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Speed at granting PF a permit to march in support of Chinese is shocking- UPND

Headlines Speed at granting PF a permit to march in support of Chinese...

PF Youth in a march Protest
PF Youth in a march Protest

The opposition UPND says it never knew a day would come when the Zambia Police Service under Charity Katanga would allow Zambians to match in support of those stripping the country national assets and taking people back into colonialism.

Party Deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka says even more shocking is the express speed with which Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga processed the PF permit to match in support of the Chinese who are grabbing everything in the country from minerals, land, assets such as ZNBC, ZAFFICO and even grave sites in Chongwe.

Mr. Mucheleka expressed hope that the permit given to the PF is a truly change of heart on the part of the police in the application of the Public Order Act and will allow the opposition and other citizens that will soon be matching and mobilizing citizens in defence of Zambia’s land and national assets.

Mr. Mucheleka expressed hope that the permit given to the PF is a truly change of heart on the part of the police in the application of the Public Order Act and will allow the opposition and other citizens that will soon be matching and mobilizing citizens in defence of Zambia’s land and national assets.

“Like our President Hakainde Hichilema said, we shall not stop talking about PF corruption, economic collapse, and now ripping off of our national assets and land”, Mr. Mucheleka added.

He said the PF protest in defence of the Chinese yesterday went incident free as the police gave them all the protection they needed and they expect the same treatment as well when Hakainde Hichilema appears for police summons next week on Tuesday.

“We once more want to congratulate the PF for openly protesting in support and siding with the Chinese who want to grab ZAFFICO against the wishes of the people of Zambia”, Mr. Mucheleka has said.

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  1. How stupid are those that will be marching? Seriously, no sane person would willingly allow another to steal from them. Do Zambians have such an inferiority complex? It’s really sad ???? ????????

    • In a democracy, everyone has a democratic right to be stupid if they want.

      Why call them stupid like you can really get into their brains??? The only stupid comment is yours Baba because it’s so presumptuous its unbelievable.

      Let your other UPND team organize themselves for their protest next week as Mucheleka says. If the first group is stupid, Mucheleka’s group will be stupid too.

      The smart thing to do is find out what makes the Chinese have the ability to achieve what they have achieved and then beat them at their game.

      After all we have the home advantage, that’s my focus!!! How about you @My Point??

    • Who is Prof. LUMUMBA to Zambia? It is surprising how BoMENTAL think! Okay, GRZ knew of what CHILDISH had been planning! Smart GRZ! It is is UNELECTABLE!

    • Well done GRZ. CHINA has done a lot in ZAMBIA and for ZAMBIA only a fuu can disagree with it! Anyway, fuus in INCOMPOS HATRIBES H-organisation thin “TRIBE FIRST” then “ISSUES SECOND!” No wonder it will NEVER be a President.

  2. This simply shows there is no wind of change.

    As long as Zambians are devided no change of govt will not take place

    Opposition must come up with better stratagy.

    Insults will NOT make any ONE to opposition

    • Meanwhile Police are busy blocking Kambwile from entering his Constituency in Luanshya. After that you will declare by-elections free and fair. What would have happened if MMD had denied PF the chance to meet and campaign?

  3. 22 December 2011 – MINISTER of Mines and Natural Resources Wilbur Simuusa has directed Zhongui Mining Group Limited to conduct an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and compensate the Zambia Forestry and Forests Industries Corporation (ZAFFICO) *for invading its land before the Chinese mine starts operating.*The mining group is the owner of the US$690 million Ichimpe Copper and Cobalt mining project in Kalulushi. In an interview on Tuesday, Mr Simuusa said the matter is being resolved and that he has directed ZAFFICO and the Forestry department to evaluate the liabilities involved. WE OPPOSE THE LISTING OF ZAFFICO because there is more smoke behind this transaction.

  4. During the groundbreaking ceremony on May 18 this year, former President Banda said: “I have observed that this mine is being developed on a piece of land whose surface rights are held by ZAFFICO. I am advised that ZAFFICO had just planted its second generation of trees and therefore it is a productive plantation.”[Zambia Daily Mail] –
    You can hire and buy Chibuku for cadres we know what is happening. This forest reserve was in fact sold under MMD no wonder Dora and Lusambo are threatening to resign if it not proved that ZAFFICO has been sold because they are the architecture of this transaction and ECL must comply as pay back.

  5. In all fareness its not right to put all those labels on the Chinese; grabbing land, national assets, minerals and taking us back to colonialism. UPND should know that when they come in power, they will need these Chinese like Mr Sata did. What we want to hear from UPND is how differently you will run the country in case you get into government. This Chinese phobia will not help you. All PF will do is run documentaries and newspaper adverts of how the Chinese are building infrastructure in Zambia and world over, also USA. But if you pick the Ndola dual carriage way or Toll Gate and demonstrate how you can do these projects at lower cost, then people will take you for serious. But if you continue on this path people will take as pure hatred.

  6. The world is becoming one

    No wonder some leader can hide hide money in other other countries.

    That money you hide in other countries is being used to develop those nations and creates jobs for youths

  7. Youths here are use for political hooliganism.

    The same youths that rioted against zaffico are today matching against xenophobia.

    So don’t complain. Dont insult them.

    • MAD COW DISEASE! Eat more chicken! Collect chicken manure and you will not have a big problem CHILDISH and his TRIBAL worshipers have!

  8. Its political – very right. But make a mistake to be in opposition and do business in this country and let us see if your businesses will last. It is only opposition leaders with a business strategy who can survive that long. Do you thinks this man called Kainde would survive if his businesses were in Zambia. Absolutely no. If we stop that kind of politics that discriminate other on account of their political position then we are done. This political persecution of opponents of their businesses has not started with PF. It has been there long before even PF came into power. So what I’m saying unless the trend stops, we will have people investing money in foreign countries.

    • He has more than 150 000 animals. And feeding the nation through zambeef

      If he brought all his money kwacha against dollar can pick. He can build all these malls arround the country.

      They only squeeze when you depend on govt contract

    • Politico…

      “…If he brought all his money kwacha against dollar can pick. ..”

      Meanwhile lungu and his gang of theives are using stolen money to build mansions in Swaziland , malls in Uganda and buy blocks of flats in Dubai and SA ????

  9. Kambwili as constantly complained about being unable to access his constituency even though he doesnt need a permit, yet a permit is given to these very dull PF youths defending foreigners over their own. It is really sad to see PF youths hoodwinked.

  10. We are missing the point. The problem is not with Chinese Nationals. The problem is with our local leaders dishonest. Chinese are just suffering the consequences. What is happening is that when a wrong is committed in deals by our leaders, it is the Chinese who are on the ground and suffering the consequences. In fact some of the Chinese are just workers. There is serious dishonest here. Mukula tree selling were given to ZAFFICO and the Chinese have been the ones buying mukula trees. A Chinese company buying all ZAFFICO houses and handing them to sitting tenants for free. How free is this free? Let us be transparent and clearly explain all these things and stop politicking. Explain clearly and there will be lies.

  11. Mucheleka is also drunk with UPND toxic of lies…….
    Mr mucheleka a man with a smallest low profile. Kept by ba pongozi, he sold his corrupt acquired house in kalingalinga outskirts now, called Vera Area.He sold all his properties to pay accrued for loans then.He was once a fuel- begger who could jump from one filing station to another around kalingalinga and long acres areas.After bad odor of poverty, Mr Mulenga his chufi,a good comrade of HH and partner of corporate affairs at Grand Thornton (mukuba house lsk)took Mr mucheleka to do piece work there. No wonder he’s being used like a sniff-dog-in- Mexican borderline.We know him in and out.He should keep his tail-on- pieces.

    • Finally!! There comes someone who knows Mucheleka and why he has chosen to sing the loudest for HH, a man he wouldn’t stand under normal circumstance.

  12. Ba PF , not all strategic companies need to be run at a profit…some companies are the heart of a nation.

    Environmental and forestry companies like ZAFICO all over the world are not run at a profit but are subsidised by government because they protect the country for future generations….

    Many countries have donated aid to Zambias environmental protection and forestry and we expect those countries to demand their money back should PF and lungu continue selling our forestry agency to the Chinese….

    Spaka ®
    Most influential blogger
    All rights reserved

  13. Its politiical.. MY dear brother or sister you sound too simplistic. You can import billions of dollars in the country but if economic policies are wrong nothing will change.If you are in opposition whether you get contracts from government or not the government is a big machinery they can still squeeze you. Ask Kavindele and BY Mwila who were once billionaires what MMD did to them. By the way how much does this Kainde according to your projection has to invest in Zambia and change economic situation because even the 150,000 heard of cattle he has in Zambia you have referred to have not changed anything.

  14. Where is RB? He needs to come out and speak about this zaffico thing. As a once upon a time a Republican president. Enough is enough

  15. @Mr.P your posting makes you look stupid, the man you are disparaging, has sold of his properties to pay off his loans, than defaulting. He is definitely a honest man, your black paint isn’t doing him any bad as to your intent. He went begging for fuel than corruptly acquiring wealth or stealing from anyone, the bible says ask you shall given, so none of what you have written above makes Mr. Mucheleka a criminal or bad person, that would make him not to stand up against, highly corrupt regime that steals from the poor citizens and subjected many to poverty. From what you have write I salute this mr. Mucheleka for living a honest life, despite his circumstances, than many in PF that you seem to defend.

  16. Mr P, Ba Robbie I was expecting you to say he stole this or that. He crooked someone here or there may be I will take you seriously. It is very normal to suffer and even sell your properties to pay debts. It is also normal ukulomba (ask for help) if you don’t have than to steal. If that is what has been happening to his life then he is a honourable man. What is wrong to ask for help if you don’t have? Some people may not ask for help or have money for fuel through out from stolen money. We do not judge people by their wealth but by how they conduct themselves. Discuss the issue on hand MUKULA and ZAFFICO.

    • That is what a low IQ gives you – Mr P, Ba Robbie type of reasoning. If they picked your wallet on the street would you ever see it again, NO. Just like most PF leaders.

  17. Sharon we know you are from the Land were you exchange women (chidyelano) So you don’t mind the Chinese taking your land and wife

  18. Its not surprising really, what do you expect from koswe mu mpoto and those benefiting from his rule – those with those tipper trucks.. boasting of having a big stick but he seem impotent to use it against the poverty and joblesness in the country only on fellow citizens trying to exersise their constitutional rights. What a pathetic leader!!

  19. permits are granted based on accessement of RISK. You are high RISK. Its just that simple
    If i had power I would actually deregister UPND, period. You add no value to Zambia. You ara a liability.
    Opposition based on lies.

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