Friday, April 12, 2024

Over 100 picked up by police in anti-China protests in Kitwe


Over 100 Kitwe residents have been arrested by police for riotous behavior after they participated in riots to denounce growing Chinese protests.

The riots were sparked by reports that government is in the process of selling off ZAFFICO, a strategic government owned business responsible for timber and wood resources to a private Chinese buyer.

The riots brought business came to a standstill in Racecourse, Kamatipa and Kawama compounds as saw millers and residents alike fought running battles with the police.

A Chinese owned shop in Kawama compound looted during the riots
A Chinese owned shop in Kawama compound looted during the riots

Some Chinese owned shops in Kawama compound were looted as residents accused government of favoring the Chinese at the expense of local people.

They also burnt tyres and logs on the road leading to Kamatipa and Nakadoli compounds while charging at the police.

And Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has confirmed that 101 people have been arrested following the riots.

Ms Katanga said out of the 101 arrested, 79 are males while 22 are females.

She said six female juveniles and male juveniles are among those arrested in the fracas.

Mrs Katanga said all the law breakers will face the full wrath of the law adding that the police command will not condone lawlessness in the Province.


    • This government is grossly under estimating Kopala.

      Mark my words, Kopala will lead the way in cleansing our country from thieving leaders.

      God is with you Kopala.

    • You are sitting in small crowded apartment in the UK and urging the Kopala on. Come back to Zambia and lead the crowd if you’re a man. You probably have no balls you impotents
      You are busy singing Xenophobic Anti-Chinese songs while your uncircumcised goat Akainde is writing them love letters in secrecy. You SHlT turds are pillocks

    • I can see some bloggers who support PF are in denial and they are blaming UPND which had almost zero support in kopala. Guys if you don’t start realising and acknowledging that people are not happy with PF corruption and greed you will receive a rude shock. It will be you being burnt alive or beheaded by the people. Just be humble and acknowledge your mistakes and do better. Denial will only make things worse. ignore the signs at your own peril

    • Let the Zambians go free. You sell-outs, selling your own people for a few pieces of silver. You value foreigners over your own people. The duty of any government is to protect it’s own citizens first. But you’re busy catering to the interests of foreigners at the expense of our suffering people. And now our people are becoming destitute in their country. The Chinese have their own country, and if they don’t like it in Zambia, they can go back to China. Zambians have no other country but Zambia. Lungu and the PF are busy selling this country to the Chinese. You traitors. Leave the poor Zambians alone.

    • Lazy bum Illiterate TONGA UPND tribal hooligan bully son of a tribal polygamist father who never taught him toilet training pooping in public HAGAIN needing MUTINTA HICHILEMA’s hands to change his diapers HAGAIN. HH leader of a TRIBALISM H-organisation and PRIVATISATION THIEF will NEVER be a president in Zambia because he is an UNDER FIVE.

    • At least release the juveniles. Why should kids be arrested. Just speak to them strongly on the dangers of being in a street protest and let them go.

    • @Journeyman: This morning I will go to ZICTA and petition that they find you. There is no ways you can talk about beheading people after an election. You know something.

  1. The expensive cost of living compounded by no jobs while lungu is busy officiating opening toll gates to heap more tax on poor Zambians will cause more unrest….

    Lungu try to open even one factory in each town pleas….

    • UPND is agitating and inciting the populus. Spreading sensational false news using blogs with a malicious agenda. Ask the Hutus and the Tutsis where that got them you FUkcs
      This is not funny anymore Spaka get serious you devils. Is this the best tactic Free Massonry can devise? I thought Free Massons were intelligent alas they are just Satamic F00LS
      You now agree that we should have executed that cheap thug Kainde when we had the chance at Mukobeko.

    • Kudos

      Hehehehe……..iza yakasa bolla benangu.

      Tell lungu that celebrating opening toll gates amidst people’s hardships is not genius at all…….Tell him to try and open atleast one factory…..

    • Kudos

      Hehehehe……..yayamba yakasa bolla benangu.

      Tell lungu that celebrating opening toll gates amidst people’s hardships is not genius at all…….Tell him to try and open atleast one factory…..

    • UPND is an evil TRIBAL H-ORGANISATION. TRIBALISM and RACISM go hand in hand. That is why Zambians know UPND is not a tribal H-organisation to pick. I know HAZALUZA HAGAIN because it is CHILDISH.

    • He will open in one of the Animo Farms in NAMWALA! Watch this space in 2021. HAZALUZA HAGAIN because he is a tribal leader.

  2. Just release them Mrs Charity Katanga and tell president Edgar Lungu not to sell ZAFFICO to Chinese.Sell land to chinese to plant trees like ZAFFICO does simple.Majority Zambians hate Kainde because of his involvement in the sale of Govnt firms with late FTJ Chiluba,therefore ECL should not be playing with fire.We loved Mr Sata because he started revamping Govnt firms which were destroyed by HH’s team during MMD’s rule!!!
    AM APPEALING TO ALL SENIOR PF MEMBERS TO ADVISE ECL PROPERLY UNLIKE THIS!!!Lets not give Kainde political data for him to gain political mileage-NO!!!Kainde sent our fathers and mothers to an early grave after privatization-THEREFORE HE SHOULD NOT BE VOTED INTO POWER-NEVER!!
    PF Govnt should 100% avoid privatization!

  3. Ambush in the night..all guns are pointing at me now… Ambush in the night…gotta face reality now…oweeee… life under pf. When I said it’s a failed state was I wrong?

  4. We know Akainde is desperate because his own lawyers have made it clear there is no petition at court. He wants to cause Armageddon and hijack State House by spreading falsehoods through his nephew’s blog at Zambian Witch Doctor.

    Miserable AR$S hole can go to hell and suck the devil

    • Just wait. …one of the arrested has mentioned a certain politician as the man behind the riots. By tomorrow he’ll be picked up.

    • Clearly the treason saga was not enough for the maggot Kainde. This anarchy he’s causing will lead him to hell sooner than he knows.

    • Lungu has very poor advisors or is desperate to be seen to be doing something … can you honestly , with your kaponya rats be celebrating and officiating opening more toll gates among hardships of the people ???

      Tell lungu opening a toll gate is not the same as opening a factory or manufacture plant imwe ma koswe….

    • Mr. Kudos..are you a Chinese agent or you’re just some foooolish id1otic Zambian? Not everyone here is UPND or cares about HH. We care about our country and the plight of our people and not political parties or individual politicians. Your comparing of the Rwanda situation with what’s happening in Zambia just shows how dumb you’re. The Chinese are coming to Africa to dominate, and not to live as equals. They view Africa from a paternalistic point. They’re coming to dominate and subjugate the Africans. There comes a point when people get tired of being ignored and stuff like this begin to happen. You can’t just open the border and let foreigners begin to pour in with no proper vetting. Some Chinese are coming into the country to sell maize and sell chickens on the side of the road…

    • … All these types of Chinese immigrants should never be allowed in the country in the first place, as they’re coming to do simple businesses that the poor native Zambians depend on for sustenance. So the question is, who is allowing these people into the country? Why can’t they go back to China and do these simple businesses there? Hello? Can you answer that yourself?

  5. LT there’s no compound called Nakadoli. This a small area near Chingola Road and opposite Mindola Police Station. The name is from a shop owned by the mother of Kadoli.

  6. kudos sounds like SUNDAY CHANDA. SUNDAY CHANDA must be blogging as kudos. You can tell form his uncivilised, compound (komboni) and language of hatred.

    Why should every story be blamed on H.H.? Its like he gives you sleepless nights because of hi wealth and that he is from a pure and intelligent tribe

  7. China vs USA trade war has shifted and metamorphosed into Zambian villagers vs Chinese warfare because stoopid GRZ has allowed Chinaman to prey on the weakest/poorest .

    • Don’t blame the Chinese, their intentions were noble….led us money to develop while they buy our raw materials , only the people who they lent the money were spending like baboons in a maize field….

      The Chinese high command politburue is alarmed at developments taking place, they are being blamed for the incompetence and corruption of PF ….in a way the “don’t ask, don’t interfere, just lend” policy they have is to blame…how can you be lending money none stop to clueless theives ?? Now even the Chinese have realised PF are a hopless gang of looters with no vision.

      For all the money Zambia has borrowed, we should be riding a wave of maximum employment, exports and GDP growth ..

  8. Use of insulting language here shows how minute your brains are. If you have no intellectual contributions to make just shut your Gub. If you are intelligent enough why not offer solutions to problems the country is undergoing? NOTHING will come out of Empty tins like you other than insulting NOISES.

  9. Really in a country with 41% unemployment, you have a president and supporter rats celebrating opening toll gates is absolutely shocking and in bad taiste to the long suffering Zambians….

    I don’t think you will see lungu officiating opening another toll gate in the current economic climate……

    Most influential blogger.
    All rights reserved.

  10. There is no Kainde in kopala naimwe. Zambians want a Zambian President, and not a tonga President or Chinese president which is the same thing really. The way kopala loathe chinrse crooks is the dame way they loathe a politician. Ba h.h tapali icenu apa, baka milongafye mu Kamfinsa imwe, dont play with kopla.

    • Just provide jobs nimwe ba koswe, stop blaming the Chinese or HH ……nichani, mwaleka ku vina ka nymbo kaja ati….bwanji kanymbo, ati dunnuna reverseee yeeee dunnuna….

  11. Too many African countries are having some anti Chinese tensions or protests. China’s imprint on Africa needs to be checked or slowed down.

    • Enka, China is invading African and burdening us it with high infrastructural loans so they can rip it off it’s natural resources that’s why we need our leaders to wake and smell the coffee.

  12. Kwena ba Lungu and PF have no back bone they just accepts anything Chinaman tells them to do. I don’t know what it will take for these cadres to realize that their president is there to serve the Chinese and not them. I pity the next president because he is going to have nothing to work with as Lungu and his minions would have sold everything by then.

  13. Demonstrating against the Chinese is plain dumb. demonstrate against a corrupt clueless government. just yesterday the emperor wasted millions officially opening a tollgate. we surely have become a joke

  14. Research has shown time and again that you can not tax your way into prosperity. All these toll gates need to collect money which should be coming from industry. At the moment, records show high unemployment which translates in less TAX collection. So the way forward would seem to establish local industry that creates jobs for locals not foreigners who in the end externalise the revenue they earn. Easy economics 101.
    It’s not too late to create a vision!

  15. First of all its wrong to target and attack a group of people merely on the ground that they are foreigners and are taking your over businesses be it true or false. That is pure xenophobia which I will never support. Some of you who are supporting this were the same ones who cried and condemned harshly what was happening and does happen quite oftenly in South Africa so don’t be hypocrites.

  16. when Kopala meet the Presido, you dont accuse HH. When Kopala chase HH , you celebrate…. When Kopala riot , you accuse HH….. PF christians , give us a break………..The man you are praising today will be one day shock you…… GOD loves all but every man has issues you can not vouch for…….GOD sees what you dont see

  17. Fellow Zambians lets use Social Media to attract promote development in our country. Someone said “If you want to hide something from a Zambian, put it in the book/in writing” Zambians don’t have a culture of reading that’s why they take to the streets and start destroying other people’s property. Former president Kaunda who had along term vision for the country tried a lot of things to improve the economic by empowering Zambians, but because we were 20 years behind his thinking, we started stealing and destroying what he did. Today most of the things we are trying, are things KK thought about some 40 years ago. How many parastatal companies are operating efficiently today? Non. The reason is simple, wastefulness, greedy and selfishness, where CEOs are stealing like no ones business…

  18. . Let’s be sincere, as Zambians we have completely failed. Let’s give the running of companies to people who are serious with business and not just running or blaming the government about things we don’t even understand. Where is ZIMCO, INDECO, FINDECO? All these were run by selfish Zambians who didn’t love and had NO vision for this country but for their pockets. Murmuring and complaining about Chinese nationals will never grow or solve economic problems, if anything we should appreciate and learn something from our Chinese Colleague so that in ten years to come we will be able to do things for ourselves. It is this spirit of murmuring and complaining which made the children of Israel to stay in the wilderness for 40 years without progress, so is Zambia 54 years without progress…

  19. as a consumer I would rather go to a Chinese national and buy a chicken at a cheaper price than go to a fellow Zambian with exploitative price. We need progress not inciting people to rise against those in authority, let’s read widely see what our friends are going through economically in Latin America and parts of Africa.

  20. Comment:only our master God almighty is the one who can control our country Zambia.So let us prayer together because some people are Satanist in this country Zambia

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