Ignore political leaders inciting xenophobic sentiments-Lusaka DC

President Edgar Lungu being welcomed by Lusak District Commissioner Captain Mulenga on arrival fro Angola at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu being welcomed by Lusak District Commissioner Captain Mulenga on arrival fro Angola at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Lusaka District Commissioner Davison Mulenga has implored Zambians to ignore some named political leaders that are inciting xenophobic sentiments against the foreign investors in the country.

Captain Mulenga noted that some unpatriotic Zambians are orchestrating xenophobic sentiments for political expediency with the view of slowing Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) in the country.

He explained that President Edgar Lungu’s administration is working hard in raising the country’s international profile as evident by a number of state visits by Heads of States and other high profile investments delegations coming to Zambia hence the need to ignore such people.

Captain Mulenga said this during the official opening of the Fourth Quarter of The Lusaka District Development Co-ordinating Committee (DDCC) in Lusaka today.

“I want to urge Zambians not to fall prey to some disgruntled elements that are propagating xenophobic feelings against some foreign investments. Avoid xenophobic utterances as they have the potential to derail investor confidence,” he advised.

The Lusaka District Commissioner pointed out that FDIs have contributed to sustainable socio-economic development growth and development for the benefits of the people.

He stated that FDIs have seen the country record meaningful employment creation and increased revenue for government that has been channeled to unprecedented infrastructure development.

“Zambia has enjoyed political stability since its independence in 1964 and the current schemes to slow down FDIs are unfortunate and need to be curtailed. This political stability has also created a conducive business environment on the continent,” he added.

And speaking at the same meeting, Lusaka City Council (LCC) Town Clerk Alex Mwansa said the local authority is working towards correcting historic problems created by private land developers in the city.

Mr. Mwansa who is also in charge of City of Lusaka Planning Authority expressed dismay with land developers who constructing with impunity without seeking planning authority hence the mushrooming of buildings on both road reserves and water recharge areas.


  1. What Xhenophobia?

    The people of this country do not hate foreigners. Nothing has changed there.

    They hate it that this PF government has marginalised them in their own country. The hate it that this government continues empowering foreigners, abusing authority, …

    • Interesting times in Zambia ,if one says the Chinese have bought vinkubala it’s xenophobia ,but when you say Zambians won’t manage to buy vinkubala ,it’s no big deal.

    • Another useless one.

      Lusaka is run by
      Now Davison something
      Who is in charge of the all that mess?

    • Just to add on your comment.. we the Zambian people have been peaceful from 1964 yes.. that’s not a passport to think we are stupid… our own leaders have amassed serious wealth over a very short time.. Captain, choose your words wisely and don’t take us for granted.. that personal wealth could translate into medicine and welfare for all!!

    • Ndi cimufana camene cilibe nzelu! I am certain he will go into the Guinness Book of World records as the 6th loser of Zambian Presidential elections that is when it will go to contest in PANAMA.

  2. There is no such person as Sharon,always on HH and Tonga’s.Let some Chinaman point a gun at your ugly face. That’s when you will understand what people are talking about.It doesn’t help you to think you are the best judge to what ever others are saying about issues affecting average Zambians.That is being silly.You are always in rags but you can’t see anything wrong with that till the day you will be bitten by dogs.

  3. Things like slavery thrived with the help of local people like Sharon who can sell their own people to foreigners. When other nations are coming together to conquer the frontiers of knowledge and entrepreneurship to emancipate their people from underdevelopment, we have stone age creatures like Sharon who can’t see beyond their backyards, always busy with nothing but mediocre tinkering. A person who thinks another person is inferior to them because of the other person’s place of birth, language, skin colour, religion, culture, physical features or any God given properties is same as having a pre-historic animal like a dinosaur that failed to evolve living among us.

  4. Chinese r the most racist people on earth I have been there a number of times and of you see how they treat black people you will also wont fcuken like them, the problem people just say sh!t out of ignorance for political mileage

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