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HH’s police summons postponed to allow him bury his Aunt, the late Chieftainess Choongo

Headlines HH's police summons postponed to allow him bury his Aunt, the...

Police on the Copperbelt have postponed the summon for UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema from 14th November to 20th November to allow him attend the burial ceremony of his late aunt Chieftainess Choongo of Bweengwa Constituency, in Monze District.

UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma said Mr. Hichilema will therefore avail himself for police summons next week on Tuesday 20th November 2018 in Ndola.

Mr. Kakoma has since advised UPND members to remain united amidst all the challenges affecting Mr. Hichilema.

Police have summoned Mr. Hichilema to appear before its command in Ndola over the riots sparked by the alleged sale of ZAFFICO to Chinese Investors.

According to a callout issued by the Deputy D.C.I.O, Gloria Mulele last week, Mr. Hichilema was supposed to report to Ndola Police Headquarters on Wednesday this week.

Mr. Hichilema is alleged to have incited the people on the Copperbelt to riot over the alleged sale of ZAFFICO, a state owned company involved in the timber industry.

The UPND Leader has however denied ever inciting anyone to riot saying Zambians are aware of the many problems going on in the country including the ZNBC and the NRDC situations.

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    • The ECL/HH debacle has been the most has been the most trying political time in the history of Zambia. This is what vote stealing can do to a country. Waste precious time, Someone should be brought to book.

    • Mwalule, the burying of living people with the King of the bemba was stopped a long time ago naimwe ba Nubia. Why are you bitter with the man. Just let him live his dream.

    • @Nubian, apapena you deserve to be insulted. But before I do, check that you didn’t forget to put on your g-string.
      It’s Chief Choongo who died, you remember her, not Thief..

    • It looks like this summons was going to result in Vula nsapato. Because any normal summons you feature & then you go & you can go & bury anyone after that. Watch this space. Angena!!!!

    • Im surprised to learn that her royal highness was the small gods auntie… how ironic, with all that money he would at least evacuated her to panama for medics that taking her to some not some poor relatives in kitwe.

    • The laws of unintended consequences suggest that Arresting HH this time around will be counterproductive. Tempers in the country are too high and anything is possible. People are fed up with the Lungu Regime. Those who eyes can see. The writing is on the Wall.

  1. Was it necessary in the beginning?
    Let’s arrest him and when people riot, we will say it’s his fault. One wonders what calibre of Political Advisors PF has.

    • CHAMISA Almost Kidnnaped
      Attempts by the ZANU PF government to trivialize the attack on President Nelson Chamisa is not just mischievous but totally unacceptable.
      Watch “CHAMISA Almost Kidnnaped, CIO Millitary Intelligence Under Fire, This is What Happened, Watch” on YouTube
      Clearly something is not right, and for government to dismiss the claims without even calling for an investigation is worrying.
      The six vehicles trailing the President had blue siren lights, communication gadgets and they were armed. The President’s convoy was in the neighborhoods of Mabvuku as a security protocol to determine whether they were being followed or not.
      That the President has been trailed since before the stolen election is not a secret. Police reports have been made and no action has been taken…

    • Those with eyes let them open them enough to see and with ears too should listen.Time has come let Lungu blame anyone but himself.This time its;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    • Nubia always forgets that the Presidency of Zambia is for all Zambians. Neither Lungu nor HH has any special entitlement to it. They are both ordinary Zambians and are free to seek the Office. If there is any thing to be said it can only be against Lungu who has twice held the Office and wants to hang on to that office. In my view holding the Office twice is more than enough for one person. I can not understand what else he wants to achieve which another person can not, apart from pure self gratification for reasons of self importance.

  2. I am pondering on what HH’s Zambia would have been like. Is there really something dark about HH or is it just the fear of the unknown?

    • Everything looks dark about HH! Zambia will be in a state of eclipse of sun during his rule. Just imagine the language and behaviour being displayed by his MPs and supporters. Zambia would be a total mess with no order, and very dirty. People from other regions will be refugees in their own countries. To find a job or a place in school or to be considered for anything else, you will have to change you name to a Tonga name!!! Tonga will replace English as the official language of Zambia. The name Zambia would change to Tongambia! That is the Zambia under HH!!!

    • !d!ocy has limits, Asigai just proved that Zambia has still alot of them, no wonder we still vote his like to be our leaders.

    • It is always the case when some one over stays in Office, they begin empire building and grow airs because of the army of lying sycophants who tell them that they are special. It is essential for Presidents, especially Presidents to remember that they are not special. They should seek to leave office as soon as possible because power corrupts human beings very easily. The sycophants will keep telling you to continue in Office even when you are crawling from old age. They are all liars. The only people of integrity are those who advise you to leave. If nobody is telling you to leave the chances are, you are not getting objective advice and you should get new advisers.

    • Nothing wrong except that it is CHILDISH, an UNDER FIVE, TRIBAL CHIEF, PRIVATIZATION THIEF and INSIDE TRADING THIEF. Also, THREE MANSIONS owner? Are you the only one who doesn’t know this?

  3. What proof do you have that zaffico has been sold out to Chinese

    Answer: I did not incite anybody.

    Is he deranged or what. Opposition leader must come out smart not this kind of half wit.

    After funeral he must report himself because a lot of Chinese property was destroyed while his money is in panama.

    Lock him up

    Am a non partisan political consultant

    • They think voting against me online will tranlate into their votes in 2021

      Sata had mps doted around the country while he was in opposition not just tribal territory And you could feel wind of change albeit his hollow promise s

    • @Its political
      You are very dull. HH was just too smart for that prostitute journalist. He knew exactly what he was doing by refusing to answer that stup1d question

    • Let him brainwash his fellow villagers from bwengwa. Honestly these hh followers.

      What makes them worship this character to an extent they can kill you like Moslems.

      We dont worship lungu. We dont worship mutati. We dont worship Kambwili. We never worship lpm. We never worship ftj

      Why do these chaps worship this ka character

    • The Chinese love Mukula Tree and Mukula Tree is ZAFFICO. A Chinese Company last year bought ZAFFICO Houses signalling its intention to buy ZAFFICO Assets including Company Shares. The Listing of ZAFFICO is being done in Secrecy confirming People’s fears that it is being sold to Chinese Investors. Its a LUSE Requirement that the Listing of ZAFFICO be underwritten by an Underwriter. We will not be suprised if the Listing Transaction is underwritten by a Chinese Company. An Underwriter is forced to buy the shares not bought on LUSE during the Listing.

    • Only a fo0l goes straight into a trap set for him. I applaud HH for his quick thinking. Even Muliokela knows that ZAFFICO is for sale

  4. “The UPND family must continue with the same spirit of being united amidst all these challenges affecting our leader. We commit our President in God’s hands as he goes through these trying moments,” he said.

    You mean Trib.al Hacks? He aint seen nothin’ yet!

  5. What Aunt naimwe ba Stephen Kakoma? It’s just a variation of the fainting act invented by Neckless Smely Kambwili.

    I think the police should give him two days only for burying the royal highness, he must appear on Friday, good day actually from past experience…kikikikiki

    • Jocks aside Underrate us to your own peril. This will turn out sour.Zambia will be too small for PF and Gang leader.Its too much persecuting our boss for nothing.

  6. Which challenges is this 1d10t going thru. Ba Police don’t waste time, people’s properties were damaged and still at stake and u allow him to bury his f00l1$h aunt.

  7. Remember Last East last year, Lungu arrested HH during eater ( Good Friday), It was this time Lungu went midnight to attack an innocent soul in his home with his soldiers and police officers who even messed up inside HH’s house, last 18th October, after devil’s prayer and fasting, Lungu tried to sacrifice an innocent Pastor for nothing but he was embarrassed, this time around when people are talking about Independence and end of world war 2 marking 100 years celebrations, Lungu plans to sacrifice HH as a way of shedding blood.
    Truly speaking who is Lungu. Is he a believer or hypocrite? People must judge themselves and know the true colors of what he is after.

    • HH is not an innocent soul!! His is a criminal who stole our money during privitisation period. He insulted and almost killed EL in Mongu. He was only released after international diplomats pleaded with government and a deal was reached. HH will not tell you this because he like dull followers who would die for him for nothing. many have already died for him and he quickly forgets and moves forward like a vampire.

  8. Despicable that some people think persecuting HH using taxpayers money over actions taken by adults to riot, is acceptable. Some, as usual, like the so-called @Nubian Princess being even so primitively gross by suggesting HH should be buried with the aunty he is mourning. Is it a wonder that the country is where it is when such actions and thinking are the order of the day.

  9. Seems what ever happens the blame is referred to HH?when people rioted in KK’s time Chiluba No blame was thrown at Chiluba or Chama Chakomboka now this time awe sure..some one who Live in Lusaka can spark riots on the copperbelt?
    Meanwhile at Kasumbalesa Border there is a long queue of Transit Trucks being delayed to clear into DRC,,Drivers are spending 4 to 5 days on the queue were there are No toilets and water .. who is to blame when an out break of deseases like Chorela strike the sorrounding town of Chililabombwe?ohh yes it’s H.H Come on people.

  10. If i had a way i was going to facilitate an exit for HH to leave that troubled cadre led country!!! this is craaap!! Why cant the opposition be allowed to speak their mind???? atase….

  11. Gbm moved his money to SA

    HH moved his money to Panama

    Whats is remains now is setting the bush on fire and slipped out of ZAMBIA using bush tracks and take flight from neighbour ing countries

    The duo dont love you. They love themselves and they love their money.

    Hh is tonga gbm is bemba. While these work together. Bembas and tongas on the ground have pulled daggers ready to kill each other

    Tongas and bemba are insulting each pther ONLINE while hh and gbm are enjoying

    Am a non partisan political consultant

  12. Too many people that are involved with the Party have died unexplainably. Campaigning at night and two MPs dying soon after, suggests people should be cautious of joining party and should do so at own lives risk. Not everything you hear is gossip or slander. Some people are ‘Big Men’ in the Spirit under World.

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