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President Lungu calls for an end to reckless statements


President Edgar Lungu with Managing Director,Ajay Bakaya during
the tour of Neelkanth Sarovar Premiere hotel in Lusaka.

President Edgar Lungu has appealed to Zambians to act responsibly and avoid reckless statements that can undermine the country’s peace and security.

The Head of State says the Private Sector response to the Country’s friendly business operating environment is clear defeat for doomsayers who are hell-bent on undermining investor confidence in the economy.

Speaking during the official opening of the Neelkanth Sarovar Premiere Hotel in Lusaka today, President Lungu said no one has the right to single out any single nationality and set the population against them adding that investors from different countries are welcome.

“Here we are, investors from Tanzania have put up this wonderful investment, which created 200 direct jobs and supporting other supply chains”, the President said.

President Lungu said his government aspire to build a strong and dynamic industrialised nation, which provides opportunities for the well-being of all people adding that government is also determined to improve on its resolve to create an operating business environment that embodies values of socio-economic justice.

“As stipulated in the seventh national development plan, tourism is one of the country’s economic growth sectors, which directly and indirectly provides significant employment opportunities. The PF government will continue to provide an enabling environment through appropriate legal and policy measures to support private sector investment.

He said Zambia has the potential to be transformed into a tourism hub in the region and beyond. it is in this regard, that government has prioritised creation of an enabling environment to spur growth in the tourism sector.

And Tourism and Arts Minister Charles Banda said the tourism sector holds the potential to be a major contributor to socio-economic development as an important source of jobs, wealth, and competitiveness, particularly in the country’s rural areas.

He said the sector also holds major linkages to various other sectors of the economy as it offers large opportunities for a return on investment in infrastructure development, hotel management, tour operations and the meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (mice) sub-sectors.

And Neelkanth Group Limited Chairperson, Subhash Patel said President Edgar Lungu’s commitment to promote a conducive Business environment has encouraged his company to invest in Zambia.

He promised to bring a difference in the provision of service in Zambia’s Hospitality Industry.


  1. Lungu threatened the high court judges not to try the historic Kenya presidential petition ruling in Zambia.That was a reckless statement by Lungu.

    • Yes bwana presido..especially reckless statements like the toll gate cost $4.3m, fuel from Saudi Arabia for k5, people must bring evidence of corruption so on and so forth. Such reckless statements should bring impeachment.

    • Mr. President please for once stand with your people. We are frustrated that foreigners are being favoured in preference to us. We are your brothers, your own flesh and blood. do not sell us out simply because foreigners are offering to make you and your friends wealthy

    • Sorry 500 000 jobs, I sensibly underestimated for you, you actually promised. From the hind side do you really think that your were reasonable in making such an outregeagous promise?

    • How about Ba Jonas reckless corruption, drinking on duty, & reckless corruption -Eswatini deals??
      Does that not put Zambia @ risk?

    • Lungu, when are going to have Zambian investors investing in Zambia creating Zambian jobs. This when you come out and support. 500 low paid jobs for our people is not an investment. Furthermore, its probably borrowed funds from within Zambia. We need economic independence, zero corruption, and reduced debt. Then the reckless statements will never pop up

    • HH is a leader of a TRIBAL H-ORGANIZATION that believes that “ONLY A TONGA CAN FIX ZAMBIA!” It has a delusional spirit from Satanists.

    • Lazy bum GAY JAY illiterate tribal thug hooligan bully of a TRIBAL H-organisation masquerading as a Party, UPND and son of a tribal polygamist father who never taught him toilet training POOPING in public HAGAIN needing MUTINTA HICHILEMA to change his DIAPERS HAGAIN. UNDER FIVE CHILDISH mentally disabled is not fit to be a president but can become a section leader or Paramount Chief in NAMWALA, only!

  2. Chagwa stop acting carelessly and the careless talk will cease. You and your minions behave and act too recklessly to be ignored

    • 6 November 2018*
      – Civil Servant Amos Chanda, press aide at State House, orders police to storm radio stations to stop provocative interviews.

  3. How can there be peace when your SG Davies Mwila led hordes of cadres in singing and dancing to obscenities about Kambwili? You and your Ministers are very quiet about the demolitions of private properties going on. Your silence means only two things, either you don’t care or you support the demolitions. Don’t come and say you were not told, people are not happy, that’s why they have began to listen to Hichilema. You are headed for a very shocking and humiliating defeat in 2021. If you have any wisdom don’t even dare attempt.

  4. You sanction 42/42, spend $4 million on a useless UN tripe to talk about mandela , $4.5 million on a toll gate that looks like a bycicle shed , $50 million on a presidential jet , selling everything to chinese while while students have no meal allowances and we have 40 % unemployed and you want people to keep silent ?

    Spaka ®
    Most influential blogger
    All rights reserved


  6. Aba bena bapuba. Even PF cadres here know this chap is useless but are too proud to admit it kaili he feeds them. Otherwise zero intellect, clueless with no empathy for the poor Zambian, no spine and that is why everyone is stealing in his useless govt coz they know a dunderhead is the boss. Sad.

  7. investors from Tanzania have put up this wonderful investment, which created 200 direct jobs and supporting other supply chains”, the President said.

    When are you going to launch a business venture by Zambians of similar magnitude supported by local banks or the DBZ? Are you sure there are no Zambians with viable business plans and ability to carry out massive business ventures if they received support from your government? Or should Zambians end up as chicken and salaula small SIDOs?

    • Zambians need to develop business skills, and acumen, first
      Zambians need to eradicate theft and pilfering from their genes
      Zambiand need to shed their proclivity for nepotism

    • Ba Chilankalipa – So you want the President to come to your house and take you to DBZ? Some utterances by you Zambians are extremely s.tupid and reckless.

    • @ abilima

      The only 5tupid contribution so far its yours.
      No body wants to be taken to DBZ for one simple reason! DBZ has ceased do be development bank. As a mater of FACT, it is PF which has put last nail in DBZ coffin.
      Do you know what are the % rates for project financing in Zambia?
      Do yourself a big favor, keep mum and people may believe that YOU are not STUPID arse l!cking beneficiary of the Plunderers Federation Endemically Corrupt Leader

  8. Real Zambians cannot be so reckless to handover their country to Hacks and his sangoma chieftainness Mukuni. Never!!

  9. Awe ba Chagwa bufi. You have never tamed the language your cadres use including even your so special man Sunday Chanda and others so why will people listen to you as though they are nothing?

  10. “President Edgar Lungu has appealed to Zambians to act responsibly and avoid reckless statements that can undermine the country’s peace and security.”

    Statement like this from the head state can be interpreted like the government is not reflective listening to its people.

    Government should appreciate its young people and to recognise that the environment as changed, they don’t want to be like investors, investors they can see something wrong and they can’t voice out fear of reprecaution.

    For many Zambian it’s nothing new

  11. This president has very bad advisers or he himself is a coward hyena. The reckless statements are generated from his own circles and the fact that he does not give information to the citizens through a press conference were he could be asked questions regarding many issues concerning the state of the country. If only this man can open himself up to answer several unanswered questions people will have no reason to speculate or spread rumors. He himself is being very reckless by being afraid of facing the media. Nikateka washani uyu mwebantuse!

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