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Speaker directs Dora Siliya to issue a Ministerial Statement on why Times of Zambia published articles in Chinese

Headlines Speaker directs Dora Siliya to issue a Ministerial Statement on why Times...

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini
Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini has directed Information and Broadcasting Minister Dora Siliya to render a ministerial statement on Tuesday November 6, 2018 outlining the editorial policy Times of Zambia Newspaper on the use of languages other than English.

Dr Matibini said this during his ruling which he delivered in Parliament following a point of order which was raised by Leader of the opposition and Member of Parliament for Monze Central on the Chinese article which was published by the Times of Zambia on October 9, this year.

Mr Jack Mwiimbu in his point of Order wanted to know why the publication has been sidelining Zambians by publishing the Chinese language and not any other Zambian language.

And pursuant to Article 23 of the Zambian Constitution the leader of the opposition indicated that it was, trite law that by virtue of this constitution government should not be discriminating anyone who is Zambian or a Resident in Zambia.

He was making reference to a copy of a Times of Zambia Newspaper, alleging that the publication has been discriminating Zambians and against the majority tribes in Zambia by publishing an article under the headline “SADC moods DRC peace whose article is in Chinese language when there has been no such article in the Zambian local languages.

Mr Mwiimbu wondered why government was finding it proper and prudent in its own wisdom to start interpreting articles that are appearing in the newspapers in Chinese.

Mr Mwiimbu asked the Speaker Dr Matibini to make a ruling on whether Information and Broadcasting Minister Dora Siliya was in order to remain quiet and not inform the house and the nation that Chinese is now an official language in Zambia.

In his ruling, the speaker also directed her to issue a statement on the alleged discrimination against the people of Zambia by the Newspaper publication of an article in Chinese other than any local languages contrary to Article 23 of the Constitution.

The Speaker has ruled that under this Article any person shall not be treated in any discriminatory manner by any person acting by virtue of any written words or in the performance of any public office or authority.

“Article 28 of the constitution provides that any person who alleges that he has or he is or likely to be contravened in any other action with respect to the same matter which is lawfully available, that person may seek redress of the High Court”, he ruled.

The Speaker stated that pursuant to the doctrine of the separation of power, the National Assembly cannot intervene in matters falling under the jurisdiction of the judiciary branch of government.

In relation to the issue of whether Chinese has become one of the official language in Zambia, the Speaker in his ruling indicated that under Article 258 of the Zambian Constitution English is the official language in Zambia.

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  1. If you took that itchy wig off your head, you would know that Chinese and English are the official languages of Zambia.

    • Why the fuuuck is French taught in Zambian schools? If they leak French exams, Mabumba shuts down school.
      Can David Mabumba issue ministerial statement there exams in French and not Chinese on November 9th tool?

    • Nostradamus – How old are you? What’s an optional language subject got to do with publishing articles in Chinese in a Govt print? Do you post here whilst you are drunk?
      I regret not being serious in French lessons as I meet a lot of French people here!!

    • @Jay Jay ulekwata umuchinshi. This is why Sharon play with you.
      How many Chinese in Zambia compared to French, do you count Congolese too?

    • Nostradamus – You are referring to some kid trolling on the page and giving him credibility someone I barely even notice but since foools like you feed the troll it keeps coming back posting the same thing ….when did they Chinks come to Africa? You have your friend there Ndobo another Jokester in Scandinavia, there was an article about Norway cancelling aid ..instead of helping with translations he is busy posting jokes about nonsense.

    • Nostradamus – This is the very reason you vote for empty tins who can not even hold a Press conference because you think someone posting nonsense and trolling bloggers makes good reading.

    • Iwe @Jay Jay, all these years you decide to insult me?? I am not Ba Edgar’s special assistant, so you better start calling for Inter-party dialogue.

  2. Times was trying to reach the Chinese community but they should realise that it is an English paper. Okay we get it. Next question please? HH will NEVER be a President in Zambia.

  3. Another point of order. Why do they print in English instead of Luvale, a language which is easily understandable across the country?

  4. Chinese are the visitors to Zambia therefore they should adapt and learn African languages pronto. Its our house ,IT IS WE to make the rules …next question please?

    • I have always stated this in fact our Public learning institutions would have created a two to six month Language and Culture programme for these Chinese like they do in their country and any foreign employee has to pass this programme to work in Zambia this could be a revenue earner for our cash strapped institutions.

    • And then Exams would have to be marked by a computer like they do in the UK….you get the results immediately after finishing..you fail book you resit at cost!!

    • @#4, I beleive the govt are fulfilling scripture as in proverbs 22:7 “The rich rule over the poor,
      and the borrower is slave to the lender”. Perhaps they feel the need to warm up to the lender at the expense of our own people!

  5. Knowing how dull and ignorant Dora is ..she will just state that they did it for money without thinking things through!!

  6. Of course the main shareholders in Times of Zambia are the Chinese what do you expect, to read Portuguese or French

  7. Maybe Chinese have also taken over cash strapped times of zambia like they have taken over dead n b c. Maybe they have already appointed a Chinese editor hence those Chinese articles.

    • Not even one but Zambians think to have a white man’s name is to be civilized. Zambians will go out of their way to search for a European name for their African child

    • Roy Clark’s kids are not white. They are mixed blood. In any case Clarke married an emancipated woman. Most Zambian women would have found this an opportunity to hide all their African names under the husband’s

  8. “….. the publication has been discriminating Zambians”
    So many Zambians have benefitted from exam leaks sure.

  9. It is not just the papaer. Some petrol stations (on Makeni road) have Chinese name and sign. It must be in English, the official language. Chinese coming to Zambia must be able to read English.

  10. English is the official language simple, but because these guys are so foolish in trying to please these Chinese, i wonder what we stand for as citizens of this country. Their drunk with Chinese money

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