allowed to advise, I think vegetable farming is not what makes a million bucks. It’s like farming maize. I have seen many friends do tomato, I have seen them smile & then cry when they list expect it because of fluctuating prices. Vegetable farming should be a supplement. Look around at what real commercial farmers are doing & it makes them rich. Animal husbandry, fish etc, just saying. With these you can pay off these banks

    • Clearly maize is one crop that is cash sucker with slim returns…commerical farmers dont touch it unless it for feeding their animals.

    • Clearly maize is one crop that is cash intensive with slim returns…commerical farmers dont touch it unless it for feeding their animals.

  5. Farming business in Zambia can be lucrative. But what is destroying farming businesses like this are cadres. Imagine you take your tomatoes to the market, these chaps are paid K 15.00 per box or K 10.00 per box for doing nothing. If in day 500 boxes are sold these chaps rip between K5,000 and K7,500 per day for doing nothing. Compare this to the cost of farmer of seed, ploughing, harvest, transportation etc. That K10 or K15 given to a cadre in market would go a long way to support the farmer instead of it going to someone doing nothing. How do we promote agriculture in such an environment? This has been going on from the UNIP era to date. Shame.

    • Much as you are going the right way ,you terribly have your facts wrong ,please check your facts carefully before you post .No one pays that much in the market .They are paid a commission and its 10% if you use their boxes and 7% if you don’t .Others even negotiate lower .You can even opt to sell on your own in the market no one forces you .Stop misleading people .

  6. I have seen most of them doing fine (market cadres), building mansions and buying expensive motor vehicles while a farmer looks very poor. They are bullies and will dictate to you to pay them per bag of vegetables or box of tomatoes. This is why some people have now resorted to selling in the streets where they pack their vans as opposed to the market where they can sell in bulk. Sad state of affairs.

  7. did not politics help her? Miyanda lost advisors when she joins a bunch of cadres, especially the ruling one……… Today anyone associated with PF is feared and treated as a spy or turncoat ……………..
    Fellow Zambians, Chilala Constain is next……………….watch the space

  8. Sometimes,it is important to keep away from social media,like facebook,if you are doing business.The same people on social media will make you fail.It is important not to let what your right hand is doing known by the left hand.
    People would rather see you fail than seeing you progress.You better keep your low profile so that you disturb traps from your enemies.In this country where there is too much pull him or her syndrome,one is better off working in a private lane than a public lane.
    Nevertheless,its only a fool who will keep down when he fails and never rises again.We all make mistakes and rise from the ashes.Never give up my sister!!

  9. She borrowed and must pay back. My sadness stems from the fact that had she succeeded many poor Zambianservice would have benefited. How did she go wrong?

  10. Default is just business, it is not a crime. Move on and succeed, the bank can only get your property to the extent of collateral pledged.

  11. A very hard working woman and genuine for that matter. Miyanda, we are with you all the way including in our prayers. Just keep away from that political party that has brought misery to a lot of Zambians.

  12. Don’t get loans from the bank and your join the ruling party hoping not to pay back.

    A bank loan has condition that needs to be fulfilled whether cadre or not.

    • They have no understanding of simple principles…you will be surprised at the old vehicles these seasoned commerical farmers drive …these new comers like this girl want to drive Range Rovers instead of pumping money into their farms to pay them!

  13. Miyanda just shut up. I actually thought you worked tireless to own whatever you had. little did I know that you got a loan from the bank. I remember meeting you with your chi posh ford ranger kanshi it was from the loan. young lady, torn down.if I were you I would keep quite and not make noise. we don’t need to hear your next step. learn from this. avoid loans if you can and just work hard from the little resources you have. you can make it like that.
    here you are now, you used to outshine us but now you are in slumber. accept defeat and look at like from another angle. dununa reverse.
    My humble advise is careful. don’t show off!! live within your means. I hope that man wont run away from you after being declared bankrupt muntu wandi. sad chikashana.

  14. Humble your self Miyanda, knowledge of the business you are venturing in is very important, stop yapping and pay back the money.Learn to start small so as to assess your business before you borrow,social media wont save you

  15. Please learn to lift your friends when they are down criticizing her is not a good thing at all,we are all Zambian we should learn to comfort each when ever need arises. To me she will remain a Heroine forever no matter what, she demonstrated to all of us that with a focus a lot can be archived full stop.

  16. we have savages on these blogs, instead of comforting Miyanda, the chaps want to treat her like a villain. Some of these chaps posting are just being kept in these homes. Miyanda, let these thugs posting evil not demotivate or demoralize you. Most of them are just spineless little creatures with a skull on their head which is supposed to house the brain but instead there is just water in there.

  17. The problem in this country is that you have a death at UNZA, the president is quite, you have leakages of exams he is quiet, Ministers have not paid back the money for illegal stay in office the president is quite, people purchase a fire tender for 1 million dollar one, he is quite and if I were him I would have been the first one to censor my colleagues and said, assuming there was no corruption this is still not prudence. The POA is abused, and the leader of the country is quiet and not questioning the perpetrators. People are loosing properties due to harsh economic climate, he is quite. Say something , Surely what type of Leadership is this, I don’t like HH but it now means I have no alternative. PF not again for me, Sorry. I was even better in MMD economically.

  18. its not the first time she has been bankrupt, she needs to learn money management , humility and stop being a show off, be real and live within her means, no bank will lend you money Miyanda with your history.i won’t sympathise with you and be a hypocrite.

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