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Jarabos in Kitwe Join the anti Xenophobia protests march


Hundreds of Patriotic Front (PF)  members together with  the Small Scale Miners commonly known as Jerabos
Hundreds of Patriotic Front (PF) members together with the Small Scale Miners commonly known as Jerabos

Hundreds of Patriotic Front (PF) members together with the Small Scale Miners commonly known as Jerabos today held protests match in solidarity against what they called as xenophobic attacks on the foreign investors.

The small scale miners, mostly from the Black Mountain have marched through the streets of Kitwe to show support to President Edgar Lungu and his investment policies.

The youths drove their famous tipper trucks in the city centre chanting slogans calling for peace and co existence with foreigners.

According to PF Copperbelt Youth Chairman Nathan Chanda, the solidarity was to march in support of peace and unity and against incitement of xenophobic attacks on all foreign investors and riots on the copper belt province.

Mr Chanda with his executive and Kitwe district youth chairperson also joined the protests march which started at Wusakile Round about, through town to the Kitwe Fire brigade office near Kitwe Teaching Hospital along Kitwe-Chingola road.

“The desperation and conduct of Mr Hichilema and some of his friends in opposition are causing a lot of worry to us the young people on the copper belt. We are aware that the UPND is mobilising some youths to cause havoc but we want to remind them that as PF youths on the Copper belt, who are many in numbers and will not just sit and watch them because no one is above the law.

“Mr Hichilema and some other frustrated opposition leaders are obsessed with the development by the PF government which will make PF win in 2021 general elections so they are trying by all means to paint the government and Zambia black and making this country ungovernable, in order for them to get attention from the public when the government reacts but Mr HH should not take the maturity and tolerance of government for granted.”

“It is a pity that some international community (commonwealth) and some churches are mute on the behaviour and careless ranting of Mr Hichilema. These politics of copy cat will not work for him. People of the copperbelt province knows him very well when it comes to selling of things and trusting him with power is as good as putting alfalfa or Miret together with goats,” Mr Chanda said.

Later, the Small Scale Miners representative Samuel Mpembwe said the miners want to see peace in the province. Mr Mpembwe said the small scale miners are happy with the gesture that has been extended to them by the Republican President. Mr Mpembwe said their livelihood is currently being sustained by foreigners who are processing the ore they are mining at the black mountain.

He said they will not entertain leaders bringing confusion and anarchy in the region.

And General of the Small Scale Miners Richard Chileshe who is known as Chile 1 said the miners do not want to be disturbed.

Mr Chileshe warned that the youths on the Copperbelt will not allow the UPND to continue causing confusion on the province.

He said the small scale miners could be forced to start acting like Jerabos.

And Commander of the Jerabos Cym Kalobo said the youths should not be pushed to far by those who want to bring confusion through xenophobic attacks.

Mr Kalobo said the youths on the Copperbelt and Zambia at large are behind the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Kalobo said any opposition leader that wants to peddle lies and bring confusion will be dealt with by the youths.

The small scale miners marched to office of the district commissioner were they found the kitwe Mayor Christopher Kangombe and the Provincial Chairperson Mr Stephen Kainga
among others.

PF Copperbelt Youth Chairman Nathan Chanda
PF Copperbelt Youth Chairman Nathan Chanda
PF Copperbelt Youth Chairman Nathan Chanda


    • Just look at them. They should be busy protesting about the potholes in Kitwe town centre instead.

      Elo do these Jerabos who make millions of kwachas pay taxes? Most Zambians today are really struggling with all sorts of bills to pay the govt but do these guys even pay road tax? They are never even stopped by Traffic Police. Life is really not fair.

      Fact is what happened with the attack on our Chinese comrades was not a good thing but we need to get to the root cause of WHY it happened. Pretending to protest is the way of mindless bufoons, the same ones protesting today are the same ones yesterday that used to attack Chinese. How ironic. I for one believe the Chinese investment is a very good thing, the problem is how we the Zambians are using this investment.

    • 2020vision is right i think these jerabos who claim to be well meaning Zambians, we need to see their tax returns to the ZRA, those who have passed through grueling and gruesome ZIALE advise us if it’s legal for any individual to check someone’s tax returns.

    • Now you understand why Africa was colonized. Foreigners will eventually take over Zambia while ignorant people like these marchers continue to protect foreign interests. No one is saying foreign investors should not be in Zambia. But there are many foreign “investors,” who are not really serious investors at all, but small time hustlers who should have never been allowed into the country in the first place. Zambia should allow big investors who will invest big money, and not foreigners who are just coming to sell maize, set up small stores in the compounds, and selling chickens on the side of the road. These small time businesses should be left to Zambians. The reason people were protesting (rioting) is not because of UPND or HH. Zambians aren’t stup1d that they don’t see what’s…

    • … happening in the country with regard to the economy, the high unemployment, the corruption, the government’s favoring of foreigners over Zambians. Stop this colonial mentality—thinking that foreigners are here to save you. Save yourself, and demand that government create conditions that’ll help you do that. Foreigners come into the country to look out for their own interests, and not yours. some are here to extract as much wealth and resources as they can, with no regard to the locals. They sign contracts which they never fulfill or respect, refuse to pay their fair share of taxes, destroy the environment by disposing toxic waste in our rivers and and on land—and polluting the atmosphere with toxic gases that cause lung cancer to our people. These are the issues you should be…

    • …marching about. Why don’t you march about the mistreatment of Zambian workers by the so called foreign investors? Why don’t you protest the slave wages foreigners pay you? Why don’t you march about better working conditions in these foreign companies? Hello? Wake up!!!

    • Jerabos sell the copper & ndandashi they steal to chinese.
      Just like Lungu got all his ill-gotten wealth from chinese bribes. Its not a surprise that crooks support chinese.
      All do not pay taxes (chinese, Jerabos & lungu).
      Only a direct beneficiary of chinese dirty money can support this f00lishness.

    • Jerabos or what ever you call yourselves,Just wait for time you are not many and powerfull than the many suffering Zambians.Time will come when Police and Jerabos will scamper into hiding.Nga mwaikuta ka nshima and lifting to ma crank shafts ati we are Jerabos.Just wait muza puzila Chizungu when time s comes soon.

  1. So these can march anytime without permits. Jerabos were just threatened to join the march or else the black mountain would be taken away from them again.

    • The problem is that you are just doing it for hatred of HH but forgetting that you are destroying your country. Dont think they are many its only because the other camp cannot be allowed to march like them.

  2. Zaffico strategy

    Mukula strategy

    Xenophobia strategy

    Opposition lacks winning strategy.

    PF is a very weak political party but opposition lacks formula

    How can you have chaps like spaka insulting my view s and expect to wrestle power from PF

    Ignore me at your own peril.

    Am a non partisan political consultant

    • Since UNDER FIVE is in love with tax haven PANAMA, let it become a political advisor to PANAMA because when it dies Zambian money will die there too.

  3. Very embarrassing. Its only in Zambia such no sense happens. Shame on us ,true Zambians with our country at heart busy crying to ourselves as we let such things go on. Surly is this what we will be subjected to because of the love of Chinese money. Let’s get some pride

    • I am very much embarrassed as a true Zambian because “ONLY A TONGA CAN BE PRESIDENT OF UPND AND NOT OTHERS.” TRIBALISM IS A COUSIN TO RACISM and UPND has both of them in their blood.

  4. He lacks charisma . In 2021 he will humiliated again.

    Let Cornelius Mweetwa over upendi

    And lungu must hand over power to a credible candidate.

    • Let the young man take over upendi.

      The boy has a leadership background at UNZA. And he is neither bitter nor vengeful

      Very sharp boy and yet they are oppressing and suppressing him just because he is broke.

  5. Clearly ill-informed protesters these Jerabos very shortsighted …they can not see the bigger picture once PF sells off all strategic assets where do they think they will fit in.

  6. Is this a way of saying thank you for letting them dig on black mountain, tailings from actual mining, that what people have been reduced to, what a shame

  7. Remember he is reporting to Ndola for his police call out,this will be a good test for HH.sometimes it’s good to stay mute and offer constructive checks and balances like the Rainbow party.HH is not good for a leader and will listen to no one only him is the most intelligent guy in Zambia.

  8. HH is playing with fire!!Copperbelt is not southern province.Looking at those thousands of youths who matched in Ndola and Kitwe,it is very clear that PF is still very solid on the copperbelt and PF will sweep votes there in 2021.Recall,almost all urban constituencies have been under PF councillors and MPs in the Copperbelt since 2006.PF is copperbelt and copperbelt is PF!!!As Nkana supporters say “UWAFITALA AKAIMWENA IN 2021 IF PF IS NOT STRONG IN COPPERBELT!!”
    At one point,some years back,HH was smoked out of a radio station via a roof in Ndola when PF cadres wanted to sort him out for telling lies-I forsee that happening to HH again soon in the copperbelt because of his nonsense!!!

    • Kitwe does not represent the entire Copperbelt bwana…
      Well done Jerabos?? What exactly have they done boss? These are mare clueless pawns.

    • Look at this Congolese njimbu , supporting loafing youths.

      All those youths have no jobs iwe kasai , don’t you see all monies are being sent to China ??

    • Which copperbelt are talking about?when everyone is hungry tell those Jerabos who eat with Lungu that we shall treat them accordingly soon.We are with the multitude of the many suffering families in Kitwe,Kalulushi and Luansya.

  9. HH is should just realized that his whites conglomerates are using him.Next year is clocking 60 years and definitely he has enjoyed life on perils of his European friends. HH is going through restless life time just to fulfill white man’s ego.White people are on record of abusing black people for centuries . They use black man like a donkey to the point of his death. HH is one of finest example of the people who are being used by the white imperialists.I feel for him because it’s seems like a covenant to finish. I was reading his assertions this afternoon on Reuter. Am sure LT will soon publish it.He is assuring his pay masters even to die for his political beliefs. Imagine,wise people think of dying for God almighty.

  10. If it’s mineral resources HH will definitely leave them the way GOD designed them. I remember at one point when levy was a president he fought FTJ’s lifestyle. Foreign court headed by Ian Smith in collaboration with the Nchito brother dine and merry with white imperialists . FTJ and friends were adored by attires of mass corruption such that it was so evil . Though levy didn’t realize that white were using him. He thought he was making a big noun, the same whites in SA compaign for him to become SADC chairman so that he engage Mugabe on land policies issue. Results..? Levy died in Egypt after falling ill of stroke. Mugabe is still breathing to this day.

  11. My father i thank you very much for taking me to school because now am able to analyse things not to be cheated and used by those who don’t care about their children’s future as they just want to be driving good cars today and not thinking of tomorrow.

  12. Well done boys, show this loser that this is not Namwala.

    If you know copperbelt, you should know that Kitwe and Ndola are the heart and brain of Copperbelt.

    • Ati well done boys ??

      Don’t you feel embarrassed to have so many boys out of work ??

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved


    • @Zambian FK Kitwe or Ndola si Zambia.Its all of us in our ten provinces that will chase PF out of power soon.They will run like cockroaches.

  13. Fools you’re being used by fools these fools don’t even pay taxes not even Nathan Chanda. Voters knows why you’re matching around shame on you fools

  14. What xenophobic attacks occurred in Zambia? Was any foreigner killed, attacked or burned alive in a tyre? That solidarity is nonsense because there was no foreigner who was assaulted in any way. They should go to South Africa where there’s real xenophobia, where foreigners are burned alive in tyres. Zambians just talk and it ends there.

  15. The best way to rule masses is to deny them education and after that offer them dump mines. These do not represent our views as ordinary citizens of the copper belt. These are PF cadres and jerabos who have an interest in the Chinese to whom they sell copper. Can we also be allowed to march against stealing of our public resources without harassment? This will be a test on these PF police. But looking at these thugs who have been given the black mountains who can survive against them. We seriously are living in fear of these jerabos mark- and -yenu. This is serious typical behaviour of Lungu chawama. Where are those who rioted? Can the numbers of those who rioted be compared these fools?

  16. if this JERABOS have the competence to run a Forest Industry , let them buy ZAFFICO instead of demonstrating……..Ignorance is dangerous and worse when the ignorant are used for political expediency………… Cadres for real………ever blowing the Master trumpet…..No thinking and ready to kill for the Master………for example Chitontela threatening a fellow MP for speaking against corruption….

  17. But how did this happen since Charity Katanga said the permit for Kitwe was not allowed? Was it defiance? Was it arrogance? Then why was tear gas not deployed quickly? I need a non partisan answer because I am non partisan.

  18. All the posting from Pf, Sharon show how useless pf supporters have become . the more they try to mend it the more they extend the hole

    • Look at this crystal clear fo0l called sniper insulting. Mo brain in the skull, just liquid, maybe even vitumbwa. Limited intellectual capacity to debate

  19. In fact these same jerobos fought for those mine dumps and even threatened the president for not allowing them to operate those dumps. No body demonstrated against their use of threats. Lungu succumbed to their threats and allowed them to run those mining dumps. So what is wrong for timber millers to demand also to be given theirs? By the time this party leaves power Zambia will be another DRC mark my words.

  20. Have these guys even seen the News clip on PrimeTV about how our fellow Zambians are suffering at one of the Chinese “Mine” in Chongwe?
    This Country will be lost if people behave like this gang!

    • “If the HAZALUZA HAGAIN became the COACH for the NATION TEAM team ZAMBIA would win at least 10 FIFA World Cup trophies,” HaQUEST Ha-Larry Mweetwa.

    • Soon we shall have them under the able leadership of President Lungu since there are no dung manufacturing stooges there like in NAMWALA.

  21. Since when did we hhave Xenophobic issues in Zambia to start having these protests? The organizers are very clever and the followers very shallow minded. They were simply grouped together for other reason and not xenophobia because we have never experienced that in Zambia. This somehow just exposes our inability to address real issues affecting our country. Instead of fighting for equal rights and fair treatment by your investors you are busy exposing your poverty ridden minds. These people enjoy suffering while praising the few criminals.

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