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ZANASU Hosting SADC Students Summit In Zambia, An Embarrassment On Nkandu Luo

HeadlinesZANASU Hosting SADC Students Summit In Zambia, An Embarrassment On Nkandu Luo
Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo
Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo

Former Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU) Vice President Prince Ndoyi has described the opportunity given to ZANASU to host the Southern African Student Union (SASU) summit in 2019 as an indictment on Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo whom he said should be embarrassed that the union she labelled illegal has won Zambia international acclaim.

And Ndoyi has called on former student leaders to support ZANASU by collectively voicing out their encouragement to the student body.

Ndoyi who is now a principal policy analyst in the office of the National Secretary at the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) observed that the move by SASU implies that the Zambian government has been recognised in advancing the welfare of students in the region and that anything less than support from government would negatively affect not only ZANASU standing in the region but Zambia as a whole.

He said any funny gymnastics from the Higher Education Minister to prevent ZANASU from hosting the SASU summit would imply that President Lungu supports her all out attack on students unions, banning their existence and exterminating the critical voices of students of which he believes the opposite is the truth.

“We all await the position of government on this milestone achievement. Because by implication the Zambian government has been impliedly recognised as making strides in advancing the welfare of students in the region especially during the liberation struggle. This opportunity given to ZANASU is not in isolation but a collective achievement, and therefore exposes our Minister of Higher Education on all accounts.

“This is an indictment on the minister who has gone on an all out attack on students unions, banning their existence and exterminating the critical voices of students,” he said.

The out spoken young politician warned that the event is not political but that it will turn political if Prof Luo tries to be funny something he said would reflect badly on President Edgar Lungu.

“This is not a political event, but I want to warn her that the moment our Minister of Higher Education will try any funny gymnastics this issue will now become political and reflect badly on President Lungu who until now I believe doesn’t agree with her entirely on this issue of banning students activities at the main three public universities.

“Isn’t this an embarrassment on Madam Nkandu Luo, that the ZANASU she calls illegal has won Zambia an international acclaim on students academic freedoms? Refusing to host this summit, is also in a way denying Zambia’s role in the liberation struggle. Because this decision by the SASU Executive was arrived purely in recognition of that fundamental role Zambia played especially students unions in the liberation of the region,” he said.

He further called on former student leaders to protect the milestone in the country’s student’s politics by supporting ZANASU and ensuring that the event is successfully hosted.

He urged PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza who is a current honorary member of ZANASU to categorically come and support the hosting of the summit.

“We want to hear the voices of former students leaders come out strongly here who are also former ZANASU leaders themselves, Cornelius Mweetwa, Steve Kyengula, Christopher Kangombe, Antonio Mwanza. Fortunately the current PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza is a current honorary member of ZANASU as bestowed in the last congress of 2017 for his impeccable leadership in the students movement during his tenure as UNZASU president.

The young leader has since called on Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo to let go of her past differences with ZANASU.

“I want to take advantage of the same to humbly call upon our Minister to reconcile with ZANASU, let the bitter ends go, and we collectively open a new chapter,” he said.

Ndoyi was reacting to the announcement by the SADC students regional body SASU yesterday to host end of year regional executive summit by ZANASU in Lusaka Zambia in December, while sitting in Johannesburg South Africa.


    • Prince Ndoyi is a dull graduate. Doesn’t he know that government can cancel any meeting deemed illegal since it is being spearheaded by an illegal organisation? More than 50% of the Zambian population voted for PF and not MMD or UPND. ZANASU is an illegal organisation which will die soon.

    • When I was studying research methodologies, I was cautioned to check the source and sponsors of any research including biases before quoting such source. I see a little boy here attacking veterans with unfounded and unsubstantiated inferences. Is NDOYI an ANIMO FARM too?

    • Nshatalamonapo. Professor who oppresses students?
      All professors I have met have been very friendly and helpful to students

  1. Without exception they are all employed as party cadres in PF, upnd, MMD etc, I mean the student union leaders. So don’t be cheated that they fight for student rights when they are actually on payroll.
    And if the student congress is meant to embarrass our ministers then the delegates must not be allowed entry into Zambia, simple.

  2. And is he the spojesperson of ZANASU? Really embarrassing these students. And useless too, a graduate becoming a party cadre sure even if called policy analyst you are just a party cadre. Hoping that in future he can be a minister and get rich without working. Corruption in the making, imagine when they become ministers as career party cadres, accumulate wealth as they are not not professionals, or too dull to acquire any profession.

    • You are very right. It shows how deprolable our education system is. Wasting tax payers money giving them allowances while at school only to become a very narrow minded carder. If he could reason in such a narrow way as he has portrayed what sort of analysis does he provide his party, later on Zambia if his party came into power?

  3. she is never embarrased………… she like her collegues is se bane u i kute……………
    ta bakwata isoni………..balibelela

  4. she is female and has a family………… she is just on the wrong footing………when you are on the wrong side , you can say anything to please yor boss but your conscience is haunted…….one day she will wake up to reality and speak of the wickedness of her party……….. Ask Kambwili, kalaba…………….maybe tutwa except that he fears to get burned by his big bossess

  5. I can’t see what is embarrassing here. Is it a question of “we shall see”. Come people let’s get serious for once. Besides that meeting cannot be held without government’s go ahead.

    • There is no need to antagonize Government officials with student representative. The policy of shifting from student unionism or student activism is into student guild is plausible and viable. The student riots need to be approached through student governance. How does a poor developing country allow its youthful future leadership to use wanton destruction of property and human life as a standard way of resolving differences instead of using dialogue and negotiations? The guild policy must be supported by all well meaning stakeholders in order to put an end to never ending student riots.

  6. PF is very unpredictable……….. Even enterprenuers are having trouble in their business planning because of PF unpredictable policy……..Remember PESTEL and SWOT in business analysis…………… political , econmical, legal unstable

  7. Don’t provoke her or else this so called meeting won’t even take place. You are all at her mercy since we live in a dictatorship.

  8. She called ZANASU illegal? Really? Is this woman normal? Illegal calling legitimate office holders illegal. Nomuntu tabipapo fi mwe. Ukubipila kumo nomutima? Yaba! Ifibantu fyabipa. Nokulowa ichi chimuntu kuti chilalowa.

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