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Jean Kapata tells Police to stop being partisan after a PF cadre was shot in the leg by an officer

Headlines Jean Kapata tells Police to stop being partisan after a PF cadre...

Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Jean Kapata
Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Jean Kapata

Minister of Lands Jean Kapata is displeased with the violence that led to the shooting of a Patriotic Front (PF) cadre in the leg by a police officer in Solwezi.

Ms Kapata said it is sad that a place where peace is supposed to prevail can allow such an incidence to happen. She has since called on the police to refrain from being partisan and have the suspect police officer arrested.

Ms Kapata also urged the youths to stay away from any form of violence to avoid endangering their lives.

She said this when she addressed a public meeting to drum up support for Tumvwangani PF candidate Emmanuel Mupapanya ahead of the November 20, 2018 by-elections in Solwezi.

Meanwhile, PF Provincial Chairperson Jackson Kungo said President Edgar Lungu is committed to continue developing the province hence the need to vote for a PF Councilor.

Mr Kungo urged the people in the ward to turn up in numbers to cast their vote on the voting day.

PF and United Party for National Development (UPND), supporters engaged themselves in violent clashes but police have not availed details on the fracas yet.

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  1. Jean Kapata tells Police to stop being partisan after a PF cadre was shot in the leg by an officer – kikikikikikikikiki. Really my sister?

    • If it was a UPND cadre who was shot, they would have said nothing as in the case of the young woman who was shot after the 2016 elections.
      And she is instructing police to arrest the perpetraitors but they are very quiet on the murder of Vespers. How is this not interference in police affairs? What if the policeman was threatened? No investigation has been done and yet you are calling for arrests. It’s been several weeks and we still haven’t seen any action on Vespers.
      This is what makes cadres misbehave. They know that they are protected. Any way that’s what we get for electing this calibre of leaders

    • Zaffico plantations have been sold
      By Watchdog, November 13, 2018 12:43
      We can now confidently confirm that President?????? Edgar Lungu and his PF leadership have sold ZAFFICO PLANTATION the Chinese.
      The Chinese bought each tree at K600 but nobody knows where the money has gone.
      The Chinese mining company NFCA of Chambeshi which bought 612 ZAFFICO houses for sitting tenants from government at a cost $270,000 are the ones doing exploration of minerals on the Ndola Mufulira Road in the Mwekera ZAFFICO plantation.

      Despite the massive restrictions into the area, Zambian Watchdog managed to get into the area and got those photos and we have videos plus other documents showing that ZAFFICO has been sold to the Chinese as was revealed by the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema who now faces…

    • Clearly lack of leadership in this cabinet….does PF have a professional media team to advise these tins? this is what happens when you have Grade 7s for ministers like Jean. Its not laughable especially after PF cadres were protesting in Kitwe today.

    • Lazy bum GAY JAY illiterate tribal hooligan thug bully son of a tribal polygamist father pooping HAGAIN in public needing a DIAPER change. Did MUTINTA HICHILEMA change you yesterday?

    • No exploration of minerals on the Ndola Mufulira Road in the Mwekera ZAFFICO plantation, you want to turn Zambia into a desert.

    • Because it was PF thug shot, police called to be non-partisan. Innocent people have died at the hands of the police in support of PF agenda no single moment Jean Kapata condemned unprofessional conduct from the police.

    • I understand that actually this PF cadre was attempting to shoot a UPND cadre and the policeman was just doing his normal duties of defending innocent citizens from criminals. The shooting did not come out of the blues. Policemen should open their eyes and realize these PF thugs are just after using them and never even want them to be impartial but to be inclined to PF, kissing their boots every time,

  2. Hh took his money from privatisation to Panama

    GBM took the money he made from govt system to SA

    HH is a Tonga. GBM is bemba.

    They will bush on fire and run away.

    Bemba will be fighting to tongas and kaluvales and luzis will come in while hh and gbm will go where they hid their proceeds of crime

  3. When its A PF cadre involved then, police are being partisan. When it is an opposition cadre, then the opposition are fueling violence in the nation. Does it mean that when one joins politics, they lose their ability to think properly? Just say that you have failed madam and pass on the burton to someone else. The mukula saga is still fresh on our minds, so is are the ZAFFICO houses that you have sold to the Chinese, next is ZAFFICO itself. Isoni ebuntu.

  4. Comment:Mr. Kapata there you are wrong. How can you arrest someone, in that case, without investigations first. Maybe for guys in PF there is a shortcut to do things. From today please stop instructing the Police what to do ok. It might be you tomorrow. Let the Police do their Job professionally not CADRESSIONALLY kikikikiki.

  5. The PF police thought the guy who was brandishing a Pistol in public was a UPND cadre and opened fire immediately, not knowing that it was one of their own. We know the cadres who move armed with pistols and Pangas – The Panga Family. I wonder how Mr Jean would have spoken if the victim was Tonga or UPND. They said nothing when Vesper was murdered in cold blood. Now they have realized the danger of having partisan police! Anyway, that was PF Friendly Fire! Remember not to fashion weapons against others because the same weapons can turn against you without warning! Sobber up!

    • Nice one, kikiki with commotion the police thought it was upnd supporter he was aiming at kanshi ni pf cadre, we always tell you that this hate for upnd will make you screw yourselves,kikikiki.

  6. Another ugly dander head, this man and the other man, education minister, Yaba these two a wrong machine was used to manufacture these human specimens….. But these are the people who think Police is there to serve PF only

  7. PF controlled police are being partisan? That’s a new one. Oh wait maybe she meant stop being partisan and always favouring the PF. In that case well done Jean Kapata.

  8. Madame Kapata, now we hear your voice because it was a PF cadre that was shot at? why are you silent when it is innocent students that are killed or a member of the opposition? you disgust me and we should not have leaders like you. Leave the police alone to do their work proffessionally and not make them puppets of your unjust rule. You are the people frustrating the police in their trained duties.

    Jean please take that horse hair wig off your thick head.
    1. When your P.F, Stormtroopers aka Cadres, undressed a woman in front of equally useless Vice President Gogo Inonge, did you open your pink mouth, & call for non partisan law enforcement??
    2. When PF Cadres chopped the hand off a citizen at a funeral, did you pass wind in disgust?
    3. When an innocent girl Mapenzi was slaughtered by P.Folice, did you protest?
    4. When Chavula, entered the E.C.Z server room, what did you say?
    4. When Kaizer & Munir have used Police officers as personal punch bags, did you ever raise concern?
    5. When your Mukula was intercepted, State House vehicles in tow, what happened?
    6. Young Vespers was brutally murdered by…

    • Cont:
      Young Vespers was brutally murdered by P.Folice. Wig loving Mukula Mama NDWII.
      MA WIGI, JUST CONTINUE FATTENING YOUR ALREADY MASSIVE UNHEALTHY CORRUPT BELLY. Some of us with Brains can see right through your [email protected], unlike your fellow P.F Mposamabwe cadres

  10. All cadres regardless the party of belonging must be caged. Whether it be PF or UPND or any party we must cage them these useless creatures causing confusion in the country.

  11. oh wait and see they will call HH soon for questions over the shooting of a PF carder you will that the officer who shot the carders is upnd kaili its common.

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