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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Government should not entertain the Chamber of Mines request to revisit the proposed 2019 mining tax changes.

Economy Government should not entertain the Chamber of Mines request to revisit...

Minister of Finance ,Margaret Mwanakatwe arrives at parliament building for 2019 National budget presentation in Lusaka.
File:Minister of Finance ,Margaret Mwanakatwe arrives at parliament
building for 2019 National budget presentation in Lusaka.

The organisation calling itself “Publish What You Pay Zambia Chapter” has said that government should not entertain the Chamber of Mines request to revisit the proposed 2019 mining tax changes.

Reflecting on the New Mining Tax Regime and illicit Financial Flows held at Garden Court Hotel in Kitwe Monday, Chapter Coordinator Mtwalo Msoni described the proposed changes to the Mineral Royalty Tax as progressive.

He said the 2019 budget reflects the country’s current macro-economic conditions.

Msoni said the changes have come at a time when Zambians are feeling they were not benefiting from the mineral resources.

He has since advised government to be mindful of the approach they will take as they negotiate with mining firms through the Chamber as recently disclosed.

And Msoni has demanded the need for the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) to make public the recent conducted audits on the mines in relation to tax evasion issues.

Earlier, Caritas Zambia Programme Manager Edmond Kangamungazi said Zambia is capable of financing its budget locally and sort out debt issues if it firmly deals with the current uncontrolled illicit financial flows especially the mining sector.

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  1. The mines are screwing as…

    The people working in the mines are Children of darkness and Children of lesser god NOT our God!

    These children of darkness, which Zambians in the executives of these mines have forged a pack of hyenas, devouring Zambian citizens and affecting their health, education, sanitation and all other basics of life.

    The children of darkness in the mining industry are stealing cobalt which is selling at $90,000 per ton on an international market.

    These children of a lesser god with the help of their counterpart, our own who Zambians have become the children of darkness are exporting soil so that we do not detect it’s cobalt from Zambia. But NO, we know what they are doing these children of darkness.

    Zambia is in a corner, we need to pay what we have…

    • … we need to pay what we have borrowed. So we are coming for our minerals to pay back our loans and improve our people’s lives the children of darkness so much want to destroy.

    • Which Cobalt? Are you sure of what you are talking about? Or are you just trying to entertain people? Your $90,000 per ton is also an exaggeration.

    • Hey we are discussing Zambia here not Congo, DRC where you come from produces 64,000 MT and is the world’s number 1… which of course your country can’t use for the benefit of your own people because there are thieves and wars there. So stick to your lane in Katanga!

      You asked which Cobalt, I am talking about the Zambian Cobalt, Zambia so far is under declaring cobalt and is the 9 producer in the world at 2,900 MT per annum.

      Cobalt prices hit $80, 000 per ton search cobalt in LT there is a story there.

      Cobalt is expected to hit $90, 000 because of high demand. By the time we kick out the thieves the mineral is likely to be at 90,000

      And do us a favour, you are Congolese a failed state and a country so wealthy but embarrassingly it’s leaders are sick in their heads. So we do…

    • Apparently I am not even from the failed state as you have put it, I am Zambian and just happen to have the opportunity to explore beyond boundaries. The same failed state you are referring to, is developing at a faster rate than your beloved country which is going in reverse gear at high speed. The LME price for Cobalt as at 29th October 2018 is just $60,000, and the cobalt you are referring to, which is in Zambia is trace elements (contained as a byproduct of the copper, which is mainly deposited as slimes in the tailings Dams, like the one in Kitwe – Mindolo). It is true the investors may be taking advantage of the porosity of our poor policies as a country (Zambia), but please do not sensationalise stories. Gather a bit of data before, you start throwing stones.

    • I did gather… the story is not mine. It is from high office in the know. I’d rather believe a story from the men running the country than yours.

      It is on record one of the high officials stated what I just said. So am not being judgemental without understanding neither am I condemning without thought.

      Reality is there and people high up in authority are saying it. So who are you to say they are sensationalising the story… it is not my story and my responsibility is to pass it on and let the public investigate. There is no harm in this, it is called giving the public a platform upon which they are able to follow through the threads.

      Am glad you mention DRC is porous in its dealings, are you being sensational about that? My answer is no you are not because I am not going to…

    • …. cont . I am not going to castigate your story simply because I do not like it.

      On another note, DRC is progressing yes but by only a fraction of what they are capable… that is arguable the richest country on earth. We expect them to move at an exponential Speed.

      The point is Zambia has Cobalt my friend and leaders we have contact with have acknowledged this.

    • Zambia is developing because of good leadership. Let this visionary President get another mandate in 2021 so that we can send someone into retirement.

    • Bowing to the infestors’ pressure is the waste kinda move Government can ever make. We have been a laughing stock even in business module course lectures as a result of the raw deal we got ourselves on these Mines. Someone gotta correct the anomaly via fair taxes. Government gotta put its foot down, i.e. if it has one.

  2. As usual dull creatures will bend to the demands of the criminals …. Zambians when are you going to wake up. Tell them to go if they dont agree with the taxes.

    • War torn DRC have done better in this one. They may not be 100%there but are more advanced than Zambia.

    • @comrade truth hates…you and me were amongst those that supported the PF of the late Great MCS as far back as 2010 and beyond sadly things have drastically changed with the current crop. Rather than focus on the mines the govt is looking to get milk from a stone by taxing Zambians from every angle. Let them remove all allowances, luxury SUVs and reduce the high salaries they give their senior officers then this country will be rich in 3 months time with more funds for better roads, Universities and colleges, schools, hospitals and clinics etc etc but they don’t want that, just as Jesus said it is harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Once they have tasted these riches they can’t abandon them just like that rich man who…

    • Ctn…just like that rich man who tried to cheat Jesus, and ran away in defeat when asked to surrender his wealth to the poor. The same applies to the likes of HH (Human Hyena) as long as he continues to be insincere and not really care about the plight of Zambians he will never be President. He has seen the areas that govt is lacking on but remains quiet and brings up things that only matter his own situation. Let him be sincere improve the working conditions of his farm hands, let him be tough on his MPs, let him put a foot down on parliamentary benefits his MPs are enjoying that are unethical in a time when the rest of us are coping with these austerity measures. If he does that then maybe he will move from Human Hyena to Human Hero.

    • The president of DRC is only in charge of Kinshasa is real terms.

      He has no control of his entire country which is the size of Europe combined.

      The western World and now China are in Angola. Every industrialised country is sucking majorly from DRC as a number 1 breast then they’ve trickled down to the rest of Africa and of Zambia incluceded. With men and women offering to cut deals on their own benefit.

      What a stinking sight!

  3. Blo*ody Wholesale Robbery of our mines. We need to dress in our grass skirts and carry our knockberries waving them high up stamping our feet and singing our tribal songs. Enough of this. They are now attempting to pardon the Mines Tax Evaders because the citizens are not showing enough dissent.
    For once I agree with Msoni, the only opposition keeping an eye on the situation.

    What is up with this gig? This is Monkeys.

    • I meant to dance through Lusaka, Constitution Courts, State House and knock on the Ministry of Mines door. Give them a wake up call.

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