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Don’t lose hope, help is on the way, HH tells Zambians after meeting KK


Dr Kaunda chats with HH during the meeting
Dr Kaunda chats with HH during the meeting

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has reassured Zambians not to lose hope as help is on the way.

Speaking when he visited founding President Dr Kenneth Kaunda at his New Kasama residence, said Zambians should not despair.

Mr Hichilema said the UPND was ready to work with other stakeholders for the betterment of the people.

“We visited our country’s First President, Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda at his residence in Lusaka this morning. We thanked him for the wise counsel and his selfless leadership to the country,” Mr Hichilema wrote on his Facebook page.

“We wished him good health and like he stated; We are ready to work together as a people for the betterment of our country. Fellow Zambians, do not lose hope because help is on the way,” Mr Hichilema said.

Dr Kaunda “blesses” HH after the meeting
Dr Kaunda “blesses” HH after the meeting


  1. Which help, from where? If you say help is on the way from God l will agree with you, but if you’re referring to yourself, there’s no help coming forth to Zambia. You and your part to holder Upnd are a huge shame to Zambian politics.By the way KK supports PF

    • No, I totally disagree with that.KK does not support PF.He operates like a civil servant.KK works with the government of the day. Leave the old man out of politics. As for HH, my dear if you happen to become President of this country one day you will have mountains and mountains of work to repair the damage done to this rich but poor country. It will be a real uphill battle.

    • KK is like a fish, he follows the river-of-people. KK don’t like to be associated with theft. Look at KK’s children, they look and behave like civil servants, ORDINALY.
      HH is a self-made billionaire, but he looks and behaves way down-to-earth than Ester Lungu’s husband. From nowhere he start to bankrupt others, umutima ububube ama lawyers bamu Lusaka.

    • This guy is now acting like those fake prophets…just because he owns a mansion in new kasama he thinks he can take care of the entire country…this Guy is now hallucinating…at the end of the day all he needs is to get into state house even if it means saying bull*&#%…..
      HH if people in Southern Province treat you like a small god just remember that the majority of Zambians just see you as an opportunist and they will never vote for you come 2021….and please you should retire after 2021

    • HH don’t give yourself false hope….KK is a human just like you…bowing down to KK and KK putting a hand on your oval head doesn’t necessarily mean you will get 50 + 1 votes

    • Very foolish Politician…acting like he cares so much for Zambia and yet he is already dreaming of selling whatever Lungu will leave behind to the Chinese….HH just wrote a letter to the Chinese begging for money and imagine if he becomes President which is most unlikely anyway

    • God helps those who help themselves, and Scripture declares that God has given us Dominion over every created thing, so if you still think that God is the one who will make things better, you are wasting your time, God uses what you have in your hand to bring change, and can use HH to better things for mother Zambia.It is your kind of thinking that has made us to be where we are today because if we had voted wisely in 2016 we would not have been where we are today, change your perception of things.

    • That’s exactly what happens to men in mid life crisis.

      Don’t use Ba Panji to prop yourself up … kosafye mune.

      Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us ~ B R Mumba, Sr

    • “HH is a self-made billionaire with stolen money shipped to a tax haven in PANAMA!” Larry Mweetwa says it is LAUGHABLE.

      Delusional means
      “characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder.”
      That said, civil education needs to be inculcated in some these so called leaders seeking political office to form Government. In the US, someone will ask him ” what have you been smoking lately n*gger?

  2. Desperation is more dangerous in politics. Presumably Hichilema has forgotten that our indomitable KK warms up to every visitor and Zambian. Sadly, the youngman takes it for political capital to abuse the oldman. Against Mwanawasa, KK openly supported Anderson Kambela Mazoka and put his hands on him. Did the more mature and sober Andy ever serve in the Republican Presidency?

    • With this kind of desperation makes me wonder how many witch-doctors HH have visited in his bid to enter plot 1. UPND just needs to rebrand and come clean on the only a Tonga tag.

    • Good to have you back Senior Citizen. I am sure the respite from all the scandals that have rocked your PF boat has helped. Funny how this meeting with ‘KK and HH’ as pointless as it may be, has made you leave your sabbatical abruptly.

    • UPND needs to take 200 people to UNZA to study Political Science. When they graduate take 10 to the U.S. to do PhD and masters in Political Science. When they come back choose the top most to be into the leadership. They must be free of contamination of TRIBALISM. Choose one who has a great persona as a leader and the 100+ people from UNZA let them stand as MPs. Your team must be mixed (NOT ONLY TONGA), preferably people who have lived on the Copperbelt (There is no that nonsense there). This group must then be tasked with educating the TRIBAL-LEANING cadres at the grassroot that Zambia has 73 ethnic groups and must be inclusive if we are to win. The graduates will address any tribalism (NAMWALA) immediately and then sell UPND as NOT a tribal INSTITUTION as now is. Then UPND will have a…

    • chance! Otherwise FORGET! ALso, your ONLINE cadres tells us how HH thinks. You got a long shot to change the mindset of TRIBALISM from the TONGA people, my friends. All the best HH, the loser.

    • When someone tells you that he is giving you help it simply means he sees you as a beggar who should have no say in whatever he does for you. You have heard it here first. Watch it if he gets the presidency and you will remember these words.

    • Sharon, I don’t think that’s your name, you are man—no doubt, if you “humble” thief won, why did he not give up the instruments of power and let the petition be heard… he feared the outcome even though it was a kanagaroo court that he himself appointed! Also Essau “ischariot” Chuulu must go!!

    • That is were it made a mistake. 14 days mean 14 days. Take all tribalism-prone cadres of your H-organisation to school then take them for prayers to remove the problem which runs in bloodline.

  3. Most of the Zambian particularly those on the CB think we are better off with Lungu and HH.HH is a very difficulty commodity to sell.

    • It is because the packaging of this commodity is pathetic. This commodity is notorious, well known but not in a good way. Notoriety is not popularity. The other product of popular Zambian votes known as Lungu, however, is a “Hurry while stocks last”, commodity. Very popular and sellable. The producers of the notorious product of Zambian rejection must improve its packaging or else wind up business. A timely warning, don’t say I didn’t warn you come 2021.

    • I like the statement by Kabuswe that ‘IF’ becomes prevident! If if if if ……..and unfortunately there will be no if!!!

  4. He laid hands on ecl. Has that produced a good leader.

    Lpm was never anointed instead in 2006 this man was already baptized by kk to take over. He thinks kk is God

    Zambian needs answers

    What’s hh position on BRE

    How will hh address Chinese business in Zambia

    How Will hh handle project s already started by PF

    What about intra party democracy in upendi.

    Why did he reject bill of rights

    Why dint he condemn Namwala ethnic violence

    The man is GREY

    • In addition, for anyone willing to check, look for the ‘How it will be done’ in all UPND promises, its completely GREY. Just get one sector, compare what they say they will do and in it, look for the ‘How’. In most cases, very GREY.

      From an intellectual point of view, there is no basis for Zambians to believe that statement.

    • Sell your house and give the money to the blind and homeless chi angoni,
      You want him to be squeezed like kambwili.Believe me the man is smarter than all you Patriotic fools.
      Continue shouting pabwato when na tea taunwine njala yakuyokola.

    • Sell your house and give the money to the blind and homeless chi angoni,
      You want him to be squeezed like kambwili.Believe me the man is smarter than all you Patriotic fcuks.
      Continue shouting pabwato when na tea taunwine njala yakuyokola.

    • Why do you want the man to lose his hard earned wealth while the current leaders in various sectors keep embezzling our resources? My brother/sister, let’s not hate people because of their wisdom but instead let’s ask it of ourselves as the word of God says..

    • He can’t do that! Are u so dull? He didn’t steal from privatisation funds to buy his house how can he sell it? HH’s hard-earned stolen wealth!

    • It is not about helping the people of Zambia he wants to sell Zambia to the people he had privatized KONKOLA MINES and ran away striping the mines off its H-assets. He knows them! They H-a friends to Mazoka too.

  5. HH needs to learn that his redemption consists in his beginning to demonstrate he cares more about Zambia than himself. So far, he seems to be more than ready to burn up Zambia on the misguided belief that his fortunes are hidden in Zambia’s misfortunes. What a missed call!

  6. HH the man with no shame. Anyway what do you expect from a man who worships the devil? He belongs to the secret society.

  7. After so many fails HH wants any superstition on his side. He now thinks a handkerchief from the founding father will drop him into state house. Perhaps he should just join this national prayer thing and pray to raise his failed ego. Gary Nkombo has already lost hope

  8. Come on gentlemen,, if HH was a thief, how come he is not in Prison? At no time has he been called to testify regarding how he acquired his wealth,, If Mr Lungu lost the elections in 2021, do you think that he can survive our Courts if his immunity was lifted? Do you think that he can account for his wealth? Come out in the open at the streets and support Lungu,, and see if you will last a minute,, when people are now living on one meal a day because the cost of living has doubled,,

    • @Marion, it is not right to say people are living one one meal a day. The correct statement is when “I am leaving on one meal a day” No one has appointed you as their spokes person. For those people waiting for their savior HH, good luck. For some of us that are working hard, we can afford more than three meals a day.

    • You know very little about HH and alleged theft. Blame your weak governance systems for the lost opportunity to bring to book all those that messed up the privatisation process in one way or another. Conduct is more important than what is written in the statutes book, especially if you intend to aspire for highest office in the land. “Kuchibolya takubula mukaya”.

  9. Is there anything to be proud of when we are being taxed like madmen,, when misappropriation of funds is more visible than in the Chiluba regime,,, when you have leaders who are morally upside down that they prefer dancing to Malembe Malembe in public,, even the pitch in the music you listen to is able to exhibit how chaotic you mindset is,,

  10. Ichilema has double standards. He castigated KK last time when he & Sata went to KK over their coalition because KK advised him to be the junior partner then. He called kk’s point as tribal. Today he wants kk’s blessings. He has a long wait kanshi because 2021 is already taken. His tribal tag will be hard to market

    • @Things never change

      That’s one reason it’s difficult to trust or render HH support, he flip flops and goes by the wind. Only his cult followers see nothing wrong.

  11. He has taken and missed 5 straight penalties. Meanwhile you have vibrant young men like Cornelius Mweetwa

    Is he the only Wiseman amongst his bedfellows.

    Ati never give up. Thats a wamuyayaya spirit. Definitely he is losing in 2021, then 2026 he stands again. What kind of democracy is that

    • That is the best striker UPND has. He still wants to take another penalty. Madness is doing the same thing while expecting different results.

    • Why doesn’t he let GBM take the sixth penalty? Oh! I forgot, in NAMWALA, GBM is a “THIEF!” But why did they get a “thief” in? They were just decorating a pig with a lipstick! They thought that would win HAZALUZA HAGAIN the north. But the north does not think with the “bloodline,” they think with the brain.

  12. Things are not the best currently in the country people are hungry ,unemployment is more than 80%, but at the same time we really don’t have a opposition which we can say can take over , what we need is what happened in Brazil yesterday where we have a new breed of leaders take over and therefore new ideas, but please they should not be poor so that we go through this same sh!t we are going through now with these Kaponya`s and drunks who are convicted thieves are stealing left right and centre, a major no! no!

  13. Desperation of the worst form being displayed by this tribal man HH. He thinks KK’s blessings will give him that electoral victory in 2021, little does he know that the vote is in the hands of Zambian people and the Zambian people he is telling not to lose hope have already written him off except where he comes from southern province. It is now evident that the man shall never be the president, he would have been the president by now had it not been for his pride and arrogance. Furthermore, the man can not make a good leader at all looking at his appetite for power in order to pay back what he borrowed from Anglo Americans. We are far better off with Lungu than this tribalist and privatization mismanager.

  14. who needs your help anyway? Maybe your tribesmen who thinks you are a god in their lives. I personally don’t need a leader who thinks he knows it all… atasee!! Already we see a lot of tribal traits in the tonga people we work with in our company. The director in my department is a tonga woman. When she is asked by the CEO to choose/select workers to go and attend a workshop in a neighboring country, she picks two fellow tongas ( gentlemen) without shame. What more nganimwe muleteka. can any one talk? Please GOD don’t ever give leadership to this tribal idi0ts who think with their tribe.

    • It’s not their fault that the British put you in the same cooking pot called Rhodesia with them, and you expect apologizes for that, forget.

    • Has HH apologised for those who were beaten and molested in NAMWALA yet? Has he condemned the NAMWALA behavior yet? One cadre here even said he wishes to see much more done beyond what was done! So when we say he is a leader of TRIBALISM INCOMPOS, we know what we are talking about.

  15. You can not expect things the way they are today, to be the same tomorrow then the world is not moving people, and it’s not just in Zambia there are other countries that are going through the same situation.

  16. HH is the one who needs help from Zambians to vote him into power. He also needs help from Chainama to have his mental state checked. If ones fails an exam more that 5 times, they need professional help.

  17. Like the Pentecostal gullible HH thinks the white handkerchief will do wonders for him. KK is just an ordinary man but he can give counsel which I’m sure he gave to HH but HH is not telling us and wants us to believe that KK has anointed him as next republican president.

  18. Hope has never been there for Zambians. After independence whites and other foreigners continued to be paid 20 times in salaries more than Zambians. Even the few Zambians called ba makobo who were paid better than other Zambians lost that privelege on instructions from KK. When Zambian graduates and other Zambians complained against the disparity between expatriates and Zambians and called for equal job equal pay, GRZ obliged but it was just a trick as the whites real wages were sent directly to UK etc while here they were paid the same as Zambians. There’s never been any hope so we can’t lose what we don’t already have.

  19. Pf cadres on this blog are self deceived to think that hh is none factor on the Zambian political land scape. Mr. Lungu won the last elections with a difference of 100 000. And this win was not genuine, we all know it was through fraud. Just think of it, with so much economic suffering do you think the masses that voted for pf in 2016, will they be so energised in 2021, to go out in the same numbers to go and vote for a party that put them through so much suffering?

    • @Life Experience; Mr. Lungu won the last elections with a difference of 100 000.

      Very good because you know that he won enjoy your life.

    • Is there anything wrong in supporting PF? You have chosen to support your Upnd so let others choose whatever party they want. It’s called democracy and freedom of association.

    • Babylon burn

      “…Mr. Lungu won the last elections with a difference of 100 000. And this win was not genuine, …”

      Note: was not genuine….

    • He is going into retirement in 2021. I hope he won’t throw tantrums for another 14 days post elections, then for another 5 years HAGAIN.

  20. Talk to the people in need of your help and stop this Zambian thing.

    Prepare to contest somewhere in eastern province one of your counselor resigned.

    Try 2099 master….

  21. Gush !!! Is this tribal moron again..? So that what magande – Kk visit yielded..? HH sees Bembas like small chimps and Easterners like bush mouse , including Kk himself.
    Tribalism in HH’s genome.

  22. Kkkkkkkkk …….this is desperation for plot one of the waste kind by HH!!!WHO TOLD KAINDE THAT ZAMBIANS NEED HELP FROM A POLITICIAN?IS HH NOW god TO GIVE US HOPE?MAWEEEEEE…….This man is indeed an under 5 politician.Look HH,no politician will come and buy us food,pay rentals,pay school fees,or whatever,so stop thinking as if once you enter state house,then our lives will improve like those of Americans-NEVER BUT ONLY YOUR POCKET WILL!!!If HH thinks we can buy into those lies and vote for him,then he is doomed.As for KK,he blesses everyone who visits him.IF ANYTHING,KK IS MORE CLOSER TO ECL’S PF THAN UPND AND AM 100 % SURE THAT KK AND RB VOTE FOR PF!!!
    Therefore,relax bo Kainde and just go and campaign across Zambia if you are to win in 2021 than jumping from one place in Lusaka to…

  23. And by the way Magande thinks that he was the best Finance Minister …this is self praise we have had best Finance Ministers in this Country Ronald Penza being one but he never praised himself,Edith Nawakwi and recently Mutati…to me Magande who earned the most shameful name HIPC is the waste of all these guys …..and Hakainde will never rule this Country never what we are going through is global and Zambians are not gullible as these pipo are insinuating. Kinako …if Hakainde lost 5 elections what makes him think he will win this time around???? In the last elections even dogs were registered as voters but he still lost…let’s wait and see wina azalila…

  24. Measuring the drapes of State House before being elected by the people, this is being very delusional. In 2021, HH will be UPND’s leader for 15 years that’s more like a ‘kantemba’ (personal to holder) party, and chasing KK’s record of the longest serving leader of a political party. You are no messiah, HH! You are just pursuing your own and paymaster’s agenda.

  25. A fool is one who cause another person a fool and 2 years later you go and seek for blessings from the same person you called a fool…

  26. Forget about ECL and HH!

    We have already started the third movement for a better Zambia. Zambia does not need the rule of men! We don’t want personalized power! The best leader Zambia can ever have is THE RULE OF LAW!
    The best opposition party is PATRIOTIC CITIZENS who are alive to their civic duties!
    The reason Zambia has not progressed is because of too much centralization and personalization of power where those with power see themselves as all-knowing! Let’s start by doing away with chiefdoms and adopt a Federal State System!

  27. Ba HH,you are showing traits of desperation,ati “help is on the way” which help ba daalaaa….slow down mr HH,this desperation for state house will cause you an heart attack in 2021.we dont want to lose u sir take it aesy.

  28. KK is old but he can see that ECL and PF are a Disaster and have miserably failed Zambians. KK can see that HH is the only hope for Zambia. KK’s opinion is important as an eminent former Head of State. KK’s support to HH is a blessing from God.

  29. The people like :Kk ,Miranda,Edith,mulongoti, Miller, Vj , sachika ,sichingas and the rest come Out and liberate us colonialism of economic

  30. What’s wrong with what HH said? Even when he didn’t elaborate, people are putting words into his mouth and calling him names. Very personal attacks – no substance.

  31. Why do you want the man to lose his hard earned wealth while the current leaders in various sectors keep embezzling our resources? My brother/sister, let’s not hate people because of their wisdom but instead let’s ask it of ourselves as the word of God says..

  32. @KCI / 12.1,,,, it is very foolish to base your argument on assumptions,, you don’t know me,, I am a graduate in E. M,,, Electromechanical ENG,, employed or unemployed I am able to generate enough income go beyond three meals in a day,,, if we write on this blog,, we are writing to depict what ordinary Zambian’s are going through,, we know that there are high levels of illiteracy in our country and that our government capitalises on illiterate people in order for them to drive there Agenda,, no wonder you can stay away from a national debate but because the bigger masses are illiterate you still go through,, what a joke, @KCI are you among the brainwashed bigger masses?

  33. “Don’t lose hope, help is on the way, HH tells Zambians after meeting KK”
    Who sent HH to KK? Does KK have the blue print for help? Does HH believe in the laying of hands? Does KK have power to bless? From his age or divine? So you meet KK and go tell people Dont lose hope, help is on the way!
    HH has called Pilato – my brother, GBM – my brother, Nevers – my brother, Kambwili – my brother, anyone who agrees with him – my brother.
    The day he calls a person who disgrees with him like Tayali (who was once his brother until he starting attacking) I will believe that his idea of brother is genuine. Secondly if the UPND constitution is anything to go by won’t it translate into Kamuzu Wam’ Yaya… Just thinking

    • Add how will HH react when a member of Upnd questions his leadership. Siyamunene and other Upnd MPS who accepted ministrial positions in PF government are all dead. …politically.

  34. Ok to tell the truth. Lungu is a failure. HH is better than Lungu.Zambians you committed a sin by voting Lungu. If votes we’re rigged God will punished.

  35. When this upndown party was formed my daughter was 5 years old now she’s 20….and under 5 is telling us don’t lose hope please Ba hh mulebako serious na life… you think for 20 years I ve been telling my daughter never lose hope ukatobela ubwa konko mailo meanwhile her agemates balesasula…… Please tell us a different story not ifyabupuba

  36. HH worshippers you are very dull so you expect your god to win in 2021??.The problem is that you believe everything your god tells you. We just had elections in Chilanga and Lusaka mayoral surely you cant use your heads ??

  37. There are two things which i have come to understand. The first one is that HH might never be president of Zambia because of the tribal tag attached to him.
    The second one is that i believe that HH is not a thief but a clean and very well educated economist. If he was a thief, he could have been arrested a long time ago.
    So stop this nonsense of saying he is a thief.
    ECL and HH are great men who have been very very successful. These two guys are great. They are both very well educated. Silly people paint a lot of rubbish about these two great humans.

  38. Kkkkkkkkk…..!!! But kweena ka hh nika Lazo… So u think wen u visited big man Dr. KK then u could win our patience fr u to go fr dialogue settlings? Wala… Boi,we’re still waiting fr u to settle together with HE ..ECL. Lol…!!!

  39. For the first time, HH and KK.Something greater is happening behind someone’s back and might be left alone,standing whilst had people around. HH is not God in anyway but God uses people to lead other people from time to time therefore, We just demand our normal lives to be back and that’s why we change leaders,for differences of betterness.
    And HH, thanks a lot for doing that.That’s a heart of leadership. Truly, I love that.
    Because, I don’t completely see things the way you there sees them and that has meant something. We are tired of working hard and harder but nothing is seen surely because things are just getting expensive every day, our wages are fixed no matter how much expensive things gets while them increases salaries without the concern of the public of which I think it…

  40. “…. and like he stated, we are ready to work together as a people for the betterment of our country. Fellow Zambians, do not lose hope because help is on the way,” Mr Hichilema said.

    I hope that he took KK’s advice as intended and start working with government of the day for the good of the country. Hacks has been the biggest hindrance to national unity since 2016, or even since 2006 but more so after his 6th loss in 2016. The level of trib.alism has also been unprecedented since he was “elected” as leader of upnd in 2006. KK abhorred that. We therefore hope that KK pumped sense into him. Otherwise Hacks should not cheat himself that Zambians are looking to him and upnd for redemption. We Zambians did not expect him to create serious problems for our…

  41. …. We Zambians did not expect him to create serious problems for our country (trib.alism and its ugly off shoots disunity in the nation) and then come back to offer us solutions to problem he himself created. You are a national reject underfive, until you repent of your scenes.

    So does this mean that national reconciliation has taken place without the stupiod so called dialogue which Hacks uses to give him a feeling of self importance?
    Otherwise don’t speak for us U5, you are a reject and a danger to the nation. Stay rejected!

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