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Bloggers of Zambia call for an end to impunity for crimes against Journalists and bloggers

General News Bloggers of Zambia call for an end to impunity for crimes against...

Acting Permanent Secretary of information and Broadcasting,<br /> Issiac Chipampe and MISA Chairperson, Ellen Mwale during World Press freedom<br /> day.

The Bloggers of Zambia join the rest of the world in commemorating the International Day to end impunity for crimes against journalists with a call for Zambian authorities to take real measures in guaranteeing safety and security of journalists and bloggers.

We note with a heavy heart that impunity and various forms of crimes against journalists and bloggers have continued to happen in Zambia while perpetrators go unpunished. Journalists in Zambia have continued to face threats and attacks and this is often instigated by government officials and political party actors.

As we commemorate the International Day to end impunity for crimes against journalists, the Bloggers of Zambia would like to urge Zambian authorities to take firm steps to ensure accountability for violence and attacks against journalists and bloggers.

In addition to this, we would like to urge the Zambian government to enact good internet governance laws and policies in a participatory process as that would promote digital rights, protect the privacy and personal data of journalists, bloggers and citizens.

Our clarion call for participation in the process of enacting internet regulation legislation promotes the enjoyment of the right to freedom of expression and freedom of association online. Additionally, we urge journalists and bloggers to maintain high levels of standards and ethics of journalism practice both online and offline.

We also call upon bloggers, journalists and activists to join our advocacy campaign for a free, open and safe internet ecosystem for all, including women and girls. Our campaign both on Facebook and Twitter is using the hashtag #OpenSpaceZM.

By Richard Mulonga
Blogger of Zambia
Founder and CEO


    • I have been awarded Best Blogger of year (BB)
      BB 2018
      BB 2015
      BB 2013
      – I Nostradamus have won 3 times
      – Mushota Chifwembwe (PhD) 3 times
      – Nine Chale 1 time
      – Richard Mulonga 1time (from unknown)

    • nostradamus you are so jejune , blogging for awards ,
      you coequal to those two ladies mushota and nine chale.
      Are you not a father?

    • On our Lusaka Blog are people with have bitter herbs, bitter hearts, bitter life, bitter party and bitter personality.

  1. Where can I join these bloggers of Zambia? They are our only hope since journalists have become cowards who always sing songs from state house. Journalists aren’t supposed to be scared. If they find reporting the truth difficult they should go work as waiters. The nation relies on journalism to expose the truth.

  2. Who is Richard Mulonga I have never read his blogs or contributions..he is just another one out there looking for Donor funding to finance his lifestyle…how many bloggers have you defended in court??

    • @JayJay do you even know who is CEO for LT? Don’t think everyone is lazy.
      Richard and @Sharon is doing a good job.

    • Do you know what an association is before I answer your question? You know nothing about logging hence you make references to those boys!!

    • Am sure you think that boy you have mentioned is female as you are too dumb to notice the difference…you think a woman has time to copy and paste templates of the same thing.

    • @jayjay

      I think this mulonga is one of product of PF schemes aimed spying on the bloggers. Its a trap PF has set to catcher those who criticise the Lungu the thieve.

      Remember only PF aligned organisations are allowed to march freely with permits granted retrospectively.

      An organisation like Zambians against corruption would not be allowed to march. Last time people tried to march against corruption they were all arrested.

      Next the organisation will set and implement standards telling bloggers to stop criticising Lingu.

      I m told this Amos Chanda s organisation so be ware..

      What I have said comes to pass.

      Lungu must go.

  3. For these guys its like they are in a war zone, that’s what u get with a police state. Can`t write about anything you will be thrown in jail for telling the truth.

  4. Please define who a journalist is in the context of today’s Zambia. *****s behind the watchdog don’t qualify in the category. Reasons being that theirs is not journalism. They are people pursuing an agenda. Similarly, today Zambians can clearly put Mmembe & his post or his new newspaper in out of the journalist category. For years Mmembe seemed like a sencere scribe. He attacked governments & leaders left, right & centre. Until Zambians learnt that it all was for personal benefit. No benefits no support. From then Zambians now know who these journalists are. Now to the point, how do you expect people who attack government for their personal gain to be protected by the same government? How? Where in this world?

  5. I don’t need any more awards, i just need a better Zambia for all. My humble lifestyle and the privileges i continue to enjoy are my best awards. I pray to the God Almighty to give me wisdom to read and understand the mind of deceivers especially of the down trodden. Amen.

    Soldier on bloggers of conscious not of gold.

  6. Eff off ceo kwisa. Does that boy know who I am and the influence I have here. We don’t need any association

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