Trial has began in the Mansa Magistrate’s Court in a case in which a 34 year old Senior Cook from Musonda Girls Technical Secondary School is alleged to have defiled a 15 year old School girl of the same school.

Appearing before Mansa Senior Resident Magistrate, Dominic Makalicha was Derrick Nsonga of Chibala Village of Chief Mutipula’s Chiefdom in Chipili district allegedly facing the charge of defilement contrary to Section 138 of the Penal Code Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Facts before the Court are that Nsonga on October 9, 2018 between 18:00 and 19:00 hours is alleged to have had forcefully carnal knowledge with a girl below the age of 15 years without her consent.

ZANIS reports that during trial, one of the witnesses who is a 15 year old pupil at Musonda Girls Secondary School, testified that on that fateful day, Nsonga had called the victim who is a grade 10 pupil to his office which is located in the kitchen.

Senior Magistrate Makalicha heard that when the minor returned to her friends who were in the entertainment room studying, she began crying and narrated the ordeal to them.

Another witness, Sister Martha Chanda who is Musonda Girls Technical Secondary School Matron also testified that around 19:00 hours while, she was at the Convent praying, she received girls who reported that one of their friends was abused by Nsonga.

Sister Martha told the court that the matter was then reported to Police in Mansa and the minor was taken for medical examination at Mansa General Hospital.

Nsonga through his Legal Aid Lawyer, Oscar Mudenda applied for bail pending continuation of trial.

And Senior Resident Magistrate Makalicha granted Nsonga a K2000 bail with two reliable working sureties to pay K5000 in their own recognises, meanwhile, the matter was adjourned to Friday November 2, 2018 for continuation of trial.

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  1. The only way this crime will stop is if men convicted of rape are castrated. Stop throwing them in jail just castrate and let them go.


    • @Linda, it’s very very very hard to control an erection, extremely hard. Especially working at Girls secondary school, it’s hard.
      Girls are naive, at 15 they view themselves mature. why did she go to office alone?
      Putting these guys in prison for 15 years is too much punishment.
      6 months at Chaimama’s psychiatrist can do them a great change.


    • These days parents don’t beat a shiit out of these girls. They call victim police on their parents.
      When it’s painful then that’s when they cry.
      Am not supporting chikkala coki no no no. Am saying ba fikkka learn to control erections, just train to. It’s not easy but we learn in MBA too. In presentations classes. Don’t get an erection during meetings.


    • @Nostradamus 1:1; I remember you supporting a UPND rapi$t who committed suicide in Kitwe after the girl told her parents. You blamed the girl to the point of saying maybe she wore tight clothes. Your comments today just made me lose respect for you as a human being. I hope to God you don’t have kids male or female because with a father like you, you may end up [email protected] your beautiful girl children.
      One doesn’t commit [email protected] because there are pretty girls in the world, one commits [email protected] because he is a rapi$t. Period!


  2. Cook how do u call a young girl to the kitchen to defile her? Don’t you know that you can infect or impregnate her? Parents send their children to school to learn. Girls, be careful not to find yourselves alone in comprising situations. Identify any danger as quickly as you can.


  3. Bail? The guy will just cross the Luapula River into the DRC where naturally he’s got plenty of kith and kin. Keep him under lock and key. We send our children to that school for serious studies not for what he did to this young girl.


    • Has Prof. HANSONI written another letter to the UN on the University Letterhead about Zambia HAGAIN or lately?



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