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MP calls for Opposition leaders to respect Zambia Police

Headlines MP calls for Opposition leaders to respect Zambia Police

Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Hon. Jonas Chanda.
Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Hon. Jonas Chanda.

PF Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Dr. Jonas Chanda has advised opposition Leaders to respect the Zambia Police and stop insulting and dragging them into petty partisan politics.

Dr. Chanda said the Police have a duty to maintain Law and Order and keep the Peace which the country has enjoyed for 54 years.

Dr. Chanda, who was speaking in Parliament when debating the 2019 Budget for the Zambia Police and Ministry of Home Affairs, says National Security is the number one priority for any country because there can be no socioeconomic development when peace and security are threatened.

He has warned politicians to avoid deliberately breaking the Law with impunity as such irresponsible behaviour threatens Public Order and Peace, and Police have a Constitutional duty of Law Enforcement because no one is above the Law and no individual is bigger than the Country.

Dr. Chanda advised opposition leaders to avoid peddling alarming, false, cheap and childish propaganda like the alleged sale of national assets to the Chinese such as ZNBC, KKIA, NRDC, National Game Parks, ZAFFICO, ZESCO and others meant to incite the public against government as witnessed by the recent riots in Kitwe.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chanda has called for allocation of more resources to the Zambia Police as part of the modernisation program.

He has also called on government to embark on a Skills and Merit based immigration Policy which will only allow for skilled foreigners who can contribute to the nation’s economic development agenda to work in Zambia.

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  1. I like Chanda’s last point for the policy of Skilled foreigners. Even when it come to these Chinese we keep complaining about, government should allow and give permits to Chinese with skills that are lucking in Zambia. Not allowing Chinese that come to learn how to keeps chickens and start competing with marketeers at Soweto Market and the kind of Chinese that come to push wheelbarrows.

    • The back bench is getting too cold for Dr.Chanda and Dr.Malama. Can we for once think of what is below the 50 000 hectares of Zaffico. Why were over 600 houses sold for $280 000 ($500 per house). We have seen what has happened to national assets elsewhere when they have failed to repay the Chines loans. What is alarming is the failure by the PF leadership to secure the future of this country.

  2. If President Lungu has such educated MPs why did he have to go ‘outside the PF’ to pick the likes of Vincent Mwale, Dora Siliya, Felix Mutati? These ‘MMD’ MPs have had their time during the reign of their party

  3. The Doc knows very well that the police will never get the respect they should be commanding in the country for as long as they are being used by the party in govt. The doc should instead advocating for the police to be proactive and professional. It is a pity that the trend of the police being on the side of the ruling party has continued and hence the opposition render them useless and ineffective. Professionalism must be encouraged and apply the law equally regardless of political alignment.

  4. Politics aside, for me if there is a group that has no regard for our police it is PF cadres. Lets be objective when dealing with matters National interest

  5. PF is making its chances of rigging the 2021 elections very difficult because if upnd wins with large numbers this time ( unlike in 2015 and 2016 when it won but with a slender margin) because of high hunger levels, high unemployment and high corruption , it will be very difficult to manipulate overwhelming results. We know UPND won the 2015 & 2016 elections though it was by a narrow margin.

    I know some fools like kudos and Nubian Princess will


  7. The title of doctor has been misapplied! I used to think doctors are intelligent people but the crop we see now have no iota of The Lateral Thinking Ability. They have reduced themselves to cadres in suits and boot lickers! Why should we increase budget for Teargas and not for education, Agriculture and medicines in hospitals?
    Zambia reminds me of UK during the time of Winston Churchill when one MP lamented to say “Are we in a Police State where we cannot even call the Prime Minister a F00l?” This is Zambia for us – a Police State where people are not even allowed to freely think differently! ADEDO is living Proof!

  8. Equally police have to respect the citizens and uphold their rights. The right of freedom of expression and the right of freedom of assembly for example.

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