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4.3 million dollars raised from the sale of all the illegally harvested and confiscated mukula logs-Kapata

General News 4.3 million dollars raised from the sale of all the illegally harvested...

Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Jean Kapata
Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Jean Kapata

Lands and Natural Resources Minister Jean Kapata says 4.3 million dollars has been raised from the sale of all the illegally harvested and confiscated mukula logs since August 2017 when government imposed a ban on the harvesting and trade of Mukula logs.

Government in August last year impossed a ban on the harvesting and trade of Mukula trees and subsequently appointed ZAFFICO to sale all the illegally harvested and confiscated mukula logs on its behalf.

Ms. Kapata said all the proceeds are being invested towards the resuscitation of the Kawambwa tea company which government handed over to ZAFFICO to manage.

She told Parliament in a Minesterial statement that procedures partaining to the utilisation of the proceeds raised from the sale of mukula logs have been adhered to adding that the authority to utilise the raised funds was sought from the Ministry of Finance.

She clarified that ZAFFICO was susequently granted Authority to use the proceeds of Mukula tree species to revamp Kawambwa tea company.

Ms. Kapata said Public Finance Management Act number 1 of 2018 is an existing policy that governs the utilisation of government revenue and can be used to hold the government to account over the proceeds of mukula trade adding that ZAFFICO being a Corporate body under government is also subjected to routine audits.

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources last year issued Statutory Instrument number 31 of 2017 which restricted the exportation and transiting of selected timber species.

All the illegally harvested mukula logs are seized under section 82 of the Forest Act number 4 of 2015 and once the logs are seized they are forfeited to the state through the Courts of law


  1. Too much vital information missing here. How many tonne loads were confiscated? What is the actual value of these logs so that we can do the mathematics ourselves? How about the logs that left the country but were intercepted by international customs authorities?

    • The Chinese ambassador has already told us that 90 million USD was paid by China for these trees.

      So this woman is spinning the truth.

      The truth will come out one day.

    • AS usual leaving the rest to ZWD and social media to fill in the blanks …how can you state how much you have raised but not state how much was impounded and from whom? where are the trucks that were impounded who did they belong to? how many arrests? What of the $86 million Chinese Customs recorded on their books coming in from Zambia. Jean Kapata is too dull to spin anything!!

    • Don’t use a cent of that money to buy luxury SUVs and pay abnormal salaries to your directors at Zafico. That money should’ve been used for forestry conservation and to plant new Mukula trees. God will punish his children harshly for not taken care of the land. We were given these resources and the what have we done with them? So sad indeed.

    • 2020vision – When a farmer’s crops are being plundered by Baboons and monkeys the farmer would invest the little profit he has into security…but this being Baboons in charge that is the least of their concerns…please dont underestimate the stupidity and criminality of PF …all what dull Kapata wants to do is move that money from ZAFFICO account into KTA that needs retooling so what better way that issue a single inflated bogus tender of $4million to a proxy.

    • Thieves using state instituitions for stealing and money laundering. Since when did they make the decision to invest in the loss making Tea company??? IDC is a conduit for stealing from us with impunity… Shame on you Kapata, Shame on You PF and Shame on You Chagwa

    • Better research and replant more mukula so future generations can have access to that medical treatment youre talking about

    • U see how myopic we are in this country. You thing buildings hospitals everywhere is development. No! some diseases is because of hunger. When people have an enough income to spend on goods and services the trips to clinics or hospitals will reduce. Therefore, zaffico has done well to invest in chai plantation so that some punks can be employed.

    • And you are hear debating about peanuts they are handing to you are the have stolen $86million …really sad.
      No wonder Zambians are poor because they are gullible like the bloggers on this thread even debating where to pump the loose change this dull lady is talking about.

    • Shameless – That’s PF way of doing things if the have $10 million here they invest in XX govt company without even carrying out audit or feasibility they do that when the money is transferred that way, they can exactly know how much commission their proxy companies will make or charge.

    • The girl is now a philanthropist from a nobody 5 years ago …today she is even sinking a 100 boreholes in East Province with easy.

    • A Corrupt Criminal and former privatization Thief is now a philanthropist, building a school in NAMWALA where he has gotten 1,000 hectares of land from his tribal chiefs with easy.

  2. It was reported recently that the Chinese confirmed that their records show that they imported mukula logs worth US$86M, so where has eighty chakuti million dollars gone? Can the statement made by the Chinese Ambassador be reproduced?

  3. Mama Mukula aka Jean Kapata, is allegedly responsible for most of the Zambian illegal Mukula exports, so she is just commenting on her lost proceeds.
    Any wonder China’s figures of Mukula imported from Zambia differ from thieving P.F’s figures.
    Add Chimpyiongo, Kaizer, & Tasila into the equation, & you have a better picture of why Zambia declares only a tiny fraction of its exported Mukula.

    • That’s why no one has not been arrested ..even the PF whistle blowers who were shortchanged and arrested for carrying out citizen’s arrest on trucks have been released.

  4. My question is, does the $90 million relate to the purchase of the confiscated mukula trees or the total value of mukula trees imported from Zambia to China.
    Knowledge without it’s understanding is just as good as useless


  6. Good to hear that impounded mukula logs are being auctioned by zafico an agent for Government.My question is when and were are these logs being auctioned,coz in some District’s the logs are being found going to worst at the forestry offices and court’s were they have been laying for some time now .if the sale of mukula logs translates into all these monies why are we allowing this kind of neglect, in the middle of the financial crisis.

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