Keith Mweemba and Pep President Sean Tembo
Keith Mweemba and Pep President Sean Tembo

The Patriots for Economic Progress has called for the cancellation of the 2019 Resident Hunting Raffle that was conducted by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife at Ndozo Lodge in Chilanga on Friday, 26th October 2018 saying it lacked transparency and credibility.

Party President Sean Tembo says this is because the facilitators of this raffle refused to show the audience that all eligible applications were in fact included in the box before the draws were done.

He said his party therefore suspects that most applications were deliberately left out of the box so as to favour specific applicants.

He added that his consternation on the matter is further exacerbated by the fact that about 90 percent of those that have been awarded Resident Hunting Licenses for the 2018 hunting season through this raffle, are in fact not indigenous black Zambians, but are of white or Asian origin.

“This is despite the fact that of the initial applicants, about 72% were actually indigenous black Zambians. Therefore, statistically speaking, it is unlikely that about 72% of applicants can only produce about 10% of winners, if the DNWP raffle at Ndozo Lodge in Chilanga was not rigged”, He added.

Mr. Tembo has since called on Tourism and Arts Minkster Charles Vanda to intervene in the matter and ensure that the Ndozo Lodge raffle of 26th October 2018 is cancelled and a fresh one undertaken, which will ensure transparency and credibility.

“If the Honourable Minister of Tourism fails to address this matter, then the Zambian people will be entitled to conclude that the PF and its Government are systematically sidelining indigenous black Zambians in preference of white Zambians and Zambians of Asian origin, in the allocation of national resources such as resident hunting licenses”, Mr. Tembo said.

He said indigenous black Zambian citizens have every cause for concern by this apparent segregation against them by their own Government as they are also entitled to enjoy the fair share of natural resources like game meat, in their own country.

Mr. Tembo added that Government has a responsibility to ensure that indigenous black Zambians are not segregated against, in preference of those of a lighter skin colour and deeper pockets.

“As Patriots for Economic Progress, we look forward to the Government in general and the Minister of Tourism in particular, addressing this apparent fraud decisively. If the Department of National Parks and Wildlife is incapable of conducting a transparent and credible raffle for 2018 Resident Hunting Licenses, then they must refund each and every indigenous black Zambian the K1,000 application fee that they collected from them”. He said.

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  1. Outrageous if true. In fact it’s very rare to find an indigenous black Zambian with a hunting license, even though they are supposed to be issued in numbers to the local residents in the hunting areas.


    • Hunting is a big cartel in Zambia. That’s how they steal rhino and elephant Horns. Indians buy a license for an Impala and they kill elephants. It’s so stupid that even ZAWA just watch coz they bride them. It’s a shame. Blacks are never Given a chance. I wanted a Buffalo license they blocked me. yet Whites were given.



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