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Mwanakatwe appeals to cooperating partners to release more funding

Economy Mwanakatwe appeals to cooperating partners to release more funding

President Edgar Lungu with World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva and Minister of Finance Margrate Mwanakatwe at the IDA Conference in Livingstone

Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe has appealed to cooperating partners to release more funding through the International Development Association (IDA) to enhance development support to poor countries including Zambia.

And Mrs. Mwanakatwe has assured the cooperating partners that the government will do everything possible to ensure such resources are used for the intended purpose.

She says Zambia is grateful with the invaluable role that the IDA is playing in the global development process by availing resources to the poorest countries.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe says IDA funding eligible countries, are faced with several challenges which include inadequate financial resources to address infrastructure deficits that limit economic growth.

The minister says she is hopeful that under the IDA 19 which has been launched in Livingstone, more resources will be availed to eligible countries including Zambia and is looking forward to the start of replenishment negotiations.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe was speaking on Wednesday evening in Livingstone during the IDA 18 High Level Mid-Term Review Meeting Cultural Gala Dinner hosted by the Zambian government for the IDA delegates.

And IDA Chief Executive Officer Kristalina Georgieva thanked Mrs. Mwanakatwe and the Zambian government for hosting a successful and memorable meeting.

Ms. Georgieva said Livingstone IDA meeting will go down as the most memorable event ever hosted so far.


  1. The same loan you failed to pay, Madam came from cooperating partners. How are they going to release more money if we can’t pay our loans?

    • If there is anything that the IDA will do is to look back into the past to inform the future…

      Fire trucks
      Overpriced contracts
      Overpriced toll gates
      Overpriced roads

      … and you dare say the funds shall be used for intended purposes?

      You guys are clowns… you are thieves with disgusting qualifications incapable of running the country. I was shocked when I visited National Assembly and looked at the qualifications these hooligans hold…

      Pathetic really, no wonder we make funny decisions that do not make sense.

    • It’s shameful that a rich country like Zambia should be depending on donor aid. Meantime:
      1. 117million dollars on a luxury presidential jet
      2. 42milion dollars for 42 wheelborrows
      3. 300 thousand dollars for 100 thousand ambulances
      4. 1.2billion dollars for 316km road
      5. 4.3million dollars for a TOLL GATE!
      6. 17Million kwacha dollar account, 6million USD in the bank of a named minister- FIC report
      7. social cash transfer debacle

      which donors wants to give money to thieves who steal from their own people?

    • These are the same foooools who threw £2million back in their faces two months ago to avoid investigations….empty tins

    • Animo Farm would rather support LUMUMBA than their president! IT IS TRIBAL THING. Lazy bum illiterate tribal hooligan bully son of a polygamist father pooping in public HAGAIN needing attention from MUTINTA HICHILEMA to change his diapers HAGAIN. The little TRIBALISM boy will NEVER grow up just like the little boy he worships UNDER FIVE.

  2. This begging culture of ours is embarrassing.

    These politicians should account for all the loans thus far.

    IMF has told us already that a lot of money can not be accounted for.

    Let there be an extensive audit by Scotland yard first.

  3. So dressed up in our glad rags, had the help prepare a sumptuous meal while the jesters doing back flips and swallowing fire, lined up all the kings men to show up to laugh enthusiastically and applaud the lame jokes, all for a chance to brandish a begging bowl before the so called “cooperating partners”? Me thinks if we put that kind of effort into finding a solution, we’d be on our way to becoming another South Korea. Just saying.

    • I bet you its memorable because of the mighty Victoria Falls and the beautiful wildlife, and other entertainment that accompanies such meetings. Not so much the actual meeting with the beggars. Its very sad! Proper glad rags!

  4. And in the past the funds were used for what purpose? That line right there would be the reason i wouldn’t give u any funds if i was the funder coz theres more than enough evidence showing that donor funds are used to dance Dununa reverse!

  5. There we go again with this lot asking for more loans when you dont have the capacity to pay back, these PF leaders are really dull, busy buying jets and asking for IMF bail outs and on the other hand asking for more loans when you already $9 billion in the red.How are they going to sustain all this debt… Unbelievable

    • Let’s develop this thing! It is UNELECTABLE! Is Pro. HANSONI planning to write another letter to the IMF using his University Letterhead HAGAIN? Let him write to CHINA too but it will NEVER be president! Maybe a section leader or Paramount Chief in Namwala.

  6. We know your corruption metrix and so do donner countries.

    You over inflate projects and get Chinese loans in the name of development. In the mean time you divert Zambian tax payers money from critical projects like the kanyama water and sanitation to pay for those Chinese loans for which you have stolen half.

    You then ask donner countries to help you fund those critical projects….

    Spaka ®
    Most influential blogger
    All rights reserved

  7. They are asking for more money so that there is more to steal.With this squeeze on donor funds and the world bank that they will be directly funding the projects it has become difficult for everyone to get a share hence the appeal.

  8. The Zambian Govt promised the Cooperating Partners that the abuse and Corruption in the Social Cash Transfer to Beneficiaries was being done. Where is the Report? Mwanakatwe cannot expect Cooperating Partners until there are assurances such theft of CST Money will not happen in Future. This Lady has no sense of shame at all. Ministers who misused Govt Funds and were ordered by the Court have not returned the Money to Treasury and Mwanakatwe is doing nothing about it. Shame on her.

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