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President Lungu leads ex-war veterans in remembrance of the fallen first and second world wars heroes


President Edgar Lungu, who today turned 62 years old, this morning led ex-war veterans, Service Chiefs , foreign diplomats and on lookers in laying wreaths at the Cenotaph in Lusaka in remembrance of the fallen heroes and heroines of the first and second world wars.

This years’ celebrations marked 100 years after the end of first world war in 1918 as Zambia today joined the rest of the world in observing the centenary.

The Cenotaph is a war memorial structure erected for peace parade following the end of the First and Second World Wars.

President Lungu who arrived at the Cenotaph around 10:40 hours in the morning was received by Deputy Chief Justice Marvin Mwanamwambwa. Others present were Cabinet Ministers, senior government and PF party Central Committee members.

And Memorable Order Tins Hats (MOTH) member Jackson Bwalya stressed the importance of remembering the world war heroes and heroines due to the roles they played in the wars.

Corporal Bwalya said the atrocities of the first and second world wars must never be repeated in the current and future generations.

Corp. Bwalya, who was flanked by two of his friends stated that remembering the world war heroes is all about learning from the past.

And delivering his sermon and quoting from Roman 12: 17 – 21 Zambia Police Service Deputy Chaplain Francis Kaoma called on Zambians to embrace and live at peace with everyone at all times.

Reverend Kaoma said there is need for Zambians to treasure and maintain peace as peace cannot be achieved by those who don’t seek it.

“The general rule is that people should live at peace with their enemies though it is not easy,” Rev. Kaoma said.

And the chaplain says forgiveness is vital as it leads to mutual reconciliation and consequently contributes to maintaining of peace and unity among the people.

“There is need for us to live above bold by forgiving our enemies for the seek of getting peace,” he said.


    • There are more that 70 presidents meeting in France, to discuss world peace.
      Why was Ba Edgar (sorry Edgar, 62 yrs mwaiche sana) invited, to find solution to have peace with HH? or help DRC as he claims he is SADC security something?

    • Meanwhile……….. vulnerable rural communities are being forced to give up their land.
      Hungry mouths to feed but no money in peoples pockets!
      Dununa for real!

    • Ama Jealous of what exactly? A President who is stealing? You are the same nincompoops who said I was bitter when we advised you to spend EUROBOND in agriculture today my people are suffering together because of high taxes to cover this recklessness.

  1. Indeed we value Zambian war veterans,their courage,honesty and integrity they have this far shown and exhibited in Zambia post independence

    There have continued being a committed gallant and vigilant men to the Zambian national calls . Its only fair that a common Zambian recognize and take very serious and acknowledge of the sacrifices them and their families made to ensure ensure we attained human rights and our country sovereignty They have continued further to champion national goals and interest to ensure that their sacrifices indeed were worthy of them and no one should erode their gains in the progressive commitments to national unity and freedom

    Its worthy a Veterans Day for all…

    • No need to call others nincopoops your frustrations will kill you.By the way which is your pipo,do you own any one? Sosoloka mudaala ba Lungu ba beleeke.

  2. Its worthy a Veterans Day for all we know who served the country as we have read and heard and thank you for your service well rendered to Zambia for all leaders to emulate unselfishly They never fault perceived and selfish misguided individual rights

  3. They teamed up for mother Zambia not individual failed Party project No Infact they oppossed that as it can be read and seen in the memoreis of mwanakatwe mkumbula nalumino and kk and other veterans and that history should not and never be forgotten by the new generation of politicians

  4. These are they men and women that also charted the path to freedom for the whole of Africa and other colonized nations world wide. May God bless their families greatly.

  5. This is bad reporting..This pumped up ‘Poppingjay” did not LEAD anyone on this occassion..
    Among many others he was JUST an ‘also there’

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