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President Lungu assures of development countrywide


President Edgar Lungu greets Home Affairs Minister, Stephen Kampyongo at City airport shortly before departure for Mwinilunga , North western Province for a working visit.

President Edgar Lungu has reaffirmed his continued commitment to take development to all parts of the country.

President Lungu says from the time he was elected as President his focus is to ensure that all parts of the country are developed for the benefit of the people regardless of their political affiliation.

The President was speaking at Solwezi Airport upon arrival for his one day working visit.

The Head of State who arrived at about 09:30 hours, is in Northwestern Province for a one day working visit where he is expected to flag off the 2018/2019 planting season in Mwinilunga district.

President Lungu is also expected to hold a public rally to drum up support for the PF candidate Emmanuel Mupampanya in the Tuvwanganayi ward by-election in Solwezi Central.

The President is accompanied by Presidential Affairs Minister, Freedom Sikazwe his Press Aid Amos Chanda and other senior government and PF officials.

And Mr. Lungu took a swipe at the decision by opposition political leaders who are refusing to work with government and opposing all the developmental activities being undertaken by government.He stated that the decision has a negative impact on local people.

President Lungu also expressed sadness with the decision taken by the United Party for National Development (UPND) to suspend its Kafue Mayor for welcoming him when he recently visited the area.

He said such kind of action by opposition leaders is a hindrance to the smooth implementation of development in areas perceived to be opposition strong holds.

The Head of state explained that his government is ready to work with the opposition because they are a special purpose vehicle that can be used to deliver development in areas that they dominate.

And speaking earlier, Patriotic Front Provincial Chairperson Jackson Kunga assured the President that the party in North-Western has grown and expressed confidence of scooping the forthcoming Tuvwanganayi ward by-election slated for Tuesday, November 20 next week.

Mr. Kunga said the party has attracted people because of massive developmental activities undertaken by government in the area.

He cited the construction of the Chingola-Solwezi road and the dual carriageway as some of the major developments that have taken place in the area in short period of time.

Mr. Kunga also appealed to government to quickly complete the Mushitala-Kimasala bridge and the township roads.


  1. Continue taking development to all parts of Zambia Mr President and we shall reward you nicely in 2021!!!Kainde should be ignored totally because he never means well for mother Zambia!!!

    • Opposition areas are not exempt from paying taxes, why should the be exempt from been provided with social amenities. This a Jim Reeves broken record.

    • The Lazy Bum Edgar has never held a single press conference to address the nation since the General election but has attended every by election campaign in Zambia. …he is basing assurances on loans from China Exim Bank and using AVIC who bill the country with overpriced poor infrastructure like KKIA, behind schedule, overpriced Ndola Airport, $1.3billion carriageway…he is proud of things he can not even afford to payback.

    • Lazy bum illiterate TONGA hooligan bully son of a tribal polygamist father pooping in public HAGAIN needing a diaper change from MUTINTA HICHILEMA and CHARMAINE! The TONGA TRIBAL PARTY will NEVER be in power in Zambia and UNDER FIVE CHILDISH is clueless he is UNELECTABLE just like his supporters are.

  2. How possible is that with a wako ni wako PF agenda in place. Is this a joke or what? How can the govt become ready to work with opposition when they cant accept to dialogue. The church has been lebelled with a tag of failure to dialogue by the govt.

  3. This is now sounding like a broken record.

    If building malls were classified as development, then Zambia would be a developed country.

    • He is flying to Solwezi and he expects to escorted to the airport as if he is going to the border to fight a war for Zambia….the utterly daft thing has no concept of austerity measures or what hard work is.
      When elections are close you will hear him change his tune about voting PF if you want development ..really laughable…he is also a lawyer!!

  4. “President Lazy is also expected to hold a public rally to drum up support for the PF candidate Emmanuel Mupampanya in the Tuvwanganayi ward by-election in Solwezi Central.”
    This is the reason for the visit…this lazy thing is only good for waste…with a majority in Parliament he still continues wasting as he can not do anything else in State House.

    • @Jay Jay and your UPND what have you really achieved for Zed and it’s people apart from insulting, vilifying and lampooning anyone who is not an HH crony. You chaps are so lazy that the only effort you can do is fa**t, call people names and spew hatred. You have never ever done nothing for Zed apart from worshipping HH. Never even suggested anything for the betterment of Zed. Lungu is always on the move while you are always sitting fa**ting and doing nothing about anything. You have no right to call anyone Lazy…. Zed will always move on no matter how many insults and hatred you throw at it. HH and you will continue to remain in denial and negativity. Wake up and smell the coffee, jealousy will kill you.

    • What has Lazy Lungu achieved you pay with taxpayers funds? I am providing for my family and business is doing fine from my own sweat…do you pay me?

    • Lazy bum illiterate tribao TONGA H-organiser hooligan bully son of illiterate polygamist father who never taught him toilet training pooping in public HAGAIN needing MUTINTA HICHILEMA and CHARMAINE HICHILEMA to change his diapers HAGAIN! UNDER FIVE is too shallow upstairs to be a president! Only TONGAs think he is presidential material!

    • Lazy bum illiterate TONGA hooligan bully UNDER FIVE supporter son of a tribal polygamist father who never taught him toilet training pooping in public HAGAIN needing MUTINTA, CHARMAINE and CHILDISH HICHILEMA to change his diapers HAGAIN! Thankfully, he will be a PARAMOUNT CHIEF in NAMWALA!

  5. As usual speaking on arrival on the run way while all strategic assets are being sold without consulting the general public… Development with over borrowed money, Pompwe Ali temwa kaloba

  6. Jay Jay, u are an 1d10t. Your wives, sisters, cousins and your girl friends are in employment bcoz of those malls. Your hatred for ECL will not take you anywhere. Edgar is busy developing the country whilst your god Hala Hala is busy sucking blood and creating lies. ECL keep it up.

    • Do you rent any shop in the selfsame shopping malls selling Zambian product you foolish chap? You think working behind a till is stable employment.

    • Do you rent any shop in the selfsame shopping malls selling Zambian product you foooooolish chap? You think working behind a till and restocking shelvesis stable employment.

    • “Anyone who does not give praise is a son of a wizard” and a wizard the boy is, indeed. Satanists are antiChrist and they oppose order and plant disorder! No wonder in Zambia it is UNELECTABLE and has THREE MANSIONS!

  7. Under5party members when will you ever give up opposing government? Niba chumbu munshololwa!! To them only hh can bring development, what a shame…!!!

    • It is a TRIBAL THING! That is why Zambians know it is a NO! NO! NO! for a Tribal H-organisation! ONLY A TONGA CAN BE A PRESIDENT OF UPND,” Larry Mweetwa. Meaning ONLY A TONGA SHOULD BE A PRESIDENT of ZAMBIA!

  8. How is the Kafue Bridge – Mazabuka Road? How I wish the President could visit some of these Provinces by road to have a clear picture of what is obtaining on the ground.

    • A great President! Come next 10 years Zambia will be a great place! I have met many people from different countries who have been to Zambia here they are very happy and all of them want to live in Zambia except the TRIBAL INCOMPOS!

  9. Its that time again to teach Kambwili and HH a lesson in Roan Constituency.Kambwili will soon become a shadow of himself will belong to the political dustbin.
    The PF is the only party that will bring prosperity to Zambia

    1.Construction of airports
    2.Construction of roads
    3.Constructiono f universities
    4.Construction of schools
    5.Construction of hospitals
    6.Creation of new Districts
    7.Construction of toll gates
    8.Construction of bridges Kazungula
    9.Zambia a middle income nation by 2030
    10.Clean water for all citizens 2020

  10. Jay, Jay, which is better, working at the till or restocking shleves and completely nothing. Developed countries have done away with stable employment in case you don’t f00l1sh Jay. Everywhere you go ma contracts nowadays Chimbwi Jay Jay. Your thinking is shallow kembo. It’s unfortunate that you despise your own brothers and sisters working under the till.

  11. LT, your picture caption says Edgar greeting Kampyongo. How? Is that Kampyongo, the guy the President is greeting does not even have that arrogant face of Kampyongo, that’s the new Minister of works and supply, the guy who pushed out Mutati of the defunct MMD

    • We need the corruption of an Inside Trading thief brought to book! We also need money laundering team to bring back money from PANAMA from the Corrupt tribal Chief Thief UNDER FIVE HH.

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