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President Lungu promises a new District to the people of Mangango

Headlines President Lungu promises a new District to the...

President Edgar Lungu at Chilomo School ground rally in Mangango
President Edgar Lungu at Chilomo School ground rally in Mangango

President Edgar Lungu has called on the people of Mangango to vote for the Patriotic Front Candidate, Godwin Putu in Tuesday’s Parliamentary by Election.

And the President Lungu has plans to declare Mangango a district in order to accelerate development in the area.

He explained that he has been finding it difficult to take development to areas that are perceived to be opposition strong holds as their MPs and Counsellors do not want to work with him.

The Head of State was speaking at Mangango Secondary School today at a public meeting to drum up support for PF Mangango Parliamentary Candidate, Godwin Putu in the forthcoming by election.

President Lungu noted that it is important for the people of Mangango to elect leaders who have a heart for them and interested in seeing that their needs are well represented and development is being taken to their areas.

The Head of State added that, as a Chief Executive Officer of the Country and in charge of resources he is interested in taking development to all parts of the country but that he only needs people that are committed and ready to work with him.

Meanwhile President Lungu has advised Zambians to ignore people going around spreading falsehoods that they will be a general election next year.

He explained that such schemes by the opposition political parties should not be taken seriously as they are just aimed at confusing the electorates adding that, he is the only Republican President of Zambia with a mandate given to him by the people of Zambia from 2015 to 2021 when another election will be held.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has further advised Mr. Putu to continue humbling himself and put the interest of people first, when elected as MP on Tuesday November 20.

Earlier, PF Secretary General, Davis Mwila said Mangango has lagged behind in terms of development because of voting for wrong candidates.

Mr. Mwila pointed out that time has come for the people of Mangango to make corrections by electing the PF candidate Godwin Putu on Tuesday.

And Minister of Agricultural, Michael Katambo promised the people of Mangango that government will soon empower youths and women in the area with rice polishing machines and find them market for their cassava as a way of improving their livelihood.

Meanwhile Minister of Education, David Mabumba has urged people of Mangango to vote for the PF on Tuesday if they are to see a lot of development in the area.

Mr. Mabuumba disclosed that plans are underway by government to upgrade community schools to primary level while, some primary schools will be upgraded to secondary in the quest to improve education standards in the country.

He cited the upgrading of Mangango Secondary School and the electrification of Mayukwakwa Boarding School by early next year as some of the projects that the Ministry is implementing in order to increase access to education.

Meanwhile, Minister of Health, Chitalu Chilufya expressed concern that Mangango is still faced with inadequate health infrastructure and promised to address the problem.

Dr. Chilufya disclosed that government will construct three mini hospitals with operating theatres, Doctors and state of the art equipment in order to improve the delivery of health care services in Mangango constituency.

The President is accompanied by PF Secretary General, Davis Mwila, PF National Chairperson, Samuel Mukupa, Presidential Affairs Minister, Freedom Sikazwe, Ministers of Health, Chitalu Chilufya, Minister of Agriculture, Michael Katambo and his Education counterpart David Mabumba.

Four candidates are contesting the seat which fail vacant following the death of Naluwe Mweene who died in a road traffic accident in August this year.

PF adopted Godwin Putu while, the United Party for National Development (UPND) has settled for Mwendoi Akakandelwa and Singumbe Kabindama is standing on the United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambian(UPPZ) party.

Yuvwenu Kashandola is contesting on the National Democratic Congress (NDC) ticket.


    • President Lungu promised NOTHING to poor Chipolopolo boys.
      This campaign in Mangango made Zambia fail to qualify to AFCON.

      Ooooooh! Doesn’t he sound like late MCS? Moved by the crowd.
      Let’s develop this thing.

    • Just a few weeks ago we had an article on LT about pupils learning under a tree in lunga district , a district with a pf mp . today they want to promising mangango residents heaven on earth if they vote for a pf mp.

    • Let’s develop this thing! It is UNELECTABLE. Yes, a district status is the best way to develop a place. Look at Choma! Even though Choma is a town! Soon it will be a city because of President Sata’s visionary leadership which he also saw in President Lungu. Let’s roll.

  1. Lies, lies, lies… So govt couldn’t deliver because the former MP was in the opposition. Sh!t hole govt

    • Open your eyes. How could an MP who walks outa parley when the same president is making key note speech in parley never miss the agenda to develop this thing. Munazigonga mweka.

    • @2.2
      Unazigonga weka. Swebo ni go go until we sonta epo wabomba.
      Dullo cadre, ndaba iyanyoko? Uzamuziba Mulungu.
      PF and ECL 2021.
      Viva new districts!

    • Iyanyoko is in your small Brian you dull cadre with 0 iQ… You sound very dull I am sure it is genetic for morons like you, no wonder u support PF, what do u expect from the likes of you… I am sure u also pee ur self after drinking… It heriditory… Heriditory means inherited too much of a big word for.. Maybe I should explain inherited too

    • Nachizungu nacho chivuta!
      You meed to be arrested.
      Amba ibuti brain not brian. These dull characters make me tried. I teach you civic behavior, now you want me to teach you English in spellings.
      Dullo dullo like my grandma would say. Now, Brian is a noun, a name of some fellow. There is no word in English that goes heriditory; For free, say Hereditary. Now who is dull? Kikikikiki yaba!

    • Mentals can’t tell right from wrong and truth from false. Lies are, “I didn’t steal from Zambia but I took my money to an off show tax Haven of PANAMA,” UNDER FIVE.

  2. When is this clueless drunken bandit abbdicating??
    Makes off the cuff statements, no planning whatsoever!!
    Whenever this crook has a hangover, he comes up with Mad Alcoholic declarations, similar to when he introduced his cash sapping USELESS Religious, & P.F Propaganda ministry.
    Iwe Mbava Chagwa, we know you plan to steal via over inflating invoices for your bogus “New District”,

    • Ati Zambia has no cash. Chicken dropping thinking. Do you run the ministry of finance? Munazigonga mweka na opposition full of lies. Lack of knowledge gonna kill some niggaz.

  3. This Bum has nothing to offer but lies…even the ones he declared last year have stalled as there is no money…just step down and let someone in PF take over!!

    • We all know the father of lies. He lies without shame and so we call him a pathological liar. Half his chromosome makeup have traces of lies. Ati Zaffico has been sold.
      Evy and Jealous gonna kill some hate-coded niggaz prematurely.

    • I have told you that am not your N**** you have absolutely no idea where that word came from….it shows your immaturity. How can I envy someone who is wasting funds do you know what it entails to declare a district you silly boy? Even before a brick is layed a DC is appointed with staff and vehicles..who do you think pays for that? You fooools are so thick …are you going to buy an shares in ZAFFICO? Who do you think will afford them apart from the Chinks who have Zambian passports with the help of their deep pocket financiers

    • This nigga can be rude ayi.
      You hate the man with enormous passion. So voraciously hateful. That insatiable appetite for hate is so illiterately envious and you hate smells. This you know. I call you nigga knowledgeably on account of your label against an innocent man. Don’t try to reason with me nigga. Shut the hell up. Have ever tried to run a country, 1d1ot?

    • And who is running the country? Is it your Edgar …really laughable ..sit down…i know for sure I wouldn’t be running the country from airport tarmacs. Go to Tanzania and see what John Magufuli doing there…you will be so ashamed but you foooools have no shame anyway!!

    • Grow some tompwe nigga and get governed. This jealous thing. Have you ever run a government?
      Sick thing, shut the hell up. Don’t talk when elders are deliberating you evil delinquent. Are you possessed? Your negative obsession with ECL will kill you nigga. Yap yap yap like a sick puppy. Get outa here. What you know about governing?

    • Iwe Ka Sunday Chanda, – (Thorn in the Butt),, with that female bokosi I’d keep my trap shut!!
      Just keep taking your hormone injections, as nothing coherent comes from your mouth little girl Cadre.

  4. Promises, promises, promises all amount to bribery. Offering something in exchange for something. Why didn’t you declare a district when there were no by- elections. Austerity measures means creating new districts? Contradictions and lies will catch up with you.

    • The father of lies is so distinct in some fellaz cortices. Pure evil brimfilled cortices.Yak! These sick dudes.

  5. Ati he lies between his teeth.
    You will die panting with bitterness.
    Sick puppies. I hate rejectamenta mentality.
    Like one Mumba would put it, let’s roll.
    You know what it means?
    It’s been raining. A cup of cappuccino can do.

    • I can tell, you like that kid here in the States called Snoop double g. Shut the hell up. You chaps need to respect elders. Come to the States and you will be a bit civilised. I am landing paZed with the pack of candies. You want some?
      Like Trump usually puts it, Sick puppy, low life.
      Get a life nigga.

    • Landing pa Zed where u illegal did u save after wiping all those old peoples butts, I am sure it was over time with fical matter,no wonder u have a low IQ like all those people who clean old peoples butts, and if u do come probably your one one ticket u bone head, now gather ur dull family to help u read this u dander head

    • What insolence!
      Okay now focus on the mangango polls. Only 2 weeks nigga I will be heading back US then will be back home in time for Chrismas with family. I can’t stand that sh1thole content of your skull. You sniveling low lives only wanna sit and hope that double h should put food on the table. For your [email protected] info I am not a nurse. Unschooled gay jay calls our leader lazy bum but guess what? You’re the real lazy bum. Get to work. Laziness gonna kill some niggaz.

  6. The other political leaders are holding press conferences. Edgar is on the ground making enroutes in the opposition area..lets wait fir 20th November and see who the better leader is….kkkkk

    • Are you sure of what you are saying? Do you really understand what is on the ground? Don’t know that pf did not allow anyone to campaign when the president has not gone to Mangango and is on the ground campaigning?
      Do you know that the area has a battalion of heavily armed paramilitary Police to chase away the opposition before the president has started his campaigns?
      If this is what you call free and fair elections?
      pf may win the elections but come 2021, it will be a different ball game.

  7. @Katana,just accept that PF is winning in Mangango like they did few months ago in Chilanga.PF has a winning formula.People want development and PF Govnt is providing just that.While your Kainde tells people fake hopes which they have been hearing since 1998 in UPND strongholds,PF go there with solutions such as Chingola-Solwezi road,Township roads in Solwezi,Districts hospitals,schools,clinics,etc.THESE ARE THINGS WE NEED FROM ANY WORKING GOVNT!!!President Edgar Lungu only went to Mangango yesterday,so where were the opposition leaders all these other days?Police have the right to maintain law & order especially when the president is in a constituency because he moves with several officials and cadres who may crush with opposition cadres.

    • I’m not an UPND member, but I was inMangango, don’t compare Mangango with Chilanga. Refer it to Dundumwezi then you will get the genuine answer.

  8. Mangango means UPND. Don’t waste your time to campaign in this area. I was there personally. It’s just another Dundumwezi. HH is their only way to go. Believe me or not

  9. Thorn on the fresh can debate with point not street language you are using just bring good point if at you have so that people can support your party pf

  10. Mutaware is the real Cabbage!
    Not inspiring at all!
    Maggie must be getting frustrated at MOF!
    Our Economy is covered by a heap of debt Sh!t. MOF is trying to contain runaway expenditure through austerity measures. Here is someone undoing everything through fake promises again! We are crying for IMF bail out. What message are we sending out there? Can the lenders take us seriously like this? Yes, there was absolutely no need to go back to IMF and WB after HIPC but because of PF mismanagement of the economic fundamentals, we have no choice! We need a bail out now before we fall off the cliff like Zim! Districts and Constituencies must not be declared by the Executive but must be planned and approved by Parliament! No budget, no district!

  11. HH and GBM must be impeached! If politics was Soccer, Coach HH has failed UPND five times and still wants to hold on. Secondly, HH suffers from mental block. He gets a golden opportunity to explain the ZAFFICO saga and fails to take advantage the way Sata would have done! The unilateral choice of GBM as VP was ill-advised. GBM is not sellable! Believe me, Zambians want change! UPND is in a better position to form the next government if only they can come up with replacements for HH and GBM! Don’t say you were not advised!


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